3D キャラクターとアニメーション


アニメーションはすべてのゲームの中心にあります。Unity の目標は、クリエイティブなビジョンを実現するのに役立つ、3D キャラクターやアニメーション制作用の幅広いツールセットと包括的な API を確実に提供することです。


As part of the dashboard below you will find a series of cards describing various topics of interest for this area. Those cards are organized in horizontal sections that represents the state of the development:

Released: highlighting some of the efforts that have already landed in recent versions of Unity.
In Progress: a team is at work developing solutions for this topic.
Planned: we plan to build solutions, but the work has not started, or the topic is being researched.
Under Consideration: we have noted this is an important topic for which some of you need solutions, but we are still collecting data and have not planned to build solutions for it yet.