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Case studies
Bole Games cuts complaints by over 50% and negative App Store reviews 20% with Ad Quality from Unity LevelPlay
May 9, 2023

Founded in 2015, Beijing-based publisher Bole Games creates best-in-genre slot games. In fact, their titles Cash Frenzy and Cash Club are some of the most popular and highly reviewed casino games available on iOS, Android, and the Amazon app store. A big part of the reason for their games’ success are their great user experiences.

But, problematic and inappropriate creatives began to damage that experience, with some users complaining before eventually churning. Bole set out to identify which creatives were hurting the UX of its users but were struggling to do so. This posed a serious problem for the publisher, as their monetization strategy depends on long-term retention and IAPs.

To combat this, LevelPlay introduced Bole Games to the Ad Quality product. Hear from Webber Wang, Monetization Lead at Bole Games, how Ad Quality from LevelPlay helped them identify problematic creatives, reduce complaints, and ultimately raise retention for their games.

The measurable impact of a bad user experience

“We were consistently receiving complaints that creatives displayed in Cash Frenzy and Cash Club were problematic and inappropriate. Users were responding negatively to these creatives, reporting them, and leaving the app.

This posed a serious issue - we didn't know which creatives they were referring to and so we couldn’t intervene. High churn rates are a problem for titles like ours that mostly monetizes through IAPs. To profitably run, our games need long-term invested users.

We heard about the Ad Quality tool in a demo from the LevelPlay team and we knew immediately that it was the solution that we were looking for.”

Identifying and solving problematic creatives

“Ad Quality enabled us to quickly identify the creatives users were seeing and determine which were causing complaints and churn. Using it, we could identify users and trace their ad journey in our app, identifying exactly which creatives they saw before a complaint was sent. Then, we were able to alert the network of the problematic creatives and they were able to resolve the issue.”

A better user experience means better retention and revenue

“After implementing Ad Quality, the impact on UX was clear - in-app complaints were reduced by over 50% for Cash Club, demonstrating that users were having a better experience playing the game. This also had the benefit of significantly decreasing its problematic creatives , meaning that users stayed and played longer, helping to boost D14 retention by 2%. Cash Frenzy saw similar results, with a reducing negative reviews 20%. This decrease translated into new users being more likely to download the game with its more positive review score. ”

Getting control back

“Problematic creatives posed a serious risk to Cash Frenzy and Cash Club, creating a negative experience for our users and driving churn, and resulting in a loss of revenue for us. Now, Ad Quality means we get control over the user experience in our games. We can monitor which ads are shown to which users, block problematic creatives, and respond to users’ complaints - boosting retention and improving UX.

Along with that, we can also now monitor which creatives users are seeing and how they respond - giving us inspiration for our creatives and insight into what converts. Using the product became part of our daily routine.”