Unity 5.3.0 Beta 3

Select the runtime platforms of your choice from the list below (the desktop runtime is included as standard) or, to install the full complement of runtime platforms, use the download assistant installer above.

Known Issues

  • Services: Linking a project to the cloud gives sometime an error


  • Editor: EditorGUIUtility.RenderGameViewCameras() marked obsolete. It was poorly designed API, and it appears nobody uses it anyway. We'll give it at least one minor release until we remove it entirely, in order to see if anyone is actually using it.


  • Graphics: Ability to render to multiple displays on PC. See Document for details
  • Physics: All new icons for all 2D physics types.
  • Windows Store: .NET Native will be disabled when doing Build And Run for Universal Windows 10 Apps, making the run faster
  • Windows Store: Added user friendly message when trying to build to Windows Store Apps SDK 8.1, but SDK 8.1 is missing.


  • Android: Buildpipe - Fixed an issue where the Editor would hang if in batch mode without SDK, NDK and JDK properly configured
  • Android: Buildpipe - Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException thrown on plugin package collisions
  • Android: Fixed MSAA on newer ARM Mali devices like Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Android: Fixed MSAA RenderTextures on Tegra4 and K1 when using OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Android: Fixed non-working textures on some Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 devices
  • Android: Fixed PUT and POST methods of WebRequest
  • Android: Fixed unaligned access in dynamic batching
  • Android: SoftInput - Fixed hint color
  • Build Pipeline: Fixed warning message "Failed to add the asset file size for filename".
  • Editor: Fix crash on Editor quit while the profiler is enabled
  • Editor: Fixed mispositioned arrows in the inspector.
  • Editor: Show a note in legacy cubemap inspector about destructive operations
  • Editor: Show a note next to texture aniso slider when it won't have effect due to global quality setting
  • Editor: Show import warning when manually selected texture compression format was changed due to unsupported platform
  • Graphics: Add error message if 3D texture is bound for rendering.
  • Graphics: Fixed camera parameter changing from OnPreRender to work again (coming to 5.2 too).
  • Graphics: Fixed IMGUI asserts when doing supersized screenshot in linear color space.
  • Graphics: Fixed some cases of Graphics.DrawMesh with a matrix argument not getting the correct MaterialPropertyBlock values.
  • Graphics: Fixed upscaled fullscreen rendering being upside down in some situations (coming to 5.2 too).
  • Graphics: Fixed use of Blit not correctly binding RandomWrite targets.
  • Graphics: Stopped reflection merging into emissive from stomping over render target alpha with 1.0
  • MonoDevelop: FIxed missing syntax highlighting for ShaderLab files
  • MonoDevelop: Fixed Mono.Debugger.Soft.ObjectCollectedException error message when setting a breakpoint
  • Physics: Add note in Collider2D.Density tooltip that zero density has special meaning.
  • Physics: Ensure that changing Collider2D.Density from script calculates the Rigidbody2D mass immediately.
  • Physics: Ensure that RectTransform is loaded prior to any Rigidbody2D or Collider2D so that initial position is correct.
  • Physics: Ensure that when changing the Joint2D connected RigidBody2D, all related Gizmos are reset.
  • Physics: Ensure that when ignoring collision layer/layer collisions, that existing contacts are re-evaluated.
  • Physics: Ensure that when Joint2D.EnableCollision is changed, all relevant contacts are re-evaluated.
  • Physics: Ensure that when turning-on Rigidbody2D.AutoMass in the inspector, mass is immediately calculated.
  • Physics: When using AutoMass for Rigidbody2D, ensure that the mass is clamped correctly.
  • Shaders: Fixed a possible runtime failure on IOS if an HLSL shader used a GLSL built-in function like 'mix'
  • Shaders: Fixed some errors translating complex HLSL shaders - large shader constant arrays, and nested structure load/stores
  • SpritePacker: Crash after packing multiple high res sprites
  • UI: Fix occasional crash caused by vertex/index buffers being destroyed before a geometry job terminates.
  • WebGL: Fixed GL_INVALID_OPERATION error in log caused by incorrect use of DrawBuffers
  • Windows Store Apps: fix AssemblyConverter failure for Array methods

The following are changes and fixes to 5.3 features and regressions...


  • MSE: Added PrefabUtility.InstancePrefab(object, scene) to instantiate prefab in designated scene
  • MSE: Added Undo.MakeTransformRootInScene API to move objects between scenes
  • MSE: Make it possible to drag a scene from project browser to a Hierarchy full of collapsed scenes


  • Editor: Bring back Light component inspector tooltips/popups
  • Fix that the main window titlebar could be pushed out of the screen bounds at startup
  • Fixed that changing a variable's value through a script didn't update it in inspector
  • Fonts: Fixed font rasterization crash regression since FreeType upgrade
  • Graphics: Fixed Material.Lerp regression in linear color space.
  • Graphics: Restored accidentally removed MaterialPropertyBlock.Add public methods, but marked them obsolete
  • IL2CPP: Correct the behavior of Array.SetValue and Array.GetValue for integer values used with an enum array.
  • IL2CPP: Prevent a possible deadlock when using System.Threading.ReaderWriterLock.
  • MSE: Fix dragging scene from project browser to hierarchy full of collapsed scenes
  • MSE: Fixed marking scenes dirty when dragging GameObjects
  • MSE: Fixed marking scenes dirty when dragging prefab from projectvierw to inactive scene in hierarchyview
  • MSE: Fixed prefabs losing connection when adding new scene to the hierarchyview
  • MSE: Removed tooltip from Scene headers
  • Windows 10 Universal Apps: Fixed .NET native crashing when trying to build project in Visual Studio.
  • Windows Store: Fixed .NET and IL2CPP installers overwriting each other
  • Windows Store: Fixed an issue where actual set player setting didn't match the one specified in player settings menu.

Third Party Notices

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