Unity 2017.4.28

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Release Notes

  • Fixed hang due to job threads occasionally going idle even if they have jobs assigned to them.
  • 2D: Fixed crash on "SpriteAtlas::ReconcilePackedSprites" during AssetBundle build while repacking Sprite Atlases. (1142859)
  • Android: Fixed crash when upgrading an existing app to ARM64. (1157347)
  • Build Pipeline: Fixed Added a call to clean up high memory usage in BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles to avoid a crash due to out of memory. (1129899)
  • Editor: Changed editor preference behavior to only update modified values in the plist file on MacOS. (1146446)
  • Editor: Fixed Drag and dropping doesn't always work. (1136897)
  • Editor: Fixed Mouse move events affect Editor UI performance. (973842)
  • Editor: Fixed Restrict Editor debugging to clients on same machine. (1140292)
  • GI: Fixed the environment lighting and skybox are not updated. (1156360)
  • Graphics: Fixed crash in AssetBundle build while repacking Sprite Atlases. (1142855)
  • Graphics: Fixed issue where ETC Crunch decoder would crash on iOS. (1152384)
  • IL2CPP: Corrected an intermittent crash when a managed exception occurs on a back ground thread while the process is shutting down. (1152376)
  • iOS: Fixed AudioMixerPlayable and AudioPlayable crash while terminating iOS application. (1118388
  • iOS: Fixed player crashing at decode_alpha_selectors_etc when decoding crunched ETC texture. (1140135)
  • Mobile: Fixed [Razer Phone] TargetFPS and vSyncCount having no effect on the actual FPS. (1136329)
  • PS4: Fixed indirect draws sometimes resulting in softhang. (1148616)
  • Windows: Fixed issue where high-poll-rate mice were causing performance degradation in the Editor on Windows. (1146052)

Third Party Notices

For more information please see our Open Source Software Licenses FAQ on the Unity Support Portal

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