Unity 2022.1.20

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Known Issues in 2022.1.20f1

  • AI Navigation Core: NavMesh::Raycast freezes the whole editor in an infinite loop on Application.UpdateScene (UUM-2496)

  • Asset - Database: Folder name is truncated when dot is used in the name (UUM-7046)

  • Asset Bundles: AssetBundle indeterminism caused by mesh streaming info (UUM-12721)

  • Asset Importers: Textures are not generated when Naming option in Import Settings of an FBX file is changed to "From Model's Material" (UUM-3640)

  • Optimization: [Mac] Editor performance drops on macOS when clicking and dragging on Position, Rotation and Scale values in Transform component (UUM-7457)

  • Physics: [2022.1] Crash on SetupAxes when duplicating two or more GameObjects at a time (UUM-13136)

  • Shader System: Shader variant build preparation does not scale (UUM-3711)

  • uGUI: Canvas is still receiving input after the canvas was disabled (UUM-15518)

  • Universal RP: Materials scale incorrectly when changing the render scale in UniversalRenderPipelineAsset (UUM-9865)

2022.1.20f1 Release Notes


  • Multiplayer: Added Unity Netcode for Gamebjects Package 1.0.1.

  • Multiplayer: Added Unity Transport Package 1.2.0.

API Changes

  • iOS: Added: Added identifiers for iPhone 14 models.


  • Editor: Updated manifest.json to use com.unity.inputsystem package version 1.4.3.

  • XR: Removed the pre-release version v5.0.0-pre.13 of AR Foundation related packages since v5.0.2 is available.

  • XR: Updated the verified version of AR Foundation related packages to v4.2.6.


  • 2D: Fixed regression where GameObjects are not instantiated by Tiles when the Tilemap is not active. (UUM-14293)

  • AI: Patches of the generated NavMesh were sometimes getting the area type from distant objects below due to their connection through a sloped wall. (UUM-3457)

  • Asset Pipeline: Improved performance of asset imports in large projects. (UUM-9548)

  • Editor: Added missing icons for QueryBuilder for SearchWindow. (UUM-14547)

  • GI: Fixed an issue where environment lighting is missing from player builds when the scene hasn't been baked. (UUM-2743)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where TextureImporter.GetAutomaticFormat would return the incorrect format for platforms that had their override turned off. (UUM-11694)

  • HDRP: Fixed light layers when using motion vectors. (UUM-15125)

  • Linux: Fixed diagnostic switches can not be set using command line arguments. (UUM-10269)

  • uGUI: Fixed the NullReferenceException when using Tile image types with a sprite atlas being omitted from build. (UUM-4340)

  • UI Toolkit: Make sure buttons are navigatable by default. (UUM-5077)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed float values stored in player prefs getting corrupted on startup. (UUM-14671)

  • Video: Fixed editor crash when playing a video file with 14 audio tracks in Play mode. (UUM-861)

  • WebGL: Fixed 3D audio effects. (UUM-1165)

  • WebGL: Fixed changing AudioSource.time while audio source is paused. (UUM-1157)

  • WebGL: Fixed division by zero error when calling AudioSource.time. (UUM-2302)

  • WebGL: Fixed immediate playback of scheduled audio source if AudioSource.time is changed. (UUM-1147)

  • WebGL: Fixed playback of audio clips on timeline. (UUM-6801)

Package changes in 2022.1.20f1

Packages updated


Third Party Notices

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