Unity 2020.2.4

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Known Issues in 2020.2.4f1

  • Global Illumination: [macOS] BugReporter doesn't get invoked when the project crashes (1219458)

  • uGUI: AspectRatioFitter gives a warning when changing the Components Aspect Ratio if it's attached to a Canvas (1302464)

  • Templates: [Linux] Missing libdl.so library causes crash when entering Playmode for the second time or closing the Editor (1237642)

  • Global Illumination: Reflection Probe is not baked after pressing "Bake" button in the per-probe Inspector window (1311231)

  • Scene Management: Freeze or crash on EditorSceneManager::ReloadScene when importing an Asset and reloading the opened Scene (1309393)

  • Asset Import Pipeline: Crash on core::StringStorageDefault::append when importing assets from the Asset Store (1300615)

  • Scripting: Application.quitting event is not raised when closing build (1309540)

  • CodeEditors: Crash on System.Net.Sockets.Socket:QueueIOSelectorJob when using a VPN and opening a project that uses Visual Studio (1308797)

  • Cloth: Skinned Mesh Renderer's Bounds Extent is set to half of the Transform's Scale when using a Cloth Component (1209765)

  • Templates: Editor Crashes when performing Undo and Redo after duplicating Game Object with LEGO Model Asset component (1298503)

  • Texture: uGUI in Texture2D is different than in the Game view when calling ToTexture2D() method on a RenderTexture (1301378)

  • Asset Importers: [Performance Regression] Importing an fbx model is noticeably slower when the model contains Animations (1265275)

  • Linux: InputSystem's Mouse delta values do not change when the Cursor lockState is set to Locked (1248389)

  • Scene/Game View: [Wild Crash] Editor crashes on mono_aot_get_cached_class_info when GizmoSetup has cached an outdated data (1259765)

  • Build Pipeline: [Cache Server] Building process freezes on compiling shader variants when connected to Accelerator (1296800)

  • Input: [Input System] MultiplayerEventSystem throws a warning when more than one MultiplayerEventSystem is active (1303961)

  • Shuriken: Infinity loop issue about Sub-Emitters of Particle System Editor (1311111)

  • UI Toolkit: Editor Crashes when name of Serialized Sprite variable is edited (1302872)

  • Windows: The Cursor is visible when Cursor.visible is set to false and new InputSystem package is used (1273522)

  • XR: [XR SDK][Oculus] EarlyUpdate.XRUpdate spikes inconsistently (1262597)

2020.2.4f1 Release Notes

System Requirements Changes


  • Android: Fixed rendering artifacts when using HDR rendering with MSAA on sold Mali Bifrost GPUs. (1303685)

  • Asset Pipeline: The Assembly version is no longer included in the script type hashes that was used for script type dependencies. (1294785)

  • Build Pipeline: During Player build, the progress bar would display the message "Bunding and compressing data", which contains a typo. This has been fixed to read "Bundling and compressing data". (1298398)

  • Burst: Fixed a crash when a call to System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break from a Burst-compiled job or function pointer was called without a debugger attached. (1304756)

  • DX12: Fixed GPU hang due to corrupt SRV. (1290125)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue with the progress bar on windows when user code drives it in "non-modal" way. (1294895, 1294898)

  • Editor: Fixed crash in some progress bar scenarios that resulted in recursive repaints (e.g. after turning on raytracing support in HDRP) (1299576)

  • GI: Fixed an issue of a missing occlusion when baking LODs with the CPU lightmapper. (1296326)

  • GI: Make the default skybox probe and ambient probe automatically baked until a first manual bake is done. (1250293)

  • Graphics: Fixed a Severe one frame Motion blur artifacts issue that occurred on editing of blend shapes. (1299209)

  • Graphics: Fixed an incorrect GeometryJob Fence initialisation that caused graphical corruption in UI canvas rendering. (1290714)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where ComputeShader.SetConstantBuffer caused a freeze. (1299319)

  • IL2CPP: Emit compilable C++ code for C# string literals containing the "\//" character sequence. (1288271)

  • IL2CPP: Ensure that FieldInfo objects for the same base class field from two different derived types do not match. (1295396)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed an incorrect behavior of asynchronous file stream reads. (1295116)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with re-throwing an exception from a catch that includes a nested try/catch block. (1281069)

  • iOS: Fixed an issue where UnityWebRequest sometimes got stuck on iOS 14.2+ when using ARFoundation. (1299873)

  • Kernel: Fixed random crash while executing TLSAllocator::FrameMaintenance. (1297307)

  • Linux: Automatically install toolchain for building Linux IL2CPP players when Linux IL2CPP component present. (1275117)

  • Package: Fixed an issue where Burst would erroneously error on BurstCompile.CompileFunctionPointer calls when building for the DOTS Runtime.

  • Package: Fixed an issue where clang segmentation fault on iOS when member function debug information were emitted, it is disabled for this platform now.

  • Package: Fixed an issue where explicitly casting from an int to IntPtr would not sign extend the value.

  • Package: Fixed DOTS Runtime JobProducer Bursting code to support JobProducers with multiple generic arguments, complex job wrapper and generic jobs.

  • Package: Fixed managed implementations of blend_epi32 and mm256_blend_epi32 intrinsics on Mono

  • Package: Intrinsics: Neon - fixed vget_low and vget_high producing suboptimal code

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where users cannot use downloaded filter for the My Assets tab in Package Manager UI. (1307862)

  • Particles: Fixed an issue where Rate over Distance emission sets particle ages correctly. (1261813)

  • Profiler: Fixed an issue with sending enable/disable recording messages to connected players, where the player would not respond to the message correctly. (1271012)

  • Scripting: Fixed an issue where Response files list (csc.rsp) was not passed up to external compilers. (1307780)

  • Serialization: Fixed a crash when opening the Preset window on an object containing SerializeReference with instances accessible from multiple property path. (1290753)

  • Shaders: Fixed an issue where the Shader compiler did not handles CR line endings. (1297115)

  • Shaders: Fixed an issue where the Shader compiler would generate calls to bitfieldExtract when building for OpenGL ES 3 or WebGL 2. (1297812)

  • Shaders: Fixed incorrect code being generated for GATHER_PO instruction on Vulkan. (1299508)

  • Text: Fixed an issue where changes to TextMesh.color could be rendered a frame too early. (1252193)

  • UI: Fixed an issue where if a aspectRatioFitter has a parent assigned afterwards the cached parent wouldn't update properly. (1291977)

  • UI Toolkit: Binding operations are done asynchronously to improve performance and avoid editor lockups (1243897)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where Right-click context menu on properties would not show on every bound field. (1197268)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where UQuery: Query<VisualElement> would not correctly returns all elements. (1288531)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue with Focus() method on TextField controls. (1206181)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed Element not visible after being hidden/shown in a specific sequence issue.

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed missing icons when the atlas render texture was destroyed by the engine.

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed wrong addressing of dynamic transforms issue when new atlas slot is used. (1293058)

  • Video: Fixed an issue where the VideoPlayer.frameReady was not invoked for some frames. (1187256)

  • Video: [MacOS] Fixed an issue where UrlSource streaming stuttered in Video Player. (1227128)

  • XR: Fixed a deadlock when Windows player is invisible with VR enabled. (1304200)

  • XR: Updated the verified AR Foundation related packages to 4.0.10. Please see the AR Foundation package changelog for details.

API Changes

  • GI: Added: Added two new callbacks: LightProbes.needsRetetrahedralization which is called whenever the current registered probes and tetrahedralization are out of sync, and LightProbes.tetrahedralizationCompleted which fires after (re-)tetrahedralization is done.

  • UI Toolkit: Changed: ChangeEvent are now called on bound field when value is first set on the control and matches default value (1273589)


  • Graphics: Update SRP packages to 10.3.1 (1300426)

  • Package Manager: Update com.unity.purchasing to 2.2.2

  • Timeline: Updated Timeline package to version 1.4.6


  • Package: Update ProBuilder to 4.5.0.

  • Package: Upgrading input system package to 1.0.2

  • Scripting: Added support for Unity Version Defines in Assembly definition import options.
    This feature improvement allows scripts to easily specify different code snippets for different unity version ranges. This is especially useful for introducing calls to newly added public APIs, in which case these API calls needs to be guarded by defines based on a unity version range of a given unity version or later.
    Unity version range expression syntax is the same as package version range expressions. Unity version format differs from package version format, thus Unity version expressions are evaluated based on some rules specific to the Unity version format:

    • Comparison of release types follows the following rules: a<b<f=c<p<x. So eg. an alpha version is always smaller (earlier) than a beta version, regardless of the Incremental version.

    • The unity versions are allowed to have suffixes (e.g 2020.1.3-bonfire) which are ignored by the unity version comparison code

    • Chinese releases are equivalent to public releases (f) so for the sake of comparison in the version range expression 2020.1f3 would be equal to 2020.1c3[

    • experimental releases don't include an Incremental Version - e.g. everything after 2020.2.1x would be treated as suffix and ignored by the version comparison.

  • Scripting: Improved code readability and naming consistency with the Unity 2021.2 and 2021.1 codebase.

  • Shaders: Shaders can now use UNITY_PLATFORM_<PLATFORM_NAME> defines to specialize compilation per build target platform (examples: UNITY_PLATFORM_OSX, UNITY_PLATFORM_WINDOWS).

System Requirements

For development

OS: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only; macOS 10.12+. (Server versions of Windows & OS X are not tested.)

CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.

GPU: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.

The rest mostly depends on the complexity of your projects.

Additional platform development requirements:
  • iOS: Mac computer running minimum macOS 10.12.6 and Xcode 9.0 or higher.

  • Android: Android SDK and Java Development Kit (JDK); IL2CPP scripting backend requires Android NDK.

  • Universal Windows Platform: Windows 10 (64-bit), Visual Studio 2015 with C++ Tools component or later and Windows 10 SDK

For running Unity games

Generally content developed with Unity can run pretty much everywhere. How well it runs is dependent on the complexity of your project. More detailed requirements:

  • Desktop:

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1+, macOS 10.12+, Ubuntu 16.04+
    • Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
    • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • iOS player requires iOS 10.0 or higher.

  • Android: OS 4.4 or later; ARMv7 CPU with NEON support; OpenGL ES 2.0 or later.

  • WebGL: Any recent desktop version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari.

  • Universal Windows Platform: Windows 10 and a graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities

  • Exported Android Gradle projects require Android Studio 3.4 and later to build


Third Party Notices

For more information please see our Open Source Software Licenses FAQ on the Unity Support Portal

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