Create rich, complex, and believable characters for any size or style of production.

Background from Enemies

Bring your characters to life

From physics-based simulations to machine learning algorithms, Unity’s artistry tools reduce the complexities of character creation, enabling you to save time, achieve incredible results, and create characters that truly come to life.


High-quality characters in less time

Ziva empowers animators to create visually stunning results with precision, control, and efficiency for lifelike simulations of muscles, skin, bones, and cloth, along with intricate facial animations powered by machine learning.

Simulation at speed

Mimic the physics of real-world human and animal anatomy using Ziva VFX’s advanced simulation-based workflow for any style of creature and character.

Film-quality facial rigging

Create and manipulate facial animations in real-time. Automatically generate film-quality facial rigging with Ziva Face Trainer, ready for animation in Maya and Unity.

Blockbuster performances in real-time

Achieve real-time film-quality character animation and deformations using machine learning. Accelerate RT3D game character creation, and deploy into Unity, Unreal, or Maya.

Presented by Brian Anderson at SIGGRAPH 2022

Lifelike creatures with Ziva VFX

Deep dive into best practices and workflows for bipedal feature animation and stylized assets using Ziva technologies. This SIGGRAPH 2022 session features Ziva VFX and covers the potential benefits of a simulation-based pipeline.

Advanced graphics capabilities for digital characters

The Digital Human package and the strand-based Hair System are available on GitHub, unlocking an end-to-end pipeline for creating digital humans.

Build believable digital humans

The Digital Human package contains important features needed to create realistic character assets for real-time 3D projects, including a skin attachment system and shaders.

Realistic hair simulation

Achieve hair and fur that responds realistically to movement and environment with an integrated solution for authoring, importing, simulating, and rendering strand-based hair in Unity.

The making of Enemies: Digital humans with Ziva

Get a peek behind the scenes of Enemies, a real-time cinematic demo that builds on and expands the capabilities of the Unity engine and ecosystem of tools for the creation of digital humans. The Enemies package is available on the Unity Asset Store.

Other solutions

Artistry tools

Discover workflows for characters, environment, and compositing for game and film.

Animation tools

Harness the power of real-time rendering to accelerate production and overcome workflow hurdles.

Accelerate Solutions

Work with the Accelerate Solutions team to design and develop custom solutions for your production.


Build, share, and understand ideas with synchronized, real-time collaboration tools. Work together, from anywhere.

Unity Wētā Tools

Spend more time in the creative flow with a complete toolchain for 3D creation, simulation, and rendering - for any size or style of project. Discover the latest artistry tools for everything from stylised characters to dynamic vegetation.

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