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Known Issues in 2023.1.1f1

  • Asset Importers: Crash on "'anonymous namespace'::ConvertFBXShapes" when importing an FBX file (UUM-38104)

  • Editor Window Management: 2D projects created with versions from 2023.1.0a25 to 2023.1.0b4 fail to upgrade to 2023.1.0b9 and later 2023.1.0bX versions (UUM-34312)

  • HD RP: The Editor becomes unresponsive and the machine performs worse when the Editor is opened (UUM-34562)

  • Input: The "Listen" button and input field for action Binding Path is mostly not visible (UUM-36929)

  • MacOS: Crash on objc_msgSend when the Editor UI gets redrawn (UUM-34202)

  • Metal: Editor freezes when exiting Play Mode if the Game window position was changed or undocked during Play Mode (UUM-36218)

  • Metal: [iOS] Rendering freezes when the orientation is changed (UUM-9480)

  • Native Window Management: Crash on core::Join<core::basic_string<char,core::StringStorageDefault<char> > & __ptr64,char const (& __ptr64)[2],core::basic_string_ref<char> > when the Editor runs out of memory saving an invalid override (UUM-36776)

  • Physics: Editor crashes on nv::cloth::FabricCookerImpl::cook when entering Play Mode (UUM-34029)

  • Platform Audio: [WebGL] A looping audio sounds different on WebGL than in the editor/native desktop player (UUM-12530)

  • Project Browser: Project Browser shows package resources when package visibility is disabled (UUM-32517)

  • Shader System: Shader keywords are ignored when using Camera.main.SetReplacementShader (UUM-40400)

  • Shadows/Lights: Directional Light Shadow glitches when the Shadow Strength value is changed (UUM-34294)

  • Universal RP: Decal is not drawn when using Deferred Rendering, a Rendering Layer, and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (UUM-39831)

  • Universal RP: RTHandles in URP causes memory allocation in multi-camera scenarios (UUM-19089)

  • Visual Effects: Editor crashes on VFXRenderer::AddAsRenderNode when assigning a Renderer’s materials toits to materials/sharedMaterials (UUM-37360)

  • Visual Effects: [VFX Graph] Crash on VFXBatch::AddInstance when switching to Custom Batch Capacity in Asset Inspector (UUM-38059)

  • Visual Effects - Legacy: [Android][Vulkan] Visualisation corruption occurs when rendering Particles to Render Texture (UUM-21106)

  • Web Platform: [WebGL] Build fails and Shader errors are logged when Code Optimisation is set to Runtime Speed (UUM-40103)

  • XR SRP: Editor performance drops as OculusRuntime.WaitToBeginFrame Time ms increases to 150-200 ms in Play Mode when MSAA is enabled and Scene View is opened/focused (UUM-40249)

2023.1.1f1 Release Notes


  • Test Framework: Added TestFileReferences.json to be generated on build step of the player, so can be consumed later by Test runners to enrich data for run part.

  • Test Framework: By using the editor command line new argument -randomOrderSeed x you can run the tests in a randomized order, where x is an integer different from 0. If a new test is added in the project the random order passing the same seed will be kept, and the new test will be placed in the random list accordigly.

  • Test Framework: The UTF version now automatically updates for SRP tests


  • Editor: Fixed an issue where RFloat / RGFloat / RGBAFloat formats were not useable in the Texture Importer Inspector even though they already could be applied through, for example, an AssetPostprocessor.

  • Graphics: Graphics.Blit now supports source signed textures (no remapping if blitting from signed to unsigned). (UUM-6249)

  • VFX Graph: Allows texture types to be used in branch operators (UUM-38037)

  • VFX Graph: VFX systems receiving GPU events can now go into sleep state


  • Build Pipeline: Will now use -filelist when running libtool for MacOS/iOS builds to prevent command lines from becoming too long. (UUM-34555)


  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where the AssetImportManager could crash while registering scripts if a script became unreachable during a domain reload (UUM-27516)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where the AssetImportManager could crash while registering scripts if a script became unreachable during a domain reload (UUM-34560)

  • Build Pipeline: Fix ability to complete build when using Multi-process option to build AssetBundles when Visual Effect Asset has missing references. (UUM-38157)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixes edge case where using the BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer APIs on Windows can fail, when a previously used build folder has been deleted. (UUM-30952)

  • Core: Fixed an issue where "Burst error BC1091: External and internal calls are not allowed inside static constructors: Unity.Jobs.LowLevel.Unsafe.JobsUtility.get_ThreadIndexCount()" may have been thrown when Burst compiling certain codepaths. (UUM-39612)

  • Core: Fixes crash that could occur when scheduling many jobs that have many NativeContainers such that the job debugger might run out of room for debug information. (UUM-39742)

  • DX12: Fixes a crash caused by too early release of a texture. (UUM-29286)

  • DX12: Fixes issues in constant buffer offset binding with e.g. terrain painting. (UUM-2881)

  • Editor: Disable blitting to same texture error message when the destination texture is not used as input texture in specified pass in Graphics.Blit. (UUM-33058)

  • Editor: Fix crash when previewing certain animation curves in the inspector which contain infinite tangents (UUM-35456)

  • Editor: Fix Prefab item in Hierarchy does not expand until second click. (UUM-35376)

  • Editor: Fix the problem of selectedPlatform being serialized in ProjectSettings.asset. (UUM-28332)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where previews for Textures using signed formats looked incorrect. (UUM-6249)

  • Editor: Fixed GameAssembly build script for Xcode project generated on Windows (UUM-26049)

  • Editor: Fixed Left Alt is recognized as pressed when switching to a different window and back (UUM-30743)

  • Editor: Prevent particle system buffer pre-mapping in editor if RenderDoc is present. (UUM-32787)

  • GI: Lighting bake stops with error 2 ('AddGeometry' failed with exit code: 4)". Error is thrown without telling which mesh is problematic. (UUM-32710)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where, in some instances, specific GraphicsFormatUtility API such as "HasAlphaChannel" were returning incorrect results for signed TextureFormats. (UUM-35162)

  • Graphics: Fixed DOTS instancing support for Universal2D in the URP/Lit shader (UUM-34465)

  • Graphics: Fixed excessive Metal memory allocation under some scenarios (UUM-31722)

  • Graphics: Fixed foveated rendering for y-flip render targets on metal (UUM-35335)

  • Graphics: Fixed VVL-01913 error when trying to end too many debug markers in a secondary command buffer scope (UUM-35950)

  • Graphics: Strip shader variants with both procedural instancing and DOTS instancing (UUM-34452)

  • HDRP: Fixed HDProbes to support custom resolutions for all rendering modes

  • HDRP: Fixed shaders stripping for Lens Flares (UUM-35895)

  • HDRP: Various space transform fixes (UUM-38146)

  • HDRP: [Backport] Fix the incorrect base color of decals for transparency. (UUM-38038)

  • iOS: Delete unneeded files when replacing the build (UUM-27977)

  • iOS: Fix assert error in iOS.Device.systemVersion and tvOS.Device.systemVersion. Also make there properties only return values on respective OSes. (UUM-16561)

  • Linux: Fixed Unity Editor does not send exit code until Bug Reporter is closed (UUM-34630)

  • Linux: Fixed Unity runtime printing stack trace more than once in Entities package + IL2CPP crashes (UUM-35527)

  • Particles: Fix sub-emitter preview incorrectly pausing if parent particles are finished. (UUM-36773)

  • Particles: Fix subemitter crash if effect is referenced more than once in effect hierarchy. (UUM-36485)

  • Serialization: It is not possible to instantiate abstract class, which is happening in this case. The fix for editor crash is to make sure that the abstract StatusEffect class is not instantiated in SerializedReference fields. You can achieve this by either changing all the occurrences, or add [MovedFrom(true, sourceClassName:"StatusEffect")] attribute to StatusEffectComplex class. (UUM-9218)

  • Serialization: When serializing empty managed object reference we are not adding the data node in the YAML, which is causing problems after some fields are added to the script and the YAML is being de-serialized. In this case, as there still is not any data node in the YAML, the deserialization process is not instantiating the managed object correctly. (UUM-2258)

  • Shaders: Fix interpolator parameter GLSL generated code for EVAL_SAMPLE_INDEX, EVAL_SNAPPED, EVAL_CENTROID. (UUM-35468)

  • Shaders: Fixed "State comes from an incompatible keyword space" error when using dynamic branching with use pass or fallbacks. (UUM-37468)

  • Shaders: Fixed progress bar sometimes not appearing when "Compile and show code" button is pressed in the shader inspector. (UUM-27865)

  • Test Framework: Fix for WebGL platform target to close the browser tab when the run is completed.

  • TextCore: Corrected the improper ratio between character spacing and word spacing for justified alignment. We intend to introduce an adjustable property to allow for fine-tuning of this ratio. (UUM-30367)

  • TextCore: Ensure &lt;voffset&gt; tag affects the preferred height values. (UUM-28446)

  • TextCore: Fix "NullReferenceException" thrown when renaming Sprite in the Sprite Character Table (UUM-18062)

  • TextCore: Fix exception thrown when parsing an invalid tag. (UUM-11753)

  • UI: Fixes the UI rendering to use the render-target dimensions instead of the display buffer dimensions when calling ScriptableRenderContext.DrawUIOverlay from an SRP. (UUM-12865)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed issue where sprites used incorrect indexes. (UUM-30797)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed selection when the carriage return (\r) is being used. (UUM-8181)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed UI Toolkit not rendering in render texture when launched in batch mode. (UUM-26763)

  • URP: Fixed redundant blit is used due to postFX, although it is disabled in rendererData. (UUM-31474)

  • VFX Graph: Fix a potential crash with particle strips (UUM-36762)

  • VFX Graph: Fix an editor only memory leak with VFX Graph objects

  • VFX Graph: Fix data serialization that could lead to corrupted state (UUM-25417)

  • VFX Graph: Fix VFX assets being considered modified after creation (UUM-35056)

  • WebGL: - Fixed webCamTexture.DidUpdateThisFrame not getting correctly updated (UUM-29274)

  • Windows: Fixed a bug with multi-channel audio input on Windows. If we tried to capture from a microphone with more than 2 channels, Microphone.Start would fail and an "Unsupported file or audio format" error would appear in the console. (UUM-26565)

Package changes in 2023.1.1f1

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