Unity 2018.3.12

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  • Analytics: Fixed the time of exit from Play mode increasing several times when using newer Unity version. (1117209, 1142432)

  • Android: Fixed accessibility warning when publishing to Google Play. (1094743, 1111141)

  • Animation: Fixed an issue where unloading a controller in an asset bundle could lead to a crash. (1114534, 1135845)

  • Asset Import: Fixed Multi-Scene Lighting is lost when building AssetBundles with Scriptable Build Pipeline. (1105486, 1105515)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where Editor notification text's last word is cut off at certain window sizes. (1098575, 1133366)

  • Editor: Fixed dragging component with required component to bottom area of inspector of prefab instance. (1097140)

  • Editor: Fixed Invalid AssetDatabase path warning for files that are not in unity project folder. (934940, 1137156)

  • Global Illumination: Fixed baked shadow angle not being into account for indirect bounce. (1132238, 1133437)

  • Graphics: Fixed crashes caused by reflection probes when entering Play mode with a camera selected. (1109892, 1130931)

  • Graphics: Fixed Enabled GPU skinning for blend shapes. (1133813, 1134299)

  • Graphics: Fixed normal calculation in compute skinning with one bone per vertex (1124697, 1133827)

  • Graphics: In Deferred Reflections set the ambient probe SH constants before calling BeforeReflections Command Buffer to give consistency between graphics jobs enabled/disabled. (1130942, 1135303)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed default current culture not being detected correctly on macOS and iOS instead of the invariant culture. (1133961, 1135065)

  • Particles: Fixed newly emitted particle sizes not being updated when using Simulate and the restart flag is true. (1104199, 1123850)

  • Particles: Fixed Simulate not updating sub-emitters particles when restart flag was false. (1104199, 1123850)

  • Physics: Fixed a crash when destroying Colliders at the same time as raycast batches were being ran. (1123313, 1137303)

  • Prefabs: SaveAsPrefabAsset[AndConnect] will now automatically do namebased replace to retain references if a prefab is being overwritten. (1139245, 1139583)

  • SceneManager: Ensure nested Canvases are always treated as nested Canvases in Prefab Mode too. Root World Space Canvases can get treated as nested Canvases in Prefab Mode too due to lacking information, but this will still have fewer downsides than if nested Canvases got treated as Root Canvases. (1132706, 1139184)

  • SceneManager: Fixed a Race condition in TransformAccessArray. (1132255, 1133799)

  • Scripting: Fixed a crash related to calling CaptureScreenshotAsTexture at the wrong moment. (1053476, 1135737)

  • Scripting: Fixed actions outside of tests not handling exceptions correctly (1120353, 1140238)

  • Scripting: Fixed crash when a MonoBehaviour contains any serializable string attribute that contains malformed utf16. (1126689, 1134365)

  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed ReflectionTypeLoadException when accessing types from Accessibility assembly. (1138120, 1138740)

  • Shaders: Fixed broken shaders referencing editor only passes with UsePass. (1135888, 1139214)

  • Shaders: Fixed regression on SRP subshader fallback. (1127390, 1139213)

  • Shaders: Fixed shader warnings on standalone build. (1107819, 1136075)

  • Timeline: Fixed changes to Timeline in prefab editor not being saved. (1109279, 1133938)

  • Timeline: Fixed the current position of Animation Window linked with Timelines animation being wrong when trimmed and sped up. (930909, 1133941)

  • Timeline: Fixed Timeline AW link losing clip selection context (and rec mode) when selecting a different GameObject. (1123119, 1133950)

  • Timeline: Fixed Timeline EaseInOut feature and shortcut for clips. (1116053, 1120473)

  • Timeline: Fixed timeline in-line curves not adjusting horizontal zoom when using A & F on selected keys. (1126623, 1133957)

  • Windows: Fixed some dialog buttons text being cutoff in high dpi mode. (1028835, 1137085)


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