Integrated Success

As true partners in your success, we provide you with the expert guidance needed to develop your most innovative and complex projects.

Premium support for your most intricate projects

As the scope of your project grows, so does the potential of running into roadblocks. To ensure your most complex projects are a success – whether it’s building the next hit game or the newest real-time 3D innovation – our Integrated Success plan offers consultancy and strategic guidance from our experts, along with premium technical support.

The boost you need to succeed

Have your strategies vetted, questions answered, and problems solved with the help of our Unity experts.

Enhance your projects with strategic guidance

Just like your team knows your business, we know Unity. With guidance from our experts, you can optimize and streamline your development workflows, giving your team more time to focus on reaching their goals.

Optimized development with expert engineers

No matter how great your project is, performance issues will always hinder its success. Our Unity veterans know exactly where to look for optimization opportunities and will provide you with detailed plans on how to improve.

Keep projects moving with premium technical support

Nothing can take the wind out of your sails like encountering a technical issue you can’t seem to solve. With guaranteed response time as little as two hours and prioritized bug handling, your team can get back to development in no time.

From strategic planning to unforeseen issues, we’ve got you covered

Our most complete success plan gives your team access to advanced technical and strategic support.

Partner Relations Manager (PRM)

Remove blockers from your projects with the help of a PRM. By acting as a bridge between your business and Unity, they become your advocate on internal matters and provide you with the latest insider knowledge and best practices.

Technical Project Reviews

During this annual review, our senior engineers perform an analysis of your project and provide insights and actionable advice to help improve performance for greater stability and efficiency.

Prioritized bug handling

Avoid development roadblocks by having bugs you find moved to the top of our queue to be worked on by our dedicated engineers. Once the bug is resolved, our team will backport it to the version of Unity you are currently using.

Multiple concurrent tickets

Ensure your issues are resolved before your schedule is impacted by submitting up to five technical support tickets at the same time. With guaranteed response times as little as two hours, your team can quickly get back to what they do best.

Weekly strategic advice

Even after your project is scoped out, the unexpected can occur. By meeting regularly with your trusted advisor, you can make sure your project is progressing as expected and, if it isn’t, get the help needed to get it back on track.

NDA Product updates

Stay ahead of the curve by getting updates on upcoming products and features before the public is informed.

Daniel Doubleday, Head of Frontend Engineering, Wooga

 “Unity Integrated Success has gone the extra mile to help us fix live issues again and again. It’s an enormously valuable partnership.”

Daniel Doubleday, Head of Frontend Engineering, Wooga
Jose-Maria Blanco Gomez, Advanced Research Engineer, The MTC

“It takes a lot of time to evaluate and understand the scope of the opportunities within Unity. Our Partner Relations Manager knows Unity’s whole ecosystem of plugins, packages, and partners, and works with us to apply those things that will help us accelerate our product design and development as effectively as possible.”

Jose-Maria Blanco Gomez, Advanced Research Engineer, The MTC

Get extra support when you need it

To accommodate your unique business needs, our add-ons are available to augment your Integrated Success plan.

Dedicated Expert Advisor (DEA)

Add insider expertise to your in-house team by engaging one of our Unity experts to work alongside your developers during a six or twelve month program.

Additional Project Reviews

When developing multiple projects, ensure each is a success by purchasing additional Project Reviews to obtain detailed performance reports for each one.

Additional Partner Relations Manager

Give each of your teams the support they need by extending PRM coverage to another project, studio, or location.

Get started with Integrated Success

Ensure your project runs smoothly from kickoff to launch with premium strategic and technical support from our Unity experts.

Frequently asked questions

Is Integrated Success only for game customers?

Nope, definitely not. Integrated Success is available to customers in all industries and for any type of project made with Unity. We match you with Partner Relations Managers who know about the unique challenges of your industry.

Is there a monthly version of Integrated Success available?

No, Integrated Success is an annual subscription, but you can choose to make monthly payments over the one-year term.

How long do technical support tickets take to be addressed?

We offer a guaranteed response time based on the ticket severity you select: Four hours for level 1, eight hours for level 2 and 12 hours for level 3. We also offer two hour response times for emergency issues.

What languages is Integrated Success offered in?

Technical support and our ticketing system is only available in English.

For dedicated advisors, while we make our best effort to accommodate your preferred language, we can only guarantee English support.

In what regions is Integrated Success available?

Integrated Success is available globally.

Do I need an Enterprise license to get access to Integrated Success?

No, you do not need an Enterprise license to purchase Integrated Success. However, Enterprise license customers can purchase a version of Integrated Success at a discount.

I’m a publisher, how would Integrated Success work for me?

We have a flexible Publisher Success plan where you can allocate resources at the right level of support to each studio. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Can I cancel our Integrated Success plan at any time?

Integrated Success is purchased on a yearly subscription and cannot be cancelled mid-year. At the end of the year, you can choose whether to renew or step away from the plan.

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