Unity Asset Store 简介


不论您有哪些技能,Unity Asset Store 都能让您实现出色的创意。使用预制构建块来降低成本、复杂性和开发时间。

Discover community-powered solutions

Explore a marketplace that brings creators together to buy and sell real-time 3D building blocks that boost productivity in Unity.

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Getting started with Unity Asset Store

Getting started with Unity Asset Store

Start with a tutorial on creating your first Microgame, and learn how to bring Unity Asset Store content into your project. Use the Templates section to download more models and assets to build a stronger foundation for your game.

Sell your assets to Unity creators

Whether you’re a designer or developer, you can become a Unityn Asset Store publisher and earn money while doing what you love. Sell tools, art, audio, and more – solo or as a studio – to our active creator community.

Sell your assets to Unity creators

Made with community-powered help

See how the Unity Asset Store helps creators accelerate prototyping and production.

How Shedworks accelerated creation in Sable

Learn how a small studio achieved big results with help from community-made art and tools.

How Apocalypse Studios got their game up to speed

The developers of Deadhaus Sonata saved costs and development time by leveraging assets like Volumetric Blood Fluids.

How solo developer Tinytouchtales got started

Learn how a communications designer with little coding experience started building games with  help from a supportive community.



Asset Store 创作者

什么是 Unity Asset Store?

Asset Store 是一个通过数字商店为创作者提供预制资源的平台。创作者可以根据其目标,通过在项目中使用指定资源来解决项目痛点。

我可以借助 Asset Store 做什么?

Unity Asset Store 提供了一系列解决方案帮助您更快、更简单地进行创建。构建游戏时,将资源用作占位符,利用脚本减少新逻辑编码的负担并有效地迭代您的原型,以准确实现您所需的结果类型。



Asset Store 发布者

我为什么要成为 Asset Store 发布者?

简而言之,您不仅可以投身创作游戏艺术、创建工具和音频等梦寐以求的工作,还能轻松创造收入。使用 Unity Asset Store,您可以自行设置价格并按月将内容分发给超过 170 万名 Asset Store 用户。

内容归您所有,并且您的创作使用权受到标准最终用户许可协议 (EULA) 的保护。

如何成为 Asset Store 发布者?


  1. 创建 Unity 帐户(如果还没有帐户)。
  2. 创建 Asset Store 发布者帐户
  3. 通读提交指南,确定您的资源需要符合哪些标准才能获得批准并登记注册。
  4. 访问您帐户的新发布者门户,然后选择“创建软件包”开始资源提交过程。
我可以在 Asset Store 上出售哪些内容?

您可以出售任何遵循 Unity 提交指南的内容。查看现有类别,了解其他发布者的出售情况。

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