Unity Game Simulation

Optimize your game balance more efficiently and accurately by simulating millions of game playthroughs in the cloud.

Unity Game Simulation project

A better way to balance your games

Launching high-quality and balanced games is hard, especially when there are numerous variables such as character attributes, level design, and difficulty progression.

Playtesting before launch helps achieve better game balance, but it’s costly, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Unity Game Simulation is an affordable solution that complements your playtests by using cloud simulation to optimize your game balance more efficiently and accurately.



Key benefits

Test more, iterate often

Using the online dashboard, you have the power to set up, run, and analyze game balance tests.

Speed up your testing

Simulate player interactions simultaneously. Multiply the testing speed to get expedited results.

More accurate results

The scale of cloud testing provides more accurate results that spreadsheets can’t replicate.

Put your budget to work

Get more quantitative testing coverage at a fraction of a playtester’s hourly rate, leaving them to focus on game feel and subjective feedback.

Google Game Dev Summit

Find the perfect balance with Unity Game Simulation

Watch this video to learn how Unity Game Simulation helps game studios test game balance by using actual game code, instead of oversimplified and inaccurate spreadsheet models.

Death Carnival by Furyion Games

Weapon socket system balancing for Furyion Games

Death Carnival is an intense top-down shooter with powerful weapons and online multiplayer game mayhem. In earlier versions of the game, Furyion balanced weapons by hand. They would configure a weapon, compile a build, send it out to playtesters, and watch them play. Then they would reconfigure the weapons and repeat. This took hours.

Chimera One Unity game simulations

With Unity Game Simulation, Furyion was able to run thousands of simulations, helping them identify the right combinations of base weapon, ammo, weapon module, and power-up for their desired survivability and level completion time. 

By configuring the weapon parameters in multistage simulations, Furyion was able to condense the equivalent of 165 million playthroughs into just 10 efficient simulations, taking just over 3 days to balance their weapons system. They estimate that the tool saved them 600 hours of dev time.

Illogika Rogue Racers game

How iLLOGIKA optimized for game balance

Game balancing is crucial for player engagement and experience but can be tedious and expensive to achieve with just playtesters. Canadian game studio iLLOGIKA wanted to optimize its game so players would have the right mix of challenges and advantages.

Unity Game Simulation was able to address this using large-scale simulation – 25,000 simulations totalling over 1,125 playthrough hours, all simulated in just 4 hours.

The results enabled iLLOGIKA to make adjustments to keep the race close, even among players of differing skill levels.


What game studios say about Unity Game Simulation

Régis Geoffrion, Studio Director, iLLOGIKA

“These tools are going to be a big part of improving player experience in the future as well as help reduce the time required to launch new titles successfully.”

Régis Geoffrion, Studio Director, iLLOGIKA
Herbert Yung, Studio Director, Furyion

Using Unity Game Simulation saved us hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars of labor. Because it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of Unity, we were able to run simulations, then make gameplay tweaks within moments. 

Herbert Yung, Studio Director, Furyion
David Fugère-Lamarre, CEO, iLLOGIKA

“This will allow us to bring Rogue Racers faster to the market with a finely tuned player progression.”

David Fugère-Lamarre, CEO, iLLOGIKA

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Simulate millions of game playthroughs in the cloud with Unity Game Simulation.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to Unity Game Simulation?

You can get access to Unity Game Simulation by signing up for the program for free. Fill in the form and our team will contact you within 24 hours and provide you with the information you need to get started with our beta program.

Do I need a Unity account to access Unity Game Simulation?

Yes. You need a Unity account to access Unity Game Simulation.

How much does Unity Game Simulation cost?

Unity Game Simulation is free to use within certain limits. For customers whose needs exceed  those limits, we offer a paid option; contact us.

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