Unity 2017.4.4

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  • (1010103) - 2D: Fixed tiles not showing up visually on the tile palette.
  • (991264) - Animation: Fixed crash when you modify a controller in a PlayableGraph while in playmode.
  • (805844) - DirectX 11: Fixed running player on fullscreen exclusive mode shows black screen for too long.
  • (1030107(1028596)) - Editor: Fixed YAMLMerge parser crashing when fields have 3 or more dashes in them.
  • (1008501) - Editor: Fixed the editor failing to check the CacheServer when increasing AssetPostProcessor Version and adding new assets.
  • (N/A) - IL2CPP: Fixed memory corruption in threadpool code, which sometimes manifested as a crash when scheduled work to threadpool.
  • (1020262) - IL2CPP: Fixed issue with call-by-reference method arguments not being properly preserved in certain circumstances.
  • (1032545(1001175)) - iOS: Fixed an issue where PVRTC atlases on iOS were not reformatted to be square and Power Of Two.
  • (965024) - Performance Reporting Service: Fixed possible crash with Performance Reporting enabled.
  • (980543) - Performance Reporting Service: Fixed build failure when Performance Reporting is enabled but service is unavailable.
  • (978694) - Windows: Fixed speech recognition not working on first run.
  • (1025563) - XR: Fixed FPS Switching when entering/exiting VR on mobile devices.
  • (1032525) - XR: Fixed pink game view when Android build target is selected with Oculus Depth Sharing enabled.
  • (N/A) - XR: Fixed several issues related to BEV cameras not tracking or rendering on Windows 10 with HoloLens.

Revision: 645c9050ba4d


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