Unity 2021.3.23

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Known Issues in 2021.3.23f1

  • DirectX11: DirectX 11 analytics crashes the player on Windows 7 (UUM-32718)

  • DirectX12: [macOS] Editor freezes when saving prefab changes in Play Mode if “VSync” is enabled (UUM-30173)

  • MacOS: [M1] Crash on System.Object:__icall_wrapper_ves_icall_array_new_specific when launching a project (UUM-3207)

  • Metal: [iOS] Rendering freezes when the orientation is changed (UUM-9480)

  • Mono: Crash with ScanAssemblyForAttributesAndInterfaceImplementations when opening a project (1376858)

  • Project Browser: Project Browser shows package resources when package visibility is disabled (UUM-32517)

  • RP Foundation: "Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll(typeof(Material)).Length" increases every time when entering/exiting Play Mode (UUM-27587)

  • Visual Effects - Legacy: [Android][Vulkan] Visualisation corruption occurs when rendering Particles to Render Texture (UUM-21106)

  • Windows: BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer ignores BuildPlayerOptions.locationPathName and attempts to build to the cached folder (UUM-30952)

2021.3.23f1 Release Notes


  • 2D: Greatly reduce the time taken for sprite imports when the sprite requires an outline to be computed (e.g. physics shapes or precise meshes).

  • Animation: Reduced the cost of building muscle clips, which among other things speeds up Animator.Awake.

  • Animation: Reduced the number of GC allocations when calling Animator.GetParameter(int index) and generally made it faster.

  • Build System: BeeDriver: ignore System.IO.IOException: Sharing violation on path errors for console log. [BUILD-21]

  • Editor: Reduced cost of outline rendering, which improves the frame rate of the editor when many objects are selected.

  • Graphics: Reduced the time the render thread spends on Profiler.FlushRenderCounters. (UUM-29300)

  • iOS: "Thread Performance Checker" is now disabled by default in a generated xcode project.

  • Kernel: Performance in heavily run code paths for NativeArray, UnsafeUtility, and AtomicSafetyHandle improved through inlining.

  • Scripting: Switched some path sorting during compilation from an invariant culture compare to an ordinal compare, speeding up C# compilation when scripts are changed.

  • Serialization: Improved performance of restoring managed objects during a domain reload (again!).

  • Serialization: Improved performance of restoring managed objects during a domain reload.

  • Shadergraph: Fixed parallax nodes so that they use the default UV Input Slot correctly. [SGB-511].

  • Shadergraph: Improved blackboard property drag speed when reordering the blackboard. [SGB-383].

  • Shadergraph: Made adjustments to flipbook node to avoid dropping frames on AMD GPU. [SGB-280].

  • Shaders: Reduced the time spent in the asset post processing code for shader assets, which speeds-up the import of shaders.

  • VFX Graph: Greatly reduced the import cost of VFX Graph objects, especially when importing many at once.

API Changes

  • Editor: Added: Support to hide any method from the detail area of the console window.


  • Version Control: - Changed the icons for Unity Version Control rebranding<br>
    • Changed onboarding workflow.


  • 2D: Fixed Sprites generated from TextureImporter generates different hashes. (UUM-26790)

  • 2D: Fixed truncation of path for saving Tile assets when ending is not a file. (UUM-29490)

  • Android: Added upgrade guide information about mainTemplate.gradle file changes. (UUM-32805)

  • Android: Enabled the unlock image to be set on each lock rather than only on the first. (UUM-21954)

  • Android: Fixed an issue where the Accelerometer values are not updated when the ASENSOR_TYPE_LINEAR_ACCELERATION sensor is disabled on certain Samsung devices. (UUM-20754)

  • Android: Fixed shader code generation when using SV_Coverage input. (UUM-26807)

  • Audio: Fixed corrupt audio playing for the first time in the first launch, when audio mixer is assigned at runtime. (UUM-19696)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed an invalid build path error that triggers when building for WebGL on Windows. (UUM-27982)

  • Build System: Fixed unity_license.json CopyFiles build failures. (UUM-28889)

  • DX12: Fixed for samplers resetting to point on streaming texture mips. (UUM-27504)

  • Editor: Bug fix for Shortcuts Manager to catch Shift and Options keypress. (UUM-4083)

  • Editor: Fix for [SGB-466] and related issues where nodes with warning or error badges would fail to clean up their resources properly and leave the shader graph editor in an error state.

  • Editor: Fix that a applying a sub managedreference override is not prevented when it is not possible (now also shows a warning dialog to the user). (UUM-23038)

  • Editor: Fixed a Drag and Drop to parent folder when the parent contains a child folder with the same name. (UUM-11707)

  • Editor: Fixed a memory issue in CreateAssetMenu::Rebuild, which would crash builds with the debug allocator enabled. (UUM-32704)

  • Editor: Fixed a situation where opening a regular window after an auxiliary window can cause a crash if the window closes. (UUM-29982)

  • Editor: Fixed exception thrown when multiple generic methods with the [HideInCallstack] attribute have the same name.

  • Editor: Fixed issue where -nographics command line argument was not being forwarded to the Asset Import Workers. (UUM-29722)

  • Editor: Fixed issue where high-DPI mice can get the cursor stuck to the wrong icon. Now stable at 16000 DPI. (UUM-26685)

  • Editor: Fixed preset save crash. (UUM-29750)

  • Editor: Fixed shortcut profile delete dialog message overflow in Shortcut Manager. (UUM-28294)

  • Editor: Fixed the EnumField updating the label when calling SetValueWithoutNotify and the value had not changed. (UUM-28904)

  • Editor: Fixed the project from freezing due to a faulty Raycast operation in the navigation system. (UUM-28701)

  • Editor: IL2CPP backup folder is no longer created if "Create Symbols.zip" build setting is set to Disabled on Android. (UUM-28355)

  • Editor: Prevent creation of .meta files in loadable plugin directories (.androidlib, .bundle, .framework, .plugin). (UUM-9421)

  • GI: Fixed an issue with Light Explorer filtering when many lights are present. (UUM-30672)

  • Graphics: Blitting from RenderTexture.active to another RenderTexture with a shader sampling a texture at specific UV values causes visual artifacts. (UUM-7994)

  • Graphics: Fixed bug with Streaming Virtual Texturing throwing a "The transcoded bitstream was invalid" error that was caused by build pipeline bug corrupting virtual texture regions located in virtual texture files larger than 2GB. When using SVT, it is recommended to rebuild your Player's build in order to get the corrected streaming files (GTS and GTP files) in the Streaming Assets folder. (UUM-30987)

  • HDRP: Fixed hard eges on volumetric clouds. (UUM-3153)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a bug where IL2CPP returns an invalid pointer on P/Invoke methods that returns a non-blittable struct by reference. (UUM-20790)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a bug where referenced assets are unloaded by Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets(). (UUM-26883)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a C++ compilation error when assigning to a ref parameter in shared generic code with constraints. (UUM-28821)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a C++ compilation error when structs had static fields with circular type references. (UUM-16351)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed an intermittent crash on POSIX platforms which can happen when Directory.GetFiles is called while files in that directory are deleted on a different thread. (UUM-29790)

  • IL2CPP: Marshalled a null value in a delegate field as a null delegate. (UUM-29202)

  • License: Fixed an issue where the Editor quits when activating ULF license and the license already exists. (UUM-31031)

  • Linux: Fixed memory corruption caused crash from libstdc++ basic_string due to symbol conflicts from different '.so'. (UUM-21782)

  • Mono: Removed throw from attribute setters generated by profile stubber. (UUM-18689)

  • Mono: Removed !sig-&gt;is_inflated assert from icall wrapper generator. (UUM-27888)

  • Package Manager: Fixed all delayed fields when editing a package in the inspector. (UUM-19658)

  • Shadergraph: Addressed error feedback on import of graphs with invalid or missing targets, allowing them to be modified and saved. [SGB-166][SGB-167]

  • Shadergraph: Addressed issue where duplicate serialized blackboard category children would in subgraphs would brick the ShaderGraph editor. [SGB-378]

  • Shadergraph: Addressed issue where missing targets were not handled on import. [SGB-1]

  • Shadergraph: Addressed various issues with the Swizzle node. [SGB-159]

  • Shadergraph: Fixed issue where custom interpolator previews would provide erroneous results when connecting through a reroute node. [SGB-89]

  • Shadergraph: Fixed issue where reroute node would sometimes show the wrong color for its appropriate inputs. [SGB-17]

  • Shadergraph: Fixed issue where subgraph gradient blackboard properties could have naming conflicts with parent graphs. [SGB-310]

  • Shadergraph: Fixed issue where the Gradient Noise Node was causing implicit truncation warnings. [SGB-469]

  • Shadergraph: Fixed issue where the view position of the graph editor would sometimes be forgotten when swapping between two open shadergraph editor windows. [SGB-377]

  • Shaders: Added a profiler marker for dynamic variant loading. (UUM-31878)

  • Shaders: Added macros for passing textures (Cube, 2DArray, and CubeArray) around without samplers. (UUM-31858)

  • Shaders: Disabled shader compilation with debug symbols from using a non-existent file name. (UUM-31851)

  • Shaders: Enabled using real pass names when compiling shaders for mesh data optimisation. (UUM-15298)

  • Shaders: Fixed a rare crash when destroying shaders. (UUM-27361)

  • SRP Core: Fixed Decal Projector Editor fields so they are now saved when editing a prefab. (UUM-29105)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where instantiating and destroying cameras, with Volume Update Mode set to ViaScripting, would allocate each time. (UUM-22213)

  • Version Control: - Fixed blurry icons in the Unity Version Control window and toolbar button<br>

    • Fixed Pending Changes tab not always opening its selected item's location in Project window<br>
    • Fixed "Checked-out (changed)" status icon not showing up on Pending Changes tab<br>
    • Fixed issue that prevented new packages from being installed unless user enters play mode.
  • VFX Graph: Exposure weight slider was not hidden when a shadergraph was assigned to an output context. (UUM-4753)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed an error raised in the console when undoing shader assignment in the Mesh output node. (UUM-16367)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed an issue that read alive from source attribute was always returning true. (UUM-8698)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed errors in the console when undoing changes from gizmo in some specific conditions. (UUM-21929)

  • VFX Graph: The VFX component inspector had an unpaired EditorGUI.BeginChangeCheck that was breaking the state of GUI.changed (UUM-15919)

  • Windows: Fixed quoting of the command line arguments. (UUM-21600)

Package changes in 2021.3.23f1

Packages updated

Packages added

Pre-release packages added


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