Learn Unity update no. 2
Dec 13, 2012|2 Min
Learn Unity update no. 2
The robot lab concepts

Here at Unity we've been working hard on an entirely new area of the website to help you learn game development with Unity. We've posted twice so far about this, and given you an outline of how the system is going to work. Take a look at our first two posts if you're unfamiliar with what we're working on -

So hopefully you know that we're working on a Retro-futuristic sci-fi game world, in which we'll base all of our tutorials. To flesh this out, I wanted to share some of the concepts of the world, to get you excited about the environments and learning content we have planned.

Unity Labs

The tutorials are set on the island research facility of Unity Labs. This top secret place is where our experts create simulations of game development, so that we can make Unity the best game development tool in the world! Let's take a look at some of what you'll encounter at Unity labs (we don't want to give everything away right now..) -

The Island

This is where it all begins. This little slice of paradise hides all of Unity Labs' dark secrets!

The island concepts
the island facility
The Robot Lab

This is where our engineers play with physics experiments and create gameplay! We plan to make this environment available as part of the launch plan.

the lab facility

One of our chief scientists, Astrella is one of several characters you'll encounter in the Unity Labs world..

Astrella concept
The Battering Ram & Blast Door

Part of our physics assignment experiments, the battering ram & blast doors help us test physics joints at Unity labs.

What's Now & Next

Currently we're creating plenty of content to flesh out the learning area - all based in the world of Unity labs. We plan to launch our first iteration of the system in March. It will feature one large tutorial project, and two to three of our topic areas with many small lessons and assignments to help you learn Unity, or if you are a tutor - to support you teaching your classes.

We hope to bring you another update in a few weeks time with a preview of what we've done, but rest assured that this project is something we're taking our time over as we plan to deliver only the best quality content both in terms of visual AAA fidelity, and in video / training content production. We hope you're as excited about it as we are!