Unity 2022.3.14

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Known Issues in 2022.3.14f1

  • Asset - Database: Editor freezes when PrefabUtility.LoadPrefabContents is called in AssetPostprocessor.OnPostprocessAllAssets for a moved prefab (UUM-54362)

  • Audio Authoring: Wrong tooltip when hovering over the "Load In Background" property of an audio clip (UUM-27581)

  • DOTS: [Android] [Entities] Build fails with the error “Asset has disappeared while building player to 'globalgamemanagers.assets' - path '', instancedID '-xxxxxx'“ when building (UUM-41830)

  • GLES: [Linux][URP] Crash on GfxFramebufferGLES::Clear when entering the Play Mode when all Renderer Features are disabled, Native RenderPass and MainCamera's Depth Texture is enabled (UUM-49240)

  • Packman: [Linux] Package Manager window disappears when adding a package from git URL (UUM-52706)

  • PhysX Integration: Rigidbody component's values do not translate to the PhysX calculations when they are being overridden via a script (UUM-55081)

  • Scene Management: Crash on MergePrefabChanges when attempting to assign missing GameObject in Inspector (UUM-42461)

  • Serialization: Crash and or slow update when List items are reordered in the Inspector Window (UUM-46703)

  • uGUI: Button triggers another Button when multiple Canvases are used in multiple windows (UUM-36255)

2022.3.14f1 Release Notes


  • Universal RP: Added a new config package that allows to override the maximum number of lights visible on screen.


  • Burst: Added support for System.Math functions Acosh, Asinh, Atanh, Cbrt, CopySign, Log2, SinCos, FusedMultiplyAdd, and ILogB.

  • Documentation: Improved code sample for NavMeshAgent.CalculatePath() to better clarify how to interpret and use its results. (UUM-43219)

  • Editor: Allow for action and clutch shortcuts to use the same mouse button [with or without modifiers].

  • IL2CPP: The --jobs command line option will now control the number of compiler processes ran in parallel during an exported project build.


  • Burst: Removed all code specific to DOTS Runtime.

  • Burst: Use mimalloc as our native allocator on Windows to speed up concurrently executing LLVM work.

  • Package: Updated com.unity.recorder package to 4.0.2 and update its tests.

  • XR: The Oculus XR Plugin package has been updated to 4.1.2.


  • 2D: Fixed crash on GfxVersionList::Impl::GetVersion when opening project/scene/Game view. (UUM-35341)

  • Android: Google play.asset-delivery package version is updated to 2.1.0 to solve PAD related compatibility problem with Android 14. (UUM-54157)

  • Asset Bundles: Fixed deadlock in AssetBundleUnloadOperation. (UUM-48887)

  • Asset Import: Closing the editor after reverting the properties in editor now resets the m_DirtyIndex to 0. (UUM-21202)

  • Burst: Fixed an error thrown by the Burst Inspector when opening a non-static job with special characters in its name.

  • Burst: Fixed an issue that caused an empty variable to be returned if it is between a zero initializer.

  • Burst: Fixed invalid burst string formats leading to internal compiler error.

  • Burst: Fixed QNX player builds on 32-bit ARM.

  • Burst: Fixed that changing certain player build platform settings (like SDK version) would not trigger Burst to recompile.

  • Burst: Fixed the Burst Inspector not displaying target methods if namespace/class contained the method name.

  • Burst: For native debug information, type symbols can now be referenced using :: separator between namespaces (C++ style) - E.g. Example.Type becomes Example::Type.

  • Burst: Linking libstdc++/libc++ statically on HMI platforms.

  • Burst: Native debug information would fail to reflect the contents of parameters to functions.

  • Core: Fixed a data race inside the job system where weak memory systems could hang when waiting and attempting to steal parallel work submitted from another thread. (UUM-41806)

  • Editor: Added extra validation for RenderTextureDescriptor. (UUM-55122)

  • Editor: Broken documentation link repaired by fixing typo. (UUM-54770)

  • Editor: Fixed a bug where the scene view motion tools would override custom user tools. (UUM-45813)

  • Editor: Fixed a regression where the 'convert to property' context menu option on constant value nodes would fail. (UUM-55342)

  • Editor: Fixed dragging the slide wrap around the screen does not increase the value. (UUM-36834)

  • Editor: Fixed InvalidOperationException when clearing inactive background progresses. (UUM-54039)

  • Editor: Fixed mouse incorrectly wrapping around screen when dragging editor window tabs. (UUM-26666)

  • Editor: Fixed new input system unresponsive on second monitor. (UUM-46312)

  • Editor: Fixed the auto-save function on prefab not saving the full entered inputs. (UUM-47822)

  • Editor: Halves the time spent on the main thread when asynchronously loading terrain tiles. (UUM-1883)

  • Editor: Hidden the value of all password arguments provided from the command line in the editor logs. (UUM-52202)

  • Editor: License: Add ARM64 executables to Licensing Client for MacEditor ARM64 build. (UUM-43931)

  • Editor: Loop information embedded in the smpl chunk of WAVE files is now properly handled in WebGL player builds. (UUM-12530)

  • Editor: Now prints the physical file path when Unity finds a corrupted artifact file. (UUM-53919)

  • Editor: Profiler timeline labels now clip their baseline to the visible area correctly. (UUM-52690)

  • Editor: Revamp the Unity Gaming Services Settings window to be more easy and intuitive to use.

  • Editor: Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1w. (UUM-53226)

  • Editor: Updated the enum maskfield flags in the drop-down menu that are adjusted manually. (UUM-46873)

  • Editor: Y flip in the animation preview should now work correctly. (UUM-41388)

  • Entities Graphics: Fixed editor selection outline when using shadergraph and vertex deformations. (UUM-51502)

  • GI: The native plugin binaries of the denoising package now use the multi-threaded statically-linked runtime library. (UUM-55505)

  • GI: Use the hash of the vertex stream instead of the taking per instance props into account for meta pass. (UUM-55090)

  • Graphics: Fixed Alpha channel been discarded when texture is imported as Cube Map, Texture2D or Texture2DArray on Android platform when the editor Graphics API is set as DX11/DX12. (UUM-43301)

  • HDRP: Added missing texture array global mip bias override for texture array grad samplers. (UUM-53676)

  • HDRP: Corrected dynamic resolution settings for offscreen UI. (UUM-53449)

  • HDRP: Fixed performance issue with reflection probe inspector. (UUM-53681)

  • HDRP: Fixed potential leaks when using dynamic resolution and objects with refraction. (UUM-34731)

  • HDRP: Fixed ShaderGraph being dirty when opened just after the creation of the asset. (UUM-17912)

  • HDRP: Fixed XR SPI is not disabled after processing the render request. (UUM-49454)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a deadlock that could occur if Asset GC visited a field of const, value type, whilst il2cpp types were being created on background threads. (UUM-35018)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed bugs related to handling of privatescope methods and fields. (UUM-36455)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed compilation error on System.Threading.Volatile.Write<T>() when the value parameter was a literal null. (UUM-45696)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed GetELFImageBuildID() to handle Google AIP relocating PT_NOTE section. (UUM-46346)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed incorrect and/or missing calls to static constructors on constrained calls. (UUM-51908)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed issue where a DefaultStream or GZipStream may not decompress all of the bytes in certain compressed files. (UUM-50168)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed UnityLinker producing an invalid assembly when the assembly is preserved by a link.xml but not used and the assembly contains only type forwarders. (UUM-46942)

  • IL2CPP: Removed extra reference to target on a combined delegate. (UUM-47478)

  • Input: Added more robust edge checks to simulated mouse input. (UUM-39752)

  • iOS: Added phony postprocess buildphase in xcode, and make sure that app extensions add copy buildphases before it. (UUM-53588)

  • iOS: Fixed ActivityIndicator not showing on newish iOS. (UUM-48717)

  • Linux: Fixed Floating window does not stay on top of the Editor when clicking anywhere on the main Editor window. (UUM-53157)

  • Mono: Corrected confusing error printed when using NetworkInterface.OperationalStatus on Linux. (UUM-46938)

  • Mono: Fixed access violation when clearing an array of max length. (UUM-40408)

  • Networking: Added a performance regression with UnityWebRequest when connecting to many HTTPS resources at the same time. (UUM-49389)

  • Networking: Fixed crash when quitting application with running UnityWebRequest. (UUM-48042)

  • Physics: Fixed all contacts normals being reported equal and wrong when a Collider has multiple contact points with a mesh and contact modification is enabled. (UUM-17977)

  • Physics: Fixed Collider.hasModifiableContacts & Collider.providesContacts ignoring the setting when the collider is inactive. (UUM-55929)

  • Physics 2D: Fixed an accuracy issue when using "Physics2D.CapsuleCast" where the specified capsule geometry has the same width and height i.e. it is a circle shape. (UUM-54373)

  • Physics 2D: Fixed an issue where OnTriggerExit2D or OnCollisionExit2D are not called if the Collider2D has existing contacts but then becomes invalid (no shapes) due to an arbitrary rotation around the X and/or Y axis. (UUM-53156)

  • Profiler: Profiler preferences UI padding now matches other preferences. (UUM-34446)

  • Profiler: The default Memory module's details view is now scrollable. (UUM-52677)

  • Scene Manager: Fixed hash_set crash on MacOS M1. (UUM-42520)

  • Scripting: Fixed crash when loading a project with script compilation errors. (UUM-48740)

  • Scripting: Fixed race condition that could cause crashes on startup when native code called into managed code. (UUM-49357)

  • Serialization: Fixed players build checks when assembly is modified. (UUM-48662)

  • Shaders: Ensured that compute shaders register include dependencies properly in some edge cases. This way fixing errors in include files will recompile the shader as expected. (UUM-35111)

  • Shaders: Fixed editor crash when updating a shader graph referenced by another shader using UsePass. (UUM-46187)

  • UI Elements: Fixed Enum field changes that are not reflecting when multi-editing GameObjects with different values. (UUM-40715)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed CustomPropertyDrawer throws an Assertion error when adding the first element to a list. (UUM-34033)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed NullReferenceExceptions when reordering animated list views. (UUM-45896)

  • Universal RP: Use local random state for post-processing. (UUM-53146)

  • URP: Fixed partially corrupted Android screen when Vulkan display rotation during rendering is enabled. (UUM-48569)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed issue with null value in slots preventing it to be changed. (UUM-55313)

  • VFX Graph: Updated of curve & gradient were missing when edited directly in VFX View Window. (UUM-52510)

  • Video: The video keeps playing in the background when Play Mode is paused. (UUM-21980)

  • Web: Fixed default compression format from Brotli to Gzip. (UUM-52223)

  • WebGL: Fixed the bug that caused for an error to be thrown when passing a large string using SendMessage(...). (UUM-49331)

  • XR: Setting XRSettings.useOcclusionMask = false will disable the occlusion mask when using the Built-in Rendering Pipeline. (UUM-53822)

Package changes in 2022.3.14f1

Packages updated


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