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In-editor Games
KAMIO / Anonymous
Mar 22, 2012|1:0 Min
In-editor Games

This post was written by Mark Bouwman, age 19, who is studying Game Technology at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and working at a game company, Little Chicken. We expect more great things from him!

Unity is a great engine with which to quickly and efficiently develop games. In fact, it enables you to be so productive, that you may ask yourself what to do with all the time and energy you’ve saved! Mark Bouwman has the answer, with three very cool, fun new Unity in-editor games available now in the Asset Store: Tetra UnitisStella Unitis and Terra Unitis. These games are Unity Editor Extensions which means they can be played right within the Unity Editor itself, seamlessly impacting your productivity!

The creation of the “Productivity Adjustment Tools” actually started as a joke. At work we were joking around about crazy Unity Extensions ideas, until we said: “Wouldn’t it be fun if you could play a game in an Editor Window?” Right when I got back home I continued from that thought, leading to what is now Tetra Unitis. I decided to post it on the Asset Store and create a small bundle of 3 games: Tetra Unitis, Stella Unitis and Terra Unitis. I can say I’m really surprised that nothing like this had yet been posted in the Asset Store. I guess everyone thought of assets only as development tools, instead of using them as stimuli or temporary detachment from a project, only to come back with a clear mind. I had lots of fun creating each of the games, but I guess the most fun came from trying to defend my concept against skeptical classmates and colleagues!