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WeWard increases offerwall ARPDAU by 90% with Offerwall special promotions
Jun 28, 2023
case study-weward

WeWard is a France-based Health & Fitness app that is revolutionizing the way 20 million users think about walking. Vincent Roturier, a Monetization Account Manager at WeWard, shares how working closely with the team at Unity and optimizing the offerwall helped boost offerwall ARPDAU by 90%.

Looking for new ways to give out Wards

At WeWard, our mission is to make walking a more rewarding part of your lives. Thanks to challenges, social features, and rewarding activity with in-app currency, (the “Wards”), users who download the app tend to walk 24% more on average. Users can convert their “Wards” into donations to charities, gifts or cash.

To drive engagement, create a more valuable user experience, and ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to get access to our in-app currency, our team was looking to diversify the way users can get “Wards.” That’s when we turned to the Unity team for advice.

Optimizing our offerwall placement

We’re focusing on including elements that invoke users' desire for achievement and competition. We know that users enjoy engaging with offerwalls - so we decided to integrate them. After talking to the Unity team, we realized the offerwall traffic driver needed to be more visible in the app to make it more accessible to get “Wards” through engaging with offerwall.

We optimized the offerwall placement and added a traffic driver to our app’s home page. Once we did, we saw promising results: a 40% uplift in offerwall engagement, which in turn led to a 25% increase in revenue.

Running special promotions

After seeing the great performance resulting from these optimizations, the team recommended we run an MCP (Multi-Credit Promotion) - a time-limited special promotion (also known as currency sales) that offers users up to 10x the standard offerwall rewards - to drive even higher engagement and to offer a more rewarding user experience. The best part is that we have access to Unity’s list of all the times special promotions are available, most of which are on holidays or long weekends. This means that we can plan ahead what special promotions we want to take part in.

case study-weward

During Easter weekend, usually a low activity period for WeWard, we doubled our offerwall rewards to drive traffic and engagement. We also led more users to the offerwall by highlighting the special promotion on the home screen traffic driver.

Rewarding users for rewarding results

Working with Unity to optimize our offerwall strategy, we increased offerwall ARPDAU by 90% and engagement rate with our offerwall by 40% during Easter weekend. We’re also still seeing an on-going increase from the MCP even after its completion.

The more revenue we’re able to generate, the more generous we can be with WeWarders and the more we can encourage users’ walking, which is our ultimate goal. We look forward to working with Unity more and appreciate the strong communication and support that helped us grow our app.