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Industries need specialized solutions. Find out if Unity Pro or Unity Industrial Collection is better for your teams, and equip them with the right tools to create and deploy applications and experiences across the product lifecycle. 

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Real-time 3D solutions level up every aspect of your business, from design and engineering, marketing and sales, and client support, to growth and upselling.

Wondering which Unity solution to choose?

Check out the chart to see the difference between Unity Pro and Unity Industrial Collection. Still not sure? Get hands on with the Unity Industrial Collection free trial.

Unity Pro vs UIC comparison chart


Unity Pro

Annual plan, prepaid yearly, $1,800 per seat
Annual plan, paid monthly, $150 per seat

What’s included:

  • High-end asset pack
  • Priority access to Success Advisors
  • Three seats of Unity Teams Advanced

For more information check out the Unity Pro FAQs.

Unity Industrial Collection

Standalone licenses of Unity Industrial Collection are available for $2,520 annually ($2,950 value*). For floating license inquiries and pricing, check out the FAQ.

What’s included:

  • 1 license of Unity Pro
  • 1 license of Pixyz Plugin
  • AxF and xTex material file importers
  • Unity SystemGraph

*$2,950/year when Unity Pro ($1,800) and Pixyz Plugin ($1,150) are purchased separately

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Innovating with Unity Industrial Collection

Check out the latest success stories from our Unity Industrial Collection customers.

ABB: Going paperless in field operations

ABB developed an augmented reality-based system that guides field technicians to maintain and service equipment on industrial sites efficiently and safely – paper-free.

Autoliv: Real-time 3D for marketing

Autoliv, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier, used Unity to showcase 15+ complex products in an interactive iOS app, improving customer engagement and understanding.

BMW: Autonomous driving simulation

Learn how BMW’s autonomous driving team uses Unity to build virtual worlds to test and simulate any scenario and accelerate autonomous vehicle development.

Honda: Vehicle design visualization

At the Honda Design Center, management needs to approve vehicle concepts before they go into production. Using Unity, designers can create immersive presentations in just 24 hours.

Lockheed Martin: VR-assisted product validation

Find out how Lockheed Martin builds products virtually to minimize physical prototyping and testing, saving millions of dollars by discovering and resolving issues earlier in development.

SAP: Field and factory operations in mixed reality

SAP brings its data beyond computer screens and into augmented and extended reality for service, maintenance and quality inspections of assets for field and factory operators.

Toyota: Mixed reality maintenance

Toyota uses Unity to develop a range of mixed reality applications for HoloLens 2 that help its field service technicians save time and reduce errors.

Volkswagen: ID.4 EV commercial

Volkswagen collaborated with Unity and Katana Studio to produce a new marketing campaign video for the 2020 Volkswagen ID.4 EV, the automaker’s first fully electric SUV.

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Priority Customer Service

Skip the line and get priority help from our Customer Service team for help with issues like licenses, ID accounts, Organizations, and the Asset Store.

Priority Access to Success Advisors

Access to dedicated Unity specialists and the Unity Success Hub, to help you find the resources and features you need to succeed.

Technical Support +

Unity’s Premium Support Team helps resolve technical issues quickly to minimize downtime and get you back up and running.

Integrated Success Services +

Proactive, strategic guidance and services to fuel innovation and keep your projects running smoothly. Available for purchase through a Unity sales representative.

Enhance Unity Pro with Unity Industrial Collection

Create interactive 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality applications from 3D industrial design data, including computer-aided drafting and design assets.

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