Unity 2017.2.4

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  • Android: Added API 26 and 27 to scripting and Editor.
  • Mobile: Improved ping performance on Android devices supporting ICMP sockets, see the documentation for more information.
  • UI: Improved canvas inspector to show a warning when set to screen space overlay if the project is using VR.


  • Android: Fixed to only include selected abi's from an .aar plugin. (1027547(1018697)
  • Android: Fixed crash when running on Android 8 in instant app mode. (None)
  • Android: Disabled warnings in ProGuard by default; fixes build errors with 3rd party plugins. (986779)
  • Android: Fixed black screen on Adreno GPU when using postprocessing stack and GLES2 graphics API. (1013708(984292)
  • Asset Bundles: Fixed an issue where building bundles could cause a hang in the Editor. (1061418)
  • Asset Import: Fixed push pull dilation not being applied when importing lightmaps. (1014724)
  • Build: Fixed build is no longer strict. (None)
  • DCC: Updated Default Texture Format to low quality. (1039331)
  • DirectX: Fixed running player on fullscreen exclusive mode shows black screen. (805844)
  • GI: Fixed rare crash when seam stitching is enabled on object packed to the boundary of a lightmap. (1000350)
  • Graphics: Fixed crash in Mesh.ClearBlendShapes. (1049575(972060)
  • Graphics: Fixed backface culling corner cases. (1014151(1010809)
  • Graphics: Fixed rare deadlock in CreateGpuProgram when graphics jobs are enabled. (1018879(934897)
  • IL2CPP: Allow managed stack traces to work on the iOS App Store when an application is submitted with bitcode. (850163)
  • Launcher: Fixed editor crashing while loading a project if you quit Unity Hub. (1006887)
  • Mobile: Fixed screen flicker when launching Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie. (978602)
  • Physics: Fixed cloth losing it's constraints when active on cloth component attached to a skinned mesh renderer. (962027)
  • Scene Management: Fixed modifying asset import settings from script changing 'timeCreated' in the meta-file, breaking asset representation. (856344)
  • UI: Fixed nested GameObjects without a Layout Element will effect a Layout Groups arranagement after being disabled and enabled. (1026779)
  • Video: Fixed audio from UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer is distorted when Audio Output Mode is Direct. (1002426)
  • VR: Updated copy of warning and log message when using Canvas screen space overlay render mode when VR is enabled. (1046113)
  • Web: Fixed crash when aborting AssetBundle download using UnityWebRequest. (976010)
  • Xbox One: Fixed rendering errors. (1058870)
  • Xbox One: Player fails to load files larger than ~2GB. (1032417)
  • Xbox One: DownloadHandlerFile constructor always fails. (1040849)

Revision: f1557d1f61fd


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