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Demand for real-time 3D development skills is growing fast. Stay ahead of the curve with learning resources for specializations across industries – created by Unity experts.

Get direct guidance from Unity Certified Instructors in biweekly, interactive sessions and go deeper into intermediate and advanced topics with Unity Learn Premium.

If you have limited experience with Unity, we have free resources to get you started.

Build your Unity expertise with Premium resources

Tap into our growing library of tutorials, projects, and courses updated for the latest Unity release.

Award-winning tutorials
Hands-on projects

Build your skills with hands-on experience based on industry use cases, with topics including:

High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)
In-depth courses

Go from novice to proficient and beyond with in-depth courses focused on the most important Unity skills and features, such as:

Learn Live

Dive deep into biweekly, interactive sessions with Unity Certified Instructors on topics including:

In-demand industry skills

Stay relevant with new learning content continually added to address a growing range of industry use cases and workflows, such as using Cinemachine, 3ds Max, and the Maya to Unity pipeline.

The best resources in one place

Access Unity-approved content featured on partner platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Pluralsight, and Pathstream, all included in your subscription.

Alessandro “NeatWolf” Salvati, Senior Unity Developer/Tech Lead

“Getting immediate feedback and answers from Unity experts not only gives me that extra edge, it also shortens production times. Having a larger community I can connect with, learn from, and share my knowledge with is priceless.”

Alessandro “NeatWolf” Salvati, Senior Unity Developer/Tech Lead

Key benefits

Master real-time 3D development

Access a comprehensive, growing library of beginner to advanced content updated to reflect the latest Unity release and best practices.

Accelerate your career

Learn advanced game dev skills and access beginner to intermediate learning resources for in-demand skill sets across industries, including automotive, transportation, manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, and entertainment.

Get direct guidance straight from Unity experts

Attend live, interactive sessions with Unity Certified Instructors to get answers to your questions and work through shared challenges with an engaged community of fellow learners.

Check out our top content

Unity C# Survival Guide

Learn how to code in C# with Unity. In this extensive course, beginners will learn the basics of coding using interactive challenges and problem-solving techniques. Advanced or professional coders can use this material as a reference guide in the workplace.

High Fidelity Game Visuals

Learn about the tools you need to deliver high visual fidelity using Unity. Using the Buried Memories: Serekh asset pack as an example, explore the approach of three key artistic roles in visual design – for character, environment, and lighting. And get hands on with creative challenges.

Cinematic Design in Unity with Cinemachine and Timeline

Cut scenes are an excellent way to communicate important information to your players while adding extra polish to your game, but developers often don’t know how to implement them. Learn the principles of narrative design and how to create cut scenes using Unity.

Make a Flag Wave with Shader Graph

Shader Graph can be used to create incredibly complex Materials. It lets you build them visually, without coding, and see your changes in real-time. Learn how to create a shader to make a flag wave using the Time, Sine, and UV nodes to give the flag a “waving” effect.

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How do I subscribe to Unity Learn Premium?

You can subscribe directly to Unity Learn Premium on a monthly or yearly plan in our store

Or start discovering all the great Unity Learn Premium resources by signing up for a free trial

You will need:

  1. Your Unity ID (if you do not have one, you can create one in seconds)
  2. An email address
  3. A credit card

After the free trial, your credit card will automatically be charged the monthly subscription fee ($15/month). You will receive an email confirmation and invoice for your records.

If you are a Unity Plus or Pro user, Unity Learn Premium is included in your subscription. Please see the next question for more information.

See our Terms of Service and our cancellation and refund policies below.

I’m a Unity Pro or Unity Plus user, so Unity Learn Premium is included in my subscription. How do I access Unity Learn Premium?

If your Unity Pro or Unity Plus license is managed online, log-in with your Unity ID at to start learning. 

If your Pro or Plus license was purchased via a Unity representative and is not tied to a Unity ID, please email your local sales representative to request a voucher code to access this benefit.

I already have Unity Learn Premium, how do I access my Premium content?

To access Unity Learn Premium, always go to and log in at the top right. You’ll know that you’re in Unity Learn Premium once you see Unity Learn Premium on the top left; the page background also switches from light to dark.  

Will Unity continue to provide free learning content? How is Unity Learn Premium different?

We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, free learning resources for Unity, and we will continue to add to and maintain the free courses, projects, and tutorials on Unity Learn. More in-depth and advanced resources for serious hobbyists and professionals who want to specialize in an industry or Unity track, as well as direct interaction with and feedback from Unity experts, are available through Unity Learn Premium.

A Unity Learn Premium subscription will accelerate your learning and advance your career with access to:

  • Learn Live: Interact with Unity Certified Instructors and an engaged peer community
  • A growing library of beginner to advanced on-demand tutorials, hands-on projects and in-depth courses updated for the latest Unity release
  • Access to high-quality learning resources on partner platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Pluralsight, and Pathstream all in one subscription
Can I still benefit from Unity Learn Premium if I’m not a game developer?

Yes. Unity Learn Premium was designed for serious hobbyists and professionals in industries including media and entertainment, automotive, manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction.

I’m a Unity Game Dev Courses – Swords and Shovels (UGDC) subscriber. What happens to my subscription?

Personal Edition users:
As UGDC subscriber, your subscription will be upgraded to Unity Learn Premium for the remainder of your UGDC term. You will now have access to all the learning resources on Unity Learn Premium, including UGDC, at your current UGDC subscription price ($12/month) – a 20% discount. 

Plus and Pro users:
You will now be able to access your UGDC courses from within Unity Learn Premium. Just go to to log in. If you’d like to cancel this separate UGDC subscription, you can turn off Automatic Renewal in your account settings.

How do I access the Learn Live interactive sessions?

Learn Live is for Unity Learn Premium subscribers (including Unity Plus or Pro users) and is hosted on Zoom. You can check out the calendar for all of the upcoming Learn Live sessions and recorded ones when you log in to your Unity Learn Premium account.

You will receive reminder emails for sessions you have registered for. More instructions about Zoom are available via Zoom’s Help Center.

I’m having trouble accessing Streaming Labs (Beta), the web-streamed Unity Editor.

Streaming Labs, Unity's new web-based editor is now available with limited access in Beta. High traffic may have some impact on our servers while in Beta, so please be patient. If you are unable to access a lab right away, please check back again soon. 

If you are interested in seeing how Streaming Labs works, we recommend watching this video. Requirements to access Streaming Labs: 

  • Streaming Labs (Beta) are currently only accessible in North America. 
  • Labs must be loaded on a laptop/desktop computer (not a phone or tablet).
  • Labs will work optimally with an Internet bandwidth at or above 10 megabytes per second (MBPS).
  • Labs will work optimally on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers with greater than 2 GB RAM and a 1.1 GHz processor (note: this includes most computers, with the exception of some lightweight laptops such as certain Chromebooks).
  • Labs will work on all standard browsers but is optimized for Google Chrome. 
  • Some ad blockers can prevent Labs from working properly. Users can avoid this by opening Streaming Labs in a private window that does not contain their regular plug-ins.
I am a Personal Edition user with a subscription to Unity Learn Premium. What happens to my Unity Learn Premium subscription when I upgrade to a Unity Plus or Pro license?

When you upgrade to a Unity Plus or Pro license, Unity Learn Premium is included as part of your subscription. 

Please note that you have to actively cancel your Unity Learn Premium subscription so that you will no longer be billed. To do so, please visit your and clicking on “My Seats” to manage your account.

What is the cancellation policy for Unity Learn Premium?

We understand that you might change your mind about subscribing to Unity Learn Premium. If you have a free trial or are subscribed to Unity Learn Premium, you can cancel auto-renew by going to and clicking on “My Seats” to manage your account. 

Please note that we do not issue refunds and we encourage you to turn off the auto renew function if you know that you do not want to continue with your subscription. See our Terms of Service for more information.

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