Unity 2023.2.6

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Known Issues in 2023.2.6f1

  • 3D Physics: inertiaTensor does not reset to the original value when setting Rigidbody constraints from FreezeAll to None (UUM-59748)

  • Asset - Database: 2 assertion errors are logged in the Console when importing the user's project with a plugin to a newly created one (UUM-55556)

  • Asset Bundles: UV1 data is lost during AssetBundle build when Optimize Mesh Data is on (UUM-57201)

  • Audio Authoring: Wrong tooltip when hovering over the "Load In Background" property of an audio clip (UUM-27581)

  • Audio Random Container: ARC window stops working when docking after deleting the asset in focus (UUM-58713)

  • Audio Random Container: Memory leak when creating ARC prefab (UUM-61023)

  • Audio Random Container: Windows get messed up due to ARC (UUM-55116)

  • Culling: Crash on PrepareDrawShadowsCommandStep1 when selecting a camera while the Occlusion Culling window is open (UUM-506)

  • DirectX12: Crash on D3D12Fence::Wait when using Forward+ Rendering Path with Better Shaders asset (UUM-57113)

  • HD RP: [AMD] Crash on GfxDeviceD3D12Base::DrawBuffersCommon when Baking Light with Virtual Offset on Probe Volumes (UUM-59522)

  • IAP: [Android] The Player crashes with a "JNI ERROR (app bug)" error when the global reference table gets overflowed by BillingClientStateListener (UUM-55105)

  • IL2CPP: [Android] Crash on Android when AndroidJavaProxy is calling from multiple threads (UUM-49357)

  • Input: Crash on InputDeviceIOCTL when closing Unity editor (UUM-10774)

  • MacOS: Mouse and keyboard button inputs are delayed when in the Player on macOS (UUM-59176)

  • Mono: Crash in CollectManagedImportDependencyGetters inside OpenScene in batch mode (UUM-57742)

  • PhysX Integration: ConfigurableJoint's drives behave differently after the PhysX 4.1.2 update (UUM-55081)

  • Platform Audio: Audio is delayed by ~0,5 sec after starting to play it in the Android/iOS Player (UUM-41494)

  • Platform Audio: [WebGL] A looping audio sounds different on WebGL than in the editor/native desktop player (UUM-12530)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: The Editor becomes unresponsive and memory allocation errors are spammed in the Console when Generating Lightning (UUM-58017)

  • Scene Management: Crash on GameObject::QueryComponentByType when opening a project (UUM-58461)

  • Scripting Buildtime: Unclearable nunit error when installing/uninstalling the Entities package on a new project (UUM-58284)

  • Shortcut Management: Scene view Camera cannot be moved with WASD/QE keys when the Right Mouse Button is held down and the Mouse is not moved (UUM-57993)

  • Text: Blurry Text (UUM-49006)

  • Text: Undo UI GameObject creation crashes Editor (UUM-60214)

  • UI Toolkit Controls: Editor crashes when multi-selecting GameObjects with more than one serialized [Flags] enum (UUM-60654)

  • XR SRP: [Quest] Stutter/Frame Pacing with OculusRuntime.WaitToBeginFrame when the Player is built (UUM-27247)

2023.2.6f1 Release Notes

API Changes

  • Package: Added: XR Hands (com.unity.xr.hands) 1.4.0-pre.1 added as next version in package manifest.

  • Package: Changed: XR Interaction Toolkit (com.unity.xr.interaction.toolkit) 3.0.0-pre.1 added as next version in package manifest.


  • 2D: Fixed Tile's StartUp not being called when refreshed if the Tile has an instantiated GameObject. (UUM-57053)

  • 2D: Remove material upgrade dialog box during material upgrades for templates. (UUM-47093)

  • Android: Fixed ad banner disappearance after suspend/resume. (UUM-57151)

  • Audio: Fixed performance issue that would occur when having many inactive audio sources in a scene. (UUM-52194)

  • Build System: Fixed UITookitSourceGenerator for source code customer builds.

  • Editor: Fixed a bug on Linux where the Edit menu was displaying the wrong default shortcut for Delete. (UUM-59833)

  • Editor: Fixed a typo for the exception message thrown from the InvokeRepeating method. (UUM-45420)

  • Editor: Fixed build errors due when switching between build targets using buildPlayer command line options. (UUM-34899)

  • Editor: Fixed flipping scale of water surface. (UUM-54974)

  • Editor: Fixed foam accumulation in editor. (UUM-56020)

  • Editor: Menu items are no longer disabled on macOS if a dropdown is a component of a modal window. (UUM-53549)

  • Editor: Properly closes the previous context menu before opening a new one. (UUM-41467)

  • GI: Use the hash of the vertex stream instead of the taking per instance props into account for meta pass. (UUM-55090)

  • SRP Core: Fixed Remove All context action for Volume Profile not working in VolumeEditor. (UUM-56409)

  • UI Elements: Fixed the multicolumn control not calling DestroyItem when clearing its itemsSource and calling a Rebuild. (UUM-54832)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed elastic scrollview jittery on drag. (UUM-56550)

Package changes in 2023.2.6f1

Packages updated

Pre-release packages added


Third Party Notices

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