Unity 2022.2.16

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Known Issues in 2022.2.16f1

  • DirectX12: [DXR] GPU memory leaks when Renderer.rayTracingMode is set to UnityEngine.Experimental.Rendering.RayTracingMode.DynamicGeometry (UUM-31709)

  • DirectX12: [macOS] Editor freezes when saving prefab changes in Play Mode if “VSync” is enabled (UUM-30173)

  • FrameDebugger: Frame Debugger VRAM memory leak (UUM-28065)

  • IL2CPP: Build argument doesn't get passed when exporting the project (UUM-25446)

  • Metal: [iOS] Rendering freezes when the orientation is changed (UUM-9480)

  • Project Browser: Project Browser shows package resources when package visibility is disabled (UUM-32517)

  • RP Foundation: "Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll(typeof(Material)).Length" increases every time when entering/exiting Play Mode (UUM-27587)

  • Texture: [AsyncUpload] Crash on Sprite::Transfer<GenerateTypeTreeTransfer> when building the project (UUM-31364)

  • Universal RP: Flickering orbs appear when using RenderTargetHandle (UUM-26513)

  • Visual Effects: Fatal freeze when playing a VFX made with VFX Graph and consisting many effects (UUM-31773)

  • Visual Effects - Legacy: [Android][Vulkan] Visualisation corruption occurs when rendering Particles to Render Texture (UUM-21106)

  • XR SRP: [URP][XR] Performance degradation when comparing Android Quest 2 builds across 2020.3 and 2023.x (UUM-33025)

2022.2.16f1 Release Notes


  • Build System: BeeDriver: ignore System.IO.IOException: Sharing violation on path errors for console log. [BUILD-21]

  • Profiler: Added metadata support for RenderTextures in Memory Profiler.

  • Profiler: Improved graphics memory tracking in Memory Profiler.

  • Scripting: Reduced compilation time in large projects.

  • Shadergraph: Fixed parallax nodes so that they use the default UV Input Slot correctly. [SGB-511].

  • Shadergraph: Improved blackboard property drag speed when reordering the blackboard. [SGB-383].

  • Shadergraph: Made adjustments to flipbook node to avoid dropping frames on AMD GPU. [SGB-280].

  • Shaders: Added support on Metal for vprog having void return type.

  • VFX Graph: Optimize VFX.Update per component overhead.

API Changes

  • UI Toolkit: Added: API to know when a panel may need to be rendered to use in conjunction with on demand rendering.


  • Android: Added upgrade guide information about mainTemplate.gradle file changes. (UUM-32805)

  • Build System: Fixed unity_license.json CopyFiles build failures. (UUM-28889)

  • DX12: Removed unnecessary image processing code on texture upload that's not needed reducing CPU overhead. (UUM-15519)

  • Editor: Added the scrollview to the description field in the Scene template dialog. (UUM-25425)

  • Editor: Enabled types derived from type with CustomPreview have a custom preview. (UUM-9543)

  • Editor: Enabled updating the SceneProvider accordingly to an additive scene being added or removed. (UUM-25053)

  • Editor: Ensured that long titles do not clip the scene icon in the Scene Template Dialog. (UUM-25511)

  • Editor: Fixed a bug where the cursor was lagging when dragging files to inactive MacOS editor. (UUM-9542)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where the Editor would launch the Hub when it is not already running, but would then incorrectly display the "Install Unity Hub" dialog instead of connecting to the Hub to perform the action. (UUM-29547)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue with the custom InspectorElement losing its Editor instance when the main inspector selection changes. (UUM-27882)

  • Editor: Fixed EditorWindowTitle so it is now called automatically. Previously, it needed to be initialized explicitly through a call to EditorWindow.GetLocalizedContent. (UUM-27557)

  • Editor: Fixed InvalidOperationException when adding or removing components with the inspector in debug mode. (UUM-21869)

  • Editor: Fixed styling on the scene template help button. (UUM-27122)

  • Editor: Fixed the globally shared Allocator.Temp atomic safety handle issue.

  • Editor: Fixed the styling of extra button action bar. (UUM-26518)

  • Editor: Fixed Timeline performance problem when previewing animated prefab instances. (UUM-28636)

  • Editor: Fixed PlayerSettings.SetAdditionalIl2CppArgs not being respected. (UUM-25446)

  • Editor: IL2CPP backup folder is no longer created if "Create Symbols.zip" build setting is set to Disabled on Android. (UUM-28355)

  • Editor: Preset save no longer crashes the editor. (UUM-29750)

  • Graphics: Enabled the lifetime of temporary pointers in BatchRendererGroup to be tied to frame completion. (UUM-27302)

  • HDRP: Fixed emissive decals not working on shaders based on LayeredLit, LayeredLitTesselation, LitTesselation, TerrainLit, TerrainLit_Basemap. (UUM-26749)

  • HDRP: Fixed UI issues in Render Graph Viewer. (UUM-28844)

  • Physics 2D: Ensure that enabling a 2D Trigger Collider component via script, correctly produces trigger callbacks. (UUM-31874)

  • Scene/Game View: Added a crash when attempting to render more gizmo vertices than the gfx device can allocate. (UUM-27659)

  • Serialization: Enabled PropertyModifications created prior to 2021.2 creating SerializeReference instances so that they now generate deterministic IDs. (UUM-13245)

  • Shadergraph: Fixed for [SGB-466] and related issues where nodes with warning or error badges would fail to clean up their resources properly and leave the shader graph editor in an error state.

  • Shadergraph: Improved performance of disconnecting nodes in large graphs. (UUM-31610)

  • Shaders: Added a profiler marker for dynamic variant loading. (UUM-31878)

  • Shaders: Added macros for passing textures (Cube, 2DArray, and CubeArray) around without samplers. (UUM-31858)

  • Shaders: Disabled Invalid pass index error from appearing while a variant is compiling. (UUM-29549)

  • Shaders: Disabled shader compilation with debug symbols from using a non-existent file name. (UUM-31851)

  • Shaders: Enabled using real pass names when compiling shaders for mesh data optimisation. (UUM-15298)

  • Shaders: Fixed a rare crash when destroying shaders. (UUM-27361)

  • TextCore: Enabled glyphs to display in the Inspector of a bitmap font asset. (UUM-20325)

  • TextCore: Enabled FontAsset.HasCharacter to now support UTF32. (UUM-22663)

  • TextCore: Fixed a null reference exception when using multi atlas textures. (UUM-14265)

  • TextCore: Fixed a ZWSP character with monospace font and &lt;mspace&gt; tag. (UUM-21144)

  • TextCore: Fixed an issue where keyNotFoundException occurs when selecting entries in diacritical mark tables. (UUM-20342)

  • UI Toolkit: Changed text effects so they are no longer contained by the bonds of each letter. (UUM-9524)

  • UI Toolkit: Disabled foldout elements not being interactable in the inspector. (UUM-25372)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue when adding or removing components with the inspector in debug mode. (UUM-18854)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue when renaming a prefab with the inspector in debug mode. (UUM-7218)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed changing a script field with the inspector in debug mode. (UUM-14069)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed exceptions being thrown when entering play mode with the inspector in debug mode. (UUM-22475)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed private fields disappearing when entering play mode with the inspector in debug mode. (UUM-20170)

  • UI Toolkit: Unselecting, double clicking and triple clicking text fields now produces reliable and expected behaviour. (UUM-9706)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed a crash while rendering with indirect using a null index buffer. (UUM-20944)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed minor issues with Cube and Sphere particle outputs. (UUM-4792)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed shader errors when building with sphere or cube outputs. (UUM-29387)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed unexpected per frame garbage while using Timeline. (UUM-26997)

  • VFX Graph: Removed exception when more than 5 flow inputs are exposed in subgraph. (UUM-557)

  • Windows: Fixed quoting of the command line arguments. (UUM-21600)

Package changes in 2022.2.16f1

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