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Unity 2021 LTS for programmers

Create optimized, high-performing games by leveraging our newest releases’ under-the-hood enhancements to streamline your coding experience and create with confidence.

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Endless possibilities.

Unity 2021 LTS delivers powerful improvements to programming workflows, upgraded rendering and optimization capabilities, and improved platform support to help you realize your creative ambitions. This release prioritizes quality, productivity, and performance for any device, genre, or artistic style.

Unity 2021 LTS art

What’s new in Unity 2021 LTS

Discover some of the major 2021 updates relevant to programmers. For full details, check out the release notes.

Unity Pro iteration

Mono upgrade and new .NET profile

Unity now has an updated Mono version, giving you improved C# 8 syntax support. This enables you to program more streamlined switch expressions and nullable reference types, offering you greater functionality with less code. You’ll also have access to parallel debugging. Our implementation provides support for the .NET Standard 2.1 API.

IL2CPP C++ Code Generation Times

Take control of your build

From general C# script compilation improvements to IL2CPP and UnityLinker enhancements, you’ll notice a much speedier experience creating builds, as well as entering Play mode.

Incremental player build support is now available for Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and WebGL. That means build time scales with the scope of your changes, rather than with the total project size, saving you time when testing your game in those crucial later stages of production.

Customize your build settings to reduce code output and build time with code generation for generics in the IL2CPP process. This also enables you to improve iteration speed with test builds through the revised Build Settings window.

Diagram of Unity workflow

Move quickly between asset creation tools and Unity

The iteration loop between asset creation and the Editor is now much faster with texture and model import optimizations and a new option to import textures and meshes in parallel. We benchmarked these improvements using the demo project Book of the Dead and recorded 2–3x speedups compared to Unity 2020 LTS.

A new tool called the Import Activity Window gives you information about why assets were imported, how long the process took, and which assets are marked for reimport because of their dependencies.

Generic Virtual Method Performance

IL2CPP runtime performance improvements

Our Intermediate Language to C++ (IL2CPP) scripting backend helps you reach maximum runtime performance on a wide range of target platforms.

Since Unity 2020 LTS, we’ve made a number of improvements to speed things up further. Delegate invocation is now faster than it was before, and we’ve doubled the performance of generic virtual and interface method calls. Unity 2021 LTS also accelerates the IL2CPP runtime by removing some boxing to squeeze more performance out of this operation.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker by Blackbird Interactive using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)

Performance and quality boost for URP and HDRP

The Scriptable Render Pipeline (including Universal Render Pipeline, or URP, and High Definition Render Pipeline, or HDRP) is now part of the Unity core. This simplifies your workflows and ensures that you’re always running the latest verified graphics code.

Improved stability for our VFX Graph implementation and advanced Shader Graph integration in VFX Graph means your graphics code runs more smoothly and with more features, such as rendering lit particles in the URP.

Boost your performance and visual quality on PC and consoles with HDRP’s new dynamic resolution upscalers (NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR, and TAA Upscale). AMD FSR is now also available for URP.

unity device simulator

Mobile optimizations and workflows improvements

To ensure seamless Play Store publication, we’ve added direct support within Unity for Google’s Play Asset Delivery requirements. This handles bundling assets together to fit within the size limits the Play Store expects for installation, then easy access to “fast follow” asset delivery.

Adaptive Performance 3.0, a result of Unity’s continuing partnership with Samsung, offers tools to get better performance for your mobile-based projects.

Version 1.17.4 of the Addressable Asset System package allows for synchronous loading as well as the existing async process. The new Synchronous Addressables APIs are suitable for projects with very finely controlled download management. See how your game appears on different mobile devices with the Device Simulator, now installed as part of the main Unity installation.

Unity 2021 UI

Unity Profiler and Code Coverage

Get the most out of your project with our profiling tools. In the Unity Profiler, you can now see performance data in charts and gain insights into serialized functionality to identify potential areas ideal for multi-threaded code, and a Profiler API that exposes performance data points at runtime.

You can extend the Unity Profiler with your own performance metrics to better measure and understand your application’s unique performance story. Our new Performance Counters in Unity 2021 LTS provide a lightweight way to add your own performance metrics to your Unity applications and packages.

Use the Code Coverage package to find areas that your current test suite is missing.

Oculus Quest

XRI Toolkit, OpenXR, and improved performance

Add interactivity to your AR and VR experiences with the XR Interaction toolkit. This includes major bug fixes and improvements, additional interactions, and new samples that demonstrate the interactions.

We’ve reduced rendering latency on VR hardware such as Quest with support for late latching and motion vectors. We’ve also expanded our OpenXR support to allow you to target any OpenXR-conformant device, including Windows Mixed Reality, HoloLens 2, SteamVR, and Quest. 

Quickly get started with your XR project in Unity with our new AR and VR templates.


Choose the right release

Unity 2021 LTS rolls up the quality features and improvements made across the year into a single installation, and it’s our default release.

Unity 2021 LTS for artists and designers

Discover the latest artist workflows and tools that enable faster iteration and greater flexibility for an empowered game creation experience.

Unity 2022.2 Tech Stream

Explore our in-development features and stay on the cutting edge of Unity technology with our latest Tech Stream release.

Download Unity 2021 LTS

Get Unity 2021 LTS from the Unity Hub – our tool to help you manage Unity Editor installations, create new projects, and access your work in one place. If you’re a new professional user, start by getting a Unity Pro license from your team or the Unity Store.

Frequently asked questions

What’s an LTS release?

Unity LTS is the release for creators who value maximum stability and support for their next project. This is our default release, and it’s primarily recommended for creators past the preproduction phase of development and who are about to lock in production on a specific version of Unity. Learn more about Unity 2021 LTS page on the overview page here.

What version do you recommend for my project?

If you are in production or want to upgrade a live project, we recommend the latest LTS release. If you want to use the latest Unity features and are just getting started with production, the Tech Stream is recommended. Learn more about our different releases here.

What is a Tech Stream release?

Tech Stream releases are for creators who value exploring in-progress features to stay on the cutting edge for their next project. This version is primarily recommended for the preproduction discovery, and prototyping phases of development.

Where can I see the Unity roadmap?

Explore the roadmap details and share your feedback directly to the Product team on the Unity Platform Roadmap portal.

How often is Unity 2021 LTS updated?

The 2021 LTS releases will receive biweekly fixes until mid-2023, then monthly updates until mid-2024.

What can I expect from future Unity 2021 LTS updates?

Updates to Unity 2021 LTS include only fixes for crashes, regressions, and any major issues that would prevent a large number of developers from shipping their games or apps. Our process is to fix bugs in the next release of Unity, then backport the fixes to current Tech Stream and LTS branches. We have a team fully engaged to backport fixes from Unity 2022.1 and 2022.2 to Unity 2021 LTS.

Where can I get a free trial?

Try the world’s most popular real-time 3D platform for 30 days, free. Unity Pro gives you premier access to our dynamic real-time 3D platform, start your free trial here today.

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