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Known Issues in 2022.2.13f1

  • Build Systems: "wasm-ld.exe" is not terminated when canceling a WebGL Build during the "Linking build.js (wasm)" phase (UUM-20797)

  • Camera: [2022.2] “targetDisplay” doesn’t change the camera’s “Target Display” setting when called from the script (UUM-25995)

  • DirectX12: [DXR] GPU memory leaks when Renderer.rayTracingMode is set to UnityEngine.Experimental.Rendering.RayTracingMode.DynamicGeometry (UUM-31709)

  • DirectX12: [macOS] Editor freezes when saving prefab changes in Play Mode if “VSync” is enabled (UUM-30173)

  • FrameDebugger: Frame Debugger VRAM memory leak (UUM-28065)

  • iOS: Rendering freezes when the orientation is changed (UUM-9480)

  • Linux: [Vulkan] Crash on "__sigaction" when Vulkan is set as default Graphics API (UUM-30668)

  • Metal: [iOS] Framerate drops below 120fps when tapping the screen in a near-empty scene on iPhone 13 Pro (UUM-5944)

  • RP Foundation: "Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll(typeof(Material)).Length" increases every time when entering/exiting Play Mode (UUM-27587)

  • RP Foundation: [Silicon] Crash on ScriptableRenderLoopJob when machine is left idle while the Editor is in Play mode (UUM-25831)

  • Scene Management: Crash on Transform::CheckStructure when manually opening a scene (UUM-31129)

  • Texture: [AsyncUpload] Crash on Sprite::Transfer<GenerateTypeTreeTransfer> when building the project (UUM-31364)

  • Universal RP: Flickering orbs appear when using RenderTargetHandle (UUM-26513)

  • XR SRP: [URP] The Scene View flickers when hovering over it with the cursor (UUM-24656)

2022.2.13f1 Release Notes


  • Graphics: Added BatchCullingContext.cullingFlags to specify whether lightmapped shadow casters should be culled for this view.


  • Apple TV: TvOS now uses launch screen storyboard.

  • iOS: IOS/tvOS launch screen now is shown only by OS, and is not shown again by Unity itself.

  • Player: Added -native-leak-detection command line argument to Unity Editor and standalone players. can be Disabled, Enabled, or EnabledWithStackTrace. Stack Traces are only available in the Unity Editor and development builds.

API Changes

  • Core: Added: JobsUtility.ThreadIndexCount returns the maximum number of job workers that can work on a job at the same time. The job system will create a number of job worker threads that will be no greater than the number of logical CPU cores for the platform. However, since arbitrary threads can execute jobs via work stealing we allocate extra workers which act as temporary job worker threads. JobsUtility.ThreadIndexCount reflects the maximum number of job worker threads<br> plus temporary workers the job system will ever use. As such, this value is useful for allocating buffers which should be subdivided evenly between job workers since JobsUtility.ThreadIndex and NativeSetThreadIndexAttribute will never return a value greater than JobsUtility.ThreadIndexCount. (UUM-29945)

  • Core: Added: JobsUtility.ThreadIndex returns the index for the current thread when executing a job, otherwise 0. When multiple threads are working on a parallel job at once, no two threads will have the same index. The range is [0, JobsUtility.ThreadIndexCount). The value returned when called from within a job is the same as the one stored in a job member decorated with Unity.Collections.LowLevel.Unsafe.NativeSetThreadIndexAttribute, otherwise 0. (UUM-29945)

  • Editor: Added: GetSampleMetadataAsSpan to RawFrameDataView.


  • Kernel: Made NativeArray.Dispose consistent when disposing uninitialized container.

  • Version Control: Updated branding from "Plastic SCM" to "Unity Version Control"<br> Improved offline experience by disabling the plugin when there is no internet connection.


  • 2D: Fixed a crash when a user loads a Tilemap with a TilemapCollider2D and CompositeCollider2D with an invalid Sprite. (UUM-29132)

  • Android: Fixed a frame debugger crash when using mono scripting on Android. (UUM-14632)

  • Animation: Fixed an issue where unexpected MonoBehaviors would remain on the GameObject in a preview scene. (UUM-21605)

  • Asset Pipeline: Removed use of auto keyword in LMDB library. (UUM-29394)

  • Core: CullResults.ComputeSpotShadowMatricesAndCullingPrimitives will now output culling planes derived from the projection matrix.

  • DX12: Fixed a crash due to copying sampler descriptors. (UUM-29343)

  • Editor: Detect asset corruption before uploading to accelerator. (UUM-26502)

  • Editor: Enabled Gradle file search to use RegEx when looking for Play library dependencies, which identifies dependencies included with both double or single quotes. (UUM-29110)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue with animators where the root bone would be reset for humanoid in edge cases with the pose playable. (UUM-26509)

  • Editor: Fixed handling msaa resolve in Frame Debugger when connected to Meta Quest over display link. (UUM-1552)

  • Editor: Fixed jumping of intensity slider values in Color Picker HDR. (UUM-27978)

  • Editor: Fixed ReorderableList element culling when drawing with GUI rotation or scaling applied. (UUM-10761)

  • Editor: Fixed Vulkan shaders that use shadow map 2D array textures. (UUM-17756)

  • Editor: Leak Detection happens after all DomainUnload events are handled. This reduces the number of false-positive leaks detected if memory is disposed in a DomainUnload event handler. (UUM-29342)

  • Editor: Preferences&gt;Jobs&gt;Leak Detection Level setting will reset from Enabled With Stack Trace to Enabled when the Unity Editor is restarted. The setting will persist across domain reloads. The level can be set programmatically using UnsafeUtility.SetLeakDetectionMode. (UUM-29340)

  • Editor: Removed an unnecessary cbuffer in DOTS_INSTANCING_ON variant. (UUM-26107)

  • Editor: The color picker can now select the proper color on a secondary monitor on macOS. (UUM-2501)

  • GI: Fixed crash on Mac M1 when attempting to bake a reflection probe in URP. (UUM-1370)

  • Graphics: Fixed a case where GraphicsBuffer.UnlockBufferAfterWrite would take an excessively long time on D3D11. (UUM-29029)

  • Graphics: Product name will now be used as application name when creating Vulkan instance. (UUM-25486)

  • HDRP: Fixed error with water and dynamic pass culling. (UUM-26182)

  • Networking: Fixed an issue that could prevent UDP sockets from being created on Windows when TDI filters were installed.

  • Particles: Fixed crash due to access of potentially released job memory.

  • Physics 2D: Enabled a single path PolygonCollider2D to alway uses a clockwise winding internally to give consistent results when used in a CompositeCollider2D. (UUM-28561)

  • Physics 2D: Enabled both OnTriggerExit2D and OnCollisionExit2D to be called when a scene is unloaded if required. This only works when Physics2D.callbacksOnDisable is active. (UUM-28747)

  • Player: Native Leak Detection now works in Player builds. Previously it would not report upon ProcessExit. (UUM-29356)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed the rectangle selection conflicts with scene view tools. (UUM-22218)

  • UI Toolkit: Enabled users to set the ScrollView's mouse wheel scroll size (and therefore, its speed) with the Mouse Wheel Scroll Size attribute, regardless of its vertical and horizontal page sizes. (UUM-18554)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed caret repositioning while renaming in UI Builder. (UUM-27169)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed error thrown when pressing the add button with a list of value types. (UUM-23208)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed error thrown when removing elements from the middle of a list. (UUM-26290)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed issues where overwriting makeItem failed when used with bindings and ListView wouldn't refresh when itemsSource was set last. (UUM-24689)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed ListView's reorderable value when bound to a SerializedProperty. (UUM-27687)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed renaming focus condition in UI Builder. (UUM-22673)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed reordering handles styling when used with items smaller than the default height. (UUM-26773)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where instantiating and destroying cameras, with Volume Update Mode set to ViaScripting, would allocate each time. (UUM-22213)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where the main light shadows were incorrect if the scene and game windows were open. (UUM-9825)

  • URP: Added vertex SH option to URP rendering and fixed HL2 forward light perf regression. (UUM-26824)

  • URP: Fixed a null exception when adding a sorting layer. (UUM-29492)

  • VFX Graph: Added support for multiple subgraphs drag&amp;drop. (UUM-15236)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed a crash when drag &amp; dropping a vfx on another vfx with a circular dependency. (UUM-14670)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed an issue that the VFX Graph documentation link was always pointing to the latest LTS version instead of current package version. (UUM-10252)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed the VFX compute shader so it now compiles when the name of a custom attribute contains a space. (UUM-13293)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed the Dispose() method of MeshToSDFBaker leading to memory leaks. (UUM-25814)

  • WebGL: Fixed FMOD console errors when a scene is reloaded. (UUM-19241)

  • WebGL: Fixed playback of mp3 audio files loaded via UnityWebRequest on Safari. (UUM-25389)

Package changes in 2022.2.13f1

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