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Unity QA: Building quality with passion

Welcome to the resources page for the Unity QA team. Unity QA provides building tools, frameworks and test suites for both end-users and corporate partners. Our team consists of scores of creative and dedicated testers and developers working together to ensure Unity “just works” for everyone.

Our work never stops. Due to the breadth of platform support and tools available with the Unity engine, we are constantly working to improve quality and stability of the product. And we would be unable to achieve such high standards without the feedback from our Community. Check out our latest resources!

How To Report Bugs

To make bug reporting as quick as possible, we made a bug reporting application for you. When running Unity choose Help->Report a Bug in the menu, or you can access it directly through the executable in the directory where Unity is installed. It will also launch automatically if you experience a crash.

If your bug report is to do with Documentation, either an error, typo, or omission, you can report it by scrolling to the bottom of the page where you found the issue, and clicking ‘Report a problem on this page’!

If your report is to do with a new feature idea, you can check the Unity Product Roadmaps page to see if your idea has already been planned. Some products also allow direct feedback to our product teams by opening up the “Submit a new idea!” card and filling the form.

A problem with the Editor – Is the Unity Editor not working like you expect it to?

A problem with the Player – Are you experiencing trouble with one of your builds running in the Player? Please include a note if this problem is only seen on a specific OS.

Performance - Is Unity not performing as expected, or have you noticed a significant slowdown in a particular area? 

Crash bug – Did the Unity Editor or Player crash? Should the Unity Bug Reporter application not automatically launch, please launch it at once and use this option.

Services – Are you experiencing performance or integration issues with Unity Ads, Everyplay, Multiplayer, Analytics, Cloud Build or Performance Reporting?

In order for us to fix the issue, we need to be able to reproduce it. With a precise description of what you did, we can clearly follow your actions and recreate the same situation. The most important thing is telling us exactly how to reproduce the issue. If you’ve already discussed this issue with someone from Unity, please let us know in your report who it was.

Knowing how much you have to write can be a little difficult, so here is an example to help you get started:

1. Launch Unity while holding the ALT key down
(On Windows, press ALT immediately after clicking the icon)

2. Create a new project with no packages imported

3. Wait for Unity to launch

4. Choose GameObject->Create Empty in the menu

5. See that a new GameObject appears in the Scene View

6. Choose File->Quit in the menu

7. When asked to save, click Don't Save

8. See that Unity successfully quits

If ​the ​problem ​is ​related ​to ​anything ​specific ​to ​your ​Project ​(like ​scenes, ​assets, scripts, ​or ​anything ​else), ​we ​need ​you ​to ​upload ​your ​Project ​folder ​to ​solve ​the issue. ​The ​best ​project ​folders ​for ​this ​kind ​of ​testing ​include ​only ​the ​bare ​minimum of ​assets ​required ​to ​reproduce ​the ​issue.

To ​help ​you ​reduce ​the ​size ​of ​your ​projects ​and ​to ​create ​minimal ​reproduction cases, ​ you can use the Repo Project Wizard which will ​greatly ​reduce ​the ​required ​effort.

Repro ​Project ​Wizard 

With ​a ​small, ​focused ​project ​like ​that, ​we ​can ​isolate​ ​the ​bug ​more quickly. ​If you ​don't ​have ​time ​to ​narrow ​down ​your ​assets ​to ​a ​bare ​minimum, ​you ​can ​also send ​in ​the ​full ​project ​folder. ​Small ​projects ​are ​better ​than ​large ​projects, ​but ​large projects ​are ​better ​than ​nothing. ​Our ​reporting ​system ​supports ​huge ​attachments. Please ​do ​not ​upload ​individual ​assets ​because ​the ​Project ​contains ​relevant ​data and ​files ​that ​the ​assets ​alone ​do ​not.

Find out more about how Unity stores your project files, and our commitment to privacy and intellectual property rights in our Bug Submission Additional Terms.

We may need to ask further questions about your issue, so we require a valid email address.

When your bug is submitted, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with details about the incoming issue, which will have an ID number starting IN-. Each email will include a hyperlink to a web page that contains the current status of the issue, which you will need an Atlassian account to view (note: this is different from your Unity ID). You can check the status of your issue at any time if you are curious. If the issue gets converted into a bug you will be alerted of this with another email, and now also be able to track the issue on our public issue tracker. Generally, all fixes will be rolled out in the next major or minor update to Unity once the issue gets ‘resolved as fixed’. Keep an eye out for fixes when the new version is released!

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