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Unity Industry, unsere neue Suite von Produkten und Services, ermöglicht es branchenübergreifend Entwicklern benutzerdefinierte Echtzeit-3D-Erfahrungen für AR, VR, Mobile, Desktop und Web zu erstellen.

Mach dein Unternehmen mit einem speziell auf dich zugeschnittenen Paket für Digitale Zwillinge zukunftssicher. Erste Schritte

From vision to reality with Unity

Unity’s real-time 3D technology enables you to: 

  • Connect BIM data, stakeholders, and every phase of the AECO lifecycle in one immersive, collaborative platform
  • Unlock siloed data for better decision-making 
  • Build and deploy AR and VR applications to address problems across the project lifecycle

Top use cases

Operational twin

Connect disparate data systems, such as asset management systems and real-time and historical IoT data, to reduce maintenance costs, make more informed decisions, and drive operational efficiency.

Smart engineering

Streamline facility design processes using real-time 3D assets integrated with smart process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs). Empower end users to configure accurate facility layouts in real-time.

Predictive maintenance

Enhance worker safety and reduce unplanned shutdown by integrating historical, real-time, and forecast data. Predict failures, fixes, and changes for all of your assets.


Use VR to make learning more engaging and effective. Run what-if scenarios to educate front-line workers on how to perform tasks and mitigate safety incidents.

Connected workers and collaboration

Leverage the same assets that power your digital twin to connect remote workers for better collaboration and to ensure timely, relevant information is served to impacted end users.

Environmental and operational performance

Measure actual output (water, waste, carbon emissions, and more) and asset performance to understand tracking against Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets and inform necessary operational changes.

Unity Industry announcement

Wir präsentieren Unity Industry

Unity Industry besteht aus einer Reihe von Produkten und Services für Entwickler für das Erstellen von benutzerdefinierten Echtzeit-3D-Erfahrungen für AR-, VR-, Mobil-, Desktop- und Webanwendungen in jeder Branche, z. B. in der Automobilindustrie, im Energiesektor, in der Fertigung, im Einzelhandel, im Ingenieurswesen und in anderen Bereichen. Nutze die Möglichkeiten von 3D- und CAD-Daten zur Erstellung, Skalierung und Validierung deiner Vision.

Unity Industry announcement image

Other products and services

3D data optimization

Pixyz products enable optimized 3D data workflows

  • Optimize complex 3D data workflows
  • Automate processing of 3D, CAD, BIM data, and point cloud pipelines
  • Enable instant collaborative review
Accelerate Solutions
Professional services

Partner with Unity’s Accelerate Solutions teams of developers and industry experts to: 

  • Identify key challenges 
  • Craft custom digital twin solutions
  • Accelerate development for AR, VR, robot OS, mixed reality, and more
Unity Success Plans
Elevate your projects

Unity Success Plans offer you the support you need to:

  • Conquer technical roadblocks
  • Create confidently with guided support



Vancouver Airport Authority

Discover how Vancouver Airport Authority partnered with Unity Accelerate Solutions to build a first-of-its-kind digital twin to improve operations and sustainability.

Man with a hardhat using an iPad

Experience an operational digital twin

Test out this Unity-powered digital twin demo to learn how connecting multiple data sources in real-time can help you operate and maintain a site remotely.

Bau mit Unity Industry die Zukunft auf

Erstelle immersive Erlebnisse, mit denen sich dein Unternehmen von der Konkurrenz abhebt, mit professionellen Echtzeit-3D-Erstellungstools für Desktop-, Web-, Mobil-, AR- und VR-Anwendungen – unterstützt durch Support auf Enterprise-Ebene –, um pünktliche Ergebnisse zu gewährleisten.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of real-time 3D?

The foundational industrial use is to visualize data and build realistic, dynamic experiences from 3D models, such as computer-aided design (CAD) assemblies. These interactive digital twins of physical products open opportunities to enhance processes and workflows across the business, from R&D to operations and marketing.

Can I import my BIM/CAD data into Unity?

Yes. With Pixyz Plugin, you can quickly import large BIM/CAD files into Unity.

For more information, visit the Pixyz information page.

What Unity products do I need to get started?

Unity Industry is a suite of products and services for developers to build custom real-time 3D experiences for AR, VR, mobile, desktop, and web across any industry.

What support and learning resources are available?

Unity offers a range of support and learning options. In addition, you can access free online courses via Unity Learn.

What are the options for consultation support?

Partner with Unity’s team of world-class software developers, designers, and industry experts who specialize in solving complex business challenges.

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