Unity 2018.4.20

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Known Issues in 2018.4.20f1

  • Animation: Animator.Update CPU time spikes when multiple animations are playing (1184690)

  • MacOS: [Lighting]Errors in console on changing editor visualization mode to realtime GI if there is a particle system in scene. (1106901)

  • Package Manager: Immutable packages altered by the API Updater are reverted to their original state when packages are resolved, which can lead to slower import performance in that context.

  • Profiling: Editor crashes when loading profiler file with memcpy stacktrace (1131782)

  • Profiling: Performance decrease in EditorOverhead using Deep Profile (1051094)

  • macOS: If the Android Tools are not installed through the Hub, macOS 10.15 (Catalina) default security settings will prevent the Android NDK binaries being executed. These settings have to be changed or a signed Android NDK (r16b) will be needed to build Android. More information here: https://developer.android.com/ndk/downloads/older_releases.

2018.4.20f1 Release Notes


  • AI: Fixed a path-finding bug in which floating point errors would cause agents to take potentially large, spurious detours. (977653)

  • Android: Fixed a crash during shutdown when starting a Java thread with a C# thread. (1224810)

  • Android: Fixed activity pause timeout warnings. (1223705)

  • Asset Import: Added AssetDatabase.DisallowAutoRefresh and AssetDatabase.AllowAutoRefresh to the C# API. (1173031)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where AssetBundle Recompression not verifying the CRC of bundle contents when requested. (1195075)

  • Asset Pipeline: Optimised copying an asset, so that a refresh of the asset database is not triggered. (1179856)

  • Editor: Fixed a crash when calling MonoImporter.GetExecutionOrder(null). (1181615)

  • Graphics: Avoid rebinding the texture and polute state if the texture target is unknown. (1199990)

  • Graphics: Fixed a crash in SkinnedMeshRenderer: make sure the cached mesh is valid before using it. (1183992)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue loading shaders from a 2017.4 authored asset bundle into more recent Unity versions. (1195317)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue that can cause increased draw call count when using static batching. (1098752)

  • iOS: Fixed an issue with profiler support for iPhone XR/XS/XS Max and above. (1133479)

  • iOS: Fixed Unity Remote errors when using iPhone XR/XS/XS Max and above. (1184243)

  • macOS: IME works in both editor and player is the proper location. (1178930)

  • Prefabs: Fixed an issue where editor entering infinite loop on certain bad prefabs. The bad prefabs are now patched during load. (1196082)

  • Prefabs: Fixed an issue with applying prefab override from a scene where the MonoBehaviour lives in a namespace and has FormerlySerializeAs on the fields. (1114464)

  • Profiler: Added message indicating that Profiler Modules need to be activated to profile. (1197721)

  • Scripting: Fixed an issue that raised on iOS where the player would crash when shutting down. (1145982)

  • UI: Fixed an issue with IME properly. (1178930)

  • Version Control: Fixed an issues with Unity auto refresh and version control. (1191378)

  • XR: Fixed a crash when you connect to a Hololens 2 using the HolographicRemoting scripting api and then enable Windows Mixed Reality.

API Changes

  • 2D: Added: Added SortingGroup.UpdateAllSortingGroups to allow users to immediately update SortingGroups instead of waiting for LateUpdate. (1202432)


  • Asset Import: Added AssetDatabase.DisallowAutoRefresh and AssetDatabase.AllowAutoRefresh to the C# API. (1173031)

Third Party Notices

For more information please see our Open Source Software Licenses FAQ on the Unity Support Portal

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