Unity 2017.4.9

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  • XR: Android apps utilizing ARCore can now use multi-threaded rendering.


  • (1060074, 956425) - Android - Show a friendly user message when using JDK other than 8
  • (1049226) - Asset Import - Fixed default texture format incorrectly changed to low quality.
  • (1008836) - Graphics - Fixed 32 bit index meshes not working with Mesh Compression properly.
  • (986332) - Graphics (Metal) - Fixed a crash or freeze instead of error message using old asset bundle.
  • (1033216) - Graphics - Rendering command buffers: Fixed using temporary render targets as UAV targets.
  • (1035793) - IL2CPP - Fixed an exception when child of Text Mesh Pro object is detached.
  • (1062524) - Linux Player - Fixed keyboard input buffering at low framerates on Linux.
  • (1062061) - Particles - Fixed a crash and add warning when assigning a non-read/write mesh to the shape module.
  • (962027) - Physics - Cloth, reset coefficients if mesh has changed type. Keep coefficients for similar mesh types.
  • (971056) - Physics - Fixed an issue where activating interpolation on Rigidbody may cause jittery.
  • (969743) - Physics - Fixed an issue where transforms are not correctly synced when using Rigibody.AddRelativeForce.
  • (976095) - Physics - Fixed a cash when deativating a Gameobject with WheelColliderComponents.
  • (978753) - Physics - Fixed an issuer where kinematic body's collision transform are not updated if instantiated as a child.
  • (985046) - Physics - Fixed an issue where WheelCollider's damping rate has no effects in some cases.
  • (980186) - Physics - Fixed a crash when two kinematic bodies using non-convex mesh collide.
  • (1002396) - Physics - Fixed an issue where CharacterController.ClosestPoint may return incorrect value.
  • (984525) - Physics - Fixed an issue where transforms are not correctly synced when using Rigibody.AddForceAtPos.
  • (987906) - Physics - Fixed an issue where ClothComponent may be permanently disabled when deativate/reactivate GameObjet in play mode.
  • (973464) - Physics - Fixed an error that pops up when changing the SkinnedMeshRenderer's mesh with ClothComponent on the same GameObject.
  • (996194) - Physics - Fixed an issue where animated rigidbodyies don't affect other rigidbodies connected with joints.
  • (1004443) - Physics - Fixed an issue where transforms are not correctly synced when using Rigibody.AddExplosionForce.
  • (969368) - Physics - Fixed a memory leak when resizing collider.
  • ( N/A) - Profiler - Fixed an issue with the Profiler not blocking the network connection when sending frames that don't fit in the connection's buffer.
  • (1046268,1036657) - Scene Management - Fixed editor crashes on removing or adding RectTransform component to GameObject with attached Halo or Lens Flare component.
  • (1057078,1036699) - Scripting - Fixed a crash when dragging a script with a UI or RectTransform component requirement to a GameObject.
  • (1030942, 1002426) - Video - Fixed Audio from UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer is distorted when Audio Output Mode is Direct.
  • (986665) - Windows - Fix for an issue that prevented the mouse cursor from properly changing it's icon when resizing a standalone player window.
  • (994408) - Windows - Fix for an issue that allowed two instances of a standalone player to launch, even with Force Single Instance was enabled.
  • (1030307) - Xbox One - Unity projects now build for Xbox One with .net 4.6 compatible scripts and the Roslyn compiler.

Revision: 6d84dfc57ccf


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