Unity 2022.2.21

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Known Issues in 2022.2.21f1

  • Culling: [Burst Occlusion Culling] Editor Crash when occlusion enabled and enter / exit playmode (UUM-36008)

  • MacOS: Crash on objc_msgSend when the Editor UI gets redrawn (UUM-34202)

  • MacOS: Editor silently crashes when entering Play Mode on macOS (UUM-34395)

  • Metal: [iOS] Rendering freezes when the orientation is changed (UUM-9480)

  • Project Browser: Project Browser shows package resources when package visibility is disabled (UUM-32517)

  • Universal RP: Flickering orbs appear when using RenderTargetHandle (UUM-26513)

  • Vulkan: Oculus Quest 2 build does not work when built with Vulkan (UUM-10378)

  • XR SRP: [URP][XR] Performance degradation when comparing Android Quest 2 builds across 2020.3 and 2023.x (UUM-33025)

2022.2.21f1 Release Notes


  • Editor: Fixed unintended menu layout changes.

API Changes

  • Graphics: Added: Added AsyncGPUReadbackRequest.forcePlayerLoopUpdate.


  • 2D: Fixed graphical artefact where 2D sprite only rendered a portion of a texture when the global mipmap limit was set to anything other than full-res in the Player quality settings and when the corresponding quality settings was selected at runtime. (UUM-27149)

  • Android: Fixed 'back button' press on VideoPlayer. (UUM-33468)

  • Android: The 'Filter Touches When Obscured' Player Setting is now respected by the new input system. (UUM-31555)

  • Audio: Fixed a bug where SystemInfo.supportsAudio would return true on some platforms and false on others, when Unity Audio is disabled. We now always return false in this case. (UUM-16017)

  • Audio: Updated the play-on-awake tooltip on the AudioSource. (UUM-28690)

  • Build System: Bee CSharpProgram2 dotnet publish actions should depend on resource files too.

  • Core: Fixed issue where JobsUtility.ThreadIndex may return invalid results on some platforms which could result in crashes or undefined behaviour in parallel jobs. (UUM-35168)

  • Core: Probe volume is not enabled when probe volume settings are enabled. (UUM-29582)

  • Editor: BuildWindow's 'Add Open Scenes' to not add sub scenes as this is unneccessary as sub scenes will always be added to the build anyways. (UUM-32251)

  • Editor: Fixed "IndexOutOfRangeException" error in the UI field when the high mask bit is used. (UUM-35029)

  • Editor: Fixed a compilation warning in BlockDoublingLinearAllocatorTests.

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where enabling exceptions for WebGL would fail the build with an ArgumentException. (UUM-35438)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where IL2Cpp generated files may experience hash conflicts. (UUM-35390)

  • Editor: Fixed file revealing in folder won't highlight. Only available in gnome DE. (UUM-32840)

  • Editor: Fixed GPU hang with shadow casting VFX. (UUM-31773)

  • Editor: Fixed MacOS editors memory leak in batchmode/nographics mode. (UUM-12497)

  • Editor: Fixed material icons generation when switch from Built-In. (UUM-23330)

  • Editor: Fixed Painter2D Arc() error when end angle is larger than 360 degrees. (UUM-28270)

  • Editor: Fixed several issues with importing/building projects in terms of memory on DX12 backend. (UUM-20186)

  • Editor: Fixed UnityEditor PDB symbols being invalid. (UUM-33172)

  • Editor: Improved documentation for GetActiveScene behavior during scene load. (UUM-34557)

  • Editor: Improved loading time of all text serialized files. (UUM-32952)

  • Editor: Make the initial block size of BlockDoublingLinearAllocator configurable.

  • Editor: Running into networking issues while fetching ugs organizations no longer softlocks.

  • Editor: Switching standalone build targets cause the scripts to use always the UNITY_SERVER define when in fact you have chosen a player build. (MTT-5671)

  • Editor: Updated wrong tooltip when hovering over the "Load In Background" property of an audio clip. (UUM-27581)

  • Graphics: Strip shader variants with both procedural instancing and DOTS instancing. (UUM-34452)

  • Graphics: Support static shadow casters when using BatchRendererGroup API. (UUM-34593)

  • HDRP: Fixed square artifacts on 1/4 res pbr dof and warning during player builds. (UUM-34487)

  • HDRP: Fixed the shadow culling planes for box-shaped spot lights.

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a UnityLinker crash that could happen processing Microsoft.MixedReality.GraphicsTools when High Managed Code Stripping is used. (UUM-31386)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed possible corruption when writing primitive static fields on generic types when Faster (smaller) builds is enabled. (UUM-33610)

  • IL2CPP: When P/Invoking with a blittable class parameter, pass a pinned pointer to the managed class to native. (UUM-33942)

  • IMGUI: Fixed error message displayed in situation where an ExitGUI is called in nested window. (UUM-3432)

  • Linux: Fixed Linux IL2CPP builds not producing stack trace. (UUM-26705)

  • Mono: Fixed daylight savings time being ignored for the Central European time zone. (UUM-33155)

  • Mono: Fixed issue where setting a pointer via reflection included an additional layer of redirection. (UUM-31140)

  • Package Manager: Fixed the issue where see other versions button doesn't show up for UPM packages on Asset Store. (UUM-35432)

  • Particles: Corrected set particle remaining lifetime to zero if killed by the trigger module when using ringbuffer mode. (UUM-32881)

  • Profiler: Fixed addition type initialization when taking Memory Profiler snapshot. (UUM-31235)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed bug where SceneView.beforeSceneGui was not being invoked while the prefab context was active. (UUM-21340)

  • Serialization: Fixed an issue with AnimatorController state machine loosing Animation clip references.

  • Serialization: Fixed the wrong resolution of missing types when there are multiple instances with the missing type. (UUM-20709)

  • SRP Core: Crash on keywords::LocalKeywordState::ResetWithSpace when shader contains Grab Pass. (UUM-30548)

  • SRP Core: Fixed SRPs not being able to build using mode -nographics and -batchmode, since lens flare global texture prevents this from happening. (UUM-33260)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed 9-slice bleeding outside its layout when a slice has a dimension of 0. (UUM-29382)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed invalid width on child element of absolute positioned parent. (UUM-30975)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed obsolete enums displaying no data in dropdown. (UUM-31056)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed PanelRaycaster NullReferenceException when active in a scene with no EventSystem or BaseInputModule components. (UUM-19168)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed reorderable ListView not starting a drag operation when its item contains an IMGUIContainer handling pointer events. (UUM-33718)

  • UI Toolkit: Make sure auto Length fallback to pixel when number without unit is used. (UUM-34955)

  • UI Toolkit: Updated UI builder library icons for Unsigned Integer Field and Unsigned Long Field. (UUM-35084)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where using the Reflection Probe Node with the Forward+ rendering path would result in flickering on the object. (UUM-22836)

  • UTR: Updated UTR to 1.18.0.

Package changes in 2022.2.21f1

Packages updated

Packages added


Third Party Notices

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