Unity 5.2.5

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  • Windows: Added a new command line argument for standalone builds: -window-mode. Options: borderless, exclusive. It lets users override the default fullscreen window behaviour.


  • Android: Fixed internal profiler on Gear VR. (741003).
  • Android: Fixed a crash after multiple scene loads. (774183) .
  • Android: Fixed binary shader cache; cache was always disabled. (765388) .
  • Android: Fixed Cloth::SetUpSkinnedBuffers() crash. (750362) .
  • Android: Fixed crash on Android after sleep/resume when using OnAudioFilterRead. (771519) .
  • Android: Fixed crash when load scenes intermittently. (751530) .
  • Android: Fixed crash which happens when loading a lot of asset bundles. (743739) .
  • Android: Fixed UI flickering issue that was affecting specific Vivante devices. (780633) .
  • Android: Skip dexing when exporting Android Project. (746248, 785026) .
  • Android: Timeout no longer happens when an application is sent to the background. (768217) .
  • Animation: Fixed out-of-bounds crash in the Animator .
  • Animation: Optimised the time to start play mode for a scene with lots of controllers. (769964) .
  • AssetBundles: Removed sync load from AssetBundleRequest. Improves load times when doing multiple consecutive async loads from asset bundles. (765367) .
  • Assets/VCS: Fixed an issue where changing date modified on directory meta file caused all files below that directory to be reprocessed. This was also affecting VCS. (759044) .
  • Audio: Disabled sound manager watchdog. (774356) .
  • Core: Added an extra check for null components while deactivating GameObjects to defend against crashes.
  • Global Illumination: Fixed an issue with the player looking different to the editor when using linear color space and Precomputed Realtime GI, with Baked GI disabled. (724426, 728595, 738173, 753098) .
  • Graphics: In Editor play mode set the graphics device sRGB write mode to match the lighting mode e.g. enable sRGB write mode in linear lighting mode. (754487) .
  • Graphics: Added functionality to D3D11 Native Interface to access the underlaying D3D11 texture for a RenderBuffer (752855) .
  • Graphics: Fixed skinned mesh memory leak (760665) .
  • Graphics: Fixed issue where enabling vertex compression for positions could result in geometry not being rendered. (754928) .
  • IL2CPP : The static field initializer is less aggressive now.
  • IL2CPP: Fixed an issue whereby managed stack trace was not reported correctly on iOS. (754539) .
  • iOS: Fixed character rigging, and updated SIMD math code. (754816) .
  • iOS: Fixed crash in IL2CPP after the splash screen. (752737, 751428) .
  • iOS: IL2CPP code generation fix for Xcode 7.3.
  • iOS: IPv6 compatibility fixes for .NET libraries and IL2CPP runtime.
  • iOS: Xcode 7.3 Build & Run support.
  • Windows Store: Fixed AccessViolationException when initializing matchmaking in UNet. (747549) .
  • Windows Store: RunInBackground option will be respected when application window looses focus, and if enabled, the application will keep updating. Note: if application window is minimized it will be still paused, because OS suspends the application. (759166) .

Revision: ad2d0368e248


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