Unity 2018.4.1

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  • 2D: Fixed an issue where sprites could disappear while moving in the tile palette. (1133841, 1151096)

  • Android: Fixed "Error walking path" errors thrown after completing a build and having Crash and Exception Reporting enabled. (1108365, 1154266)

  • Android: Fixed black bar shown on Android9+ devices without notch when in non-fullscreen mode. (1144669, 1148771)

  • Android: Fixed occasional crash on Moto G when using split binary and loading Asset Bundles from StreamingAssets. (1145139, 1150056)

  • Android: Fixed VideoPlayer hanging or starting from the beginning at double speed when seeking on Android. (1141913, 1150101)

  • Animation: Fixed animation jobs SetPosition/SetLocalPosition not working on humanoid transform for rig with translation DoF ON. (1103108, 1150538)

  • Asset Import: Fixed an issue where some kinds of assets might not refresh after an Editor restart using ADB v1. (1140289, 1149024)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed crash/data corruption when loading multiple asset bundles concurrently. (1140019, 1148846)

  • Audio: Fixed an audio playables crash at shutdown. (1107760, 1127465)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where meshes passed to static batcher can arrive in a different order on different PCs. This will help ensure that asset bundle generation is deterministic for static batched mesh. (1098137, 1149327)

  • Editor: Fixed collab disabling itself when network disconnects. (1095539, 1149138)

  • GI: Fixed we don't check if a point is behind the camera or not. These point should not be included in the selection. (1129856, 1143128)

  • Graphics: Fixed missing draws when using an uninitialized RenderTexture. (1107219, 1123844)

  • iOS: Fixed crash in "ParkFMODResource() at AudioMixerPlayable" or "ReleaseChannelGroupsVisitor() at AudioPlayable". (1107760, 1118388)

  • OSX: Fixed the icon at 128x128 being corrupt in MacOS build. (1038984, 1132658)

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where package tarball files could not be extracted when the target path contained non-latin characters. (1124257, 1144685)

  • Player: Libpng library upgraded to version 1.6.36. (1141755, 1154270)

  • Player: Zlib library upgraded to version 1.2.11. (1141751, 1148306)

  • Prefabs: Fixed opening a broken legacy Prefab asset with an orphan GameObject shows a recursive dialog (hangs the Editor). (1115859, 1148996)

  • SceneManager: Fixed CameraStackRenderingState::ReleaseResources crashing when exiting play mode. (969092, 978066)

  • Scripting: Fixed issue with "Menu can't be checked because it doesn't exist" warning being emitted when deleting a checked menu item script. (1136169, 1136821)

  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed AssemblyUpdater Mono.Cecil.AssemblyResolutionException exception in some scenarios. (1141972, 1154294)

  • Services: Ensure symbols are captured correctly on Android. (1108365, 1140379)

  • Services: Ensure symbols are captured correctly on iOS. (1109548, 1140376)

  • Services: Fixed crash in signal handler on Android IL2CPP ARM64. (1038107, 1154264)

  • Terrain: Fixed the terrain inspector being disabled even after the initial inspector was closed. (1117658, 1143635)

  • Timeline: Fixed timeline with an disabled Audio Source causes Editor Crash when exiting play mode. (930758, 957973)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed a crash when a scene contains a timeline with an animation playing in it on .NET scripting backend. (1141825, 1154297)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed an issue where scripts in Unity were compiled against incorrect .NET profile on .NET scripting backend. This would result in errors like "The type 'Dns' exists in both 'System.Net.NameResolution, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' and 'WinRTLegacy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'". (1144565, 1154295)

  • Version Control: Fixed Smart Merge producing duplicate data for some arrays. (1139083, 1150382)

  • Video: Fixed VideoPlayer time/frame becoming invalid during seek operation. (1154368, 1154755)

  • Windows: Fixed issue where high-poll-rate mice were causing performance degradation in the Editor on Windows. (1117360, 1144459)

  • XR: Fixed CommandBuffers not work w/ MSAA and VR. (906203, 1154269)

  • XR: Fixed potential hang on exit issue with HoloLens applications when OS signals suspend during exit. (1124435, 1150682)

  • XR: Fixed upside-down rendering in MultiPass on Rift with Windows OpenGL Standalone player. (1016162, 1154268)


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