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Real-time filmmaking is taking the industry by storm, giving directors and studios unprecedented artistic freedom in half the time of traditional workflows. Discover how you can use Unity for short films and episodic TV series.

Unity for Film — Annecy 2019

The future of filmmaking is real-time. Join the revolution!

Unity brings the creative freedom and efficiency of a real-time workflow to CG content creators developing short, episodic, and feature-length stories. Watch some of the incredible art styles brought to life by our community.

Simon J. Smith, Director of Penguins of Madagascar and Baymax Dreams

"I love the fact that I can touch every facet of audiovisual storytelling in one place, at the same time. The simplest way to describe working in Unity is pure creation.” 

Simon J. Smith, Director of Penguins of Madagascar and Baymax Dreams
Dirk Hampel, Founder, B-Water Studios (creator of Zafari and Treasure Trekkers)

“We learned as we went and at first it took a few weeks to get the environment to the quality we needed. Now we can create a full 11-minute episode every week!”

Dirk Hampel, Founder, B-Water Studios (creator of Zafari and Treasure Trekkers)
Ben Purkis, CTO, Keyframe Studios

“We can create lots of content quickly while retaining high quality owing to reduced render times and a shortened feedback cycle – we can show clients changes in real-time.”

Ben Purkis, CTO, Keyframe Studios
Nathalie Martínez, Producer and Founder, Wise Blue Studios

“Production-wise, we dramatically reduced render time, which is now practically real-time. Unity also allowed us to streamline our workflow, reducing iterations and resources.”

Nathalie Martínez, Producer and Founder, Wise Blue Studios
Nathan Thomas, Senior Animator, Industrial Light & Magic, and creator of Norman’s Island

“Unity’s greatest asset is giving creators the flexibility to explore ideas and visuals in the blink of an eye. It opens up a world where exploration and play result in a better product.”

Nathan Thomas, Senior Animator, Industrial Light & Magic, and creator of Norman’s Island
Neth Nom, Director, Sonder

“Working in Unity’s real-time engine allowed me to give feedback and visually see changes on the spot. This frees up time to focus on story or other aspects of production.”

Neth Nom, Director, Sonder
Stephen Cooney, Visual Effects Artist and Engineer

“Unity is a dream. The flexibility in Unity enables savvy artists to realize ideas that would be logistically prohibitive in other engines.”

Stephen Cooney, Visual Effects Artist and Engineer

Power up with Python scripting

The Python scripting language is a de facto standard for workflow scripting in the CG ecosystem, and provides a single point of entry to data preparation, asset management, scene and sequence construction, user interface, and offline rendering.  

Now users can leverage the power of their existing Python codebase with the Unity; we provide full Python scripting access (including PyQt/PySide) to the Unity Editor API. Mix the performance of C# with the wide reach of Python: call Python from C#, or C# from Python*.

*Python for Unity is available only in the Unity Editor.

Houdini integration for advanced tools

Houdini, developed by SideFX, is an Academy Award-winning 3D procedural software platform for the film, TV and video game industries. Best known for its capabilities in dynamics and simulations for visual effects, Houdini is increasingly being used by entertainment studios as a powerful procedural environment tool.

Having a seamless bridge between Unity and Houdini means a whole new way to create advanced simulations and visual effects. By using Houdini Engine for Unity, Houdini's digital assets can be run directly in the Unity Editor. Houdini's games tools assist in exporting Vertex Animation Textures to Unity. Unity’s new Visual FX graph (a GPU-accelerated particle system) allows you to load point cache simulations baked in Houdini to drive particle systems (see samples here and here).

The full potential of Maya unlocked

For the last several decades, modeling and animation artists have been using Autodesk Maya computer animation software. It has become the center of the animation and visual effects industry and pipeline. 

Our partnership with Autodesk ensures that interoperability between Unity and Maya is best in class and helps studios take advantage of the full potential of their existing Maya-based workflows for asset creation and animation, in the real-time Unity platform.

Creative project management made easy with Shotgun

Shotgun Software, an Autodesk company, builds scalable, cloud-based software for review and production tracking and serves more than 1,600 creative companies worldwide. The Emmy Award-winning Shotgun platform provides essential business tools for managers and visual collaboration tools for artists and supervisors.

With Unity’s Shotgun Toolkit integration, artists can launch the Unity Editor directly from Shotgun,  as well as load assets, animation and caches. Artists can also publish new Shotgun versions from inside the Unity Editor, using the same familiar Shotgun Toolkit UI. This kind of bridge enables project managers to integrate the full power of real-time into their existing pipeline.

Animation project template

Download this free Unity project file to learn how to set up your own multi-user episodic animation project in real-time. Get a full 3D environment with multiple characters, including our new fur shader, examples of how to structure your scenes, workflow tools, and full set-ups for lighting and post-processing in Unity.

Largest community of real-time creators

“Unity Developer” is #7 of the top 10 fastest growing jobs in the US, according to LinkedIn. With the talent pool centralized on Unity Connect, you can find skilled Unity talent to build your team and stay competitive. This is why students choose to learn Unity more than any other real-time platform.


Our film experts are here to help.

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