Unity 2022.1.7

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Known Issues in 2022.1.7f1

  • AI Navigation: NavMesh::Raycast freezes the whole editor in an infinite loop on Application.UpdateScene (UUM-2496)

  • Asset - Database: The creating and import of a new script in Editor became really slow in trunk (UUM-2620)

  • HD RP: [HDRP] refraction proxy volumes projection breaks depending on camera orientation and position (UUM-3324)

  • Linux: [Backport] [Linux] Editor crashes at "GfxDeviceGLES::DrawBuffersBatchMode" when entering Play Mode in the LEGO tutorial (UUM-971)

  • Package: Empty "StreamingAssets" folder gets created after building an empty project (1423325)

  • Scene/Game View: Game View is not displayed after setting language pack in Editor (1420291)

  • Shader System: Editor crashes when building if calling "ShaderKeyword" methods in "IPreprocessShaders" classes (UUM-2536)

  • Shadows/Lights: Individual baking of reflection probe is broken (UUM-1339)

  • Text: [Mac] ShortcutManager ignores Shift modifier (UUM-4083)

2022.1.7f1 Release Notes


  • Windows: Added "-force-d3d11-flip-model" command line parameter to force Unity to use DXGI flip model swap chain.

API Changes

  • UI Toolkit: Added: Added a NestedInteractionKind enum to ScrollView to give control over event propagation while scrolling.


  • 2D: Fixed duplicate instantiated GameObjects from Tiles on Tilemap Prefabs when instantiating the Tilemap Prefabs. (UUM-1671)

  • Android: Fixed high memory usage when uploading 2D array textures using Vulkan on Adreno devices. (1418261)

  • Android: Fixed Java local reference leak when AndroidJavaProxy is passed as argument to AndroidJavaObject.Call/CallStatic. (1389252)

  • Android: Fixed video with alpha when using Vulkan on some older devices. (1407184)

  • Android: Fixed VideoPlayer with Vulkan on Samsung GPUs. (1416478)

  • Android: To change android:screenOrientation value from "fullSensor" to "fullUser" so that the orientation of the screen can be locked when screen orientation on a device's setting is turned off. (1410778)

  • Asset Pipeline: Increasing the default import worker connect timeout, to avoid import worker client processes shutting down unnecessarily, when working with larger projects. (UUM-2502)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when moving non-empty folder to a target containing another folder with the same name in the Project Browser. (1389594)

  • GI: Fixed SetLightingDataAsset with multiscenes (caused the lightmaps to disappear for other scenes). (UUM-916)

  • Graphics: Fixed metal code generation for shaders using IBFE opcode. (UUM-2292)

  • Graphics: Fixed occasional crash when compressing to ETC2 with Texture2D.Compress. (1417802)

  • Scripting: Fixed issue where OnPostRender is called multiple times per frame when setting Application.targetFrameRate. (UUM-911)

  • Scripting: Fixed issue where yielding WaitForEndOfFrame was getting called too many times per Editor player loop. (UUM-904)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed disabled UIDocument still being rendered on editor start. (UUM-793)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed for issue where ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when adding/removing elements from a List in the Inspector. (UUM-957)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed for offset issues and layout delays in default PropertyField on array values when adding or removing items. (UUM-902)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed nested scroll view behaviour on mobile; scrolling will stay in the scroll view that initiated the drag. (UUM-941)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed wrong focus grabbing when refreshing BaseVerticalCollectionView. (1397542)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed Application.OpenURL asserting due to not freeing temporary memory. (UUM-2205)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed exception when there is a GPU in subgraph and flow link in parent graph. (UUM-571)

  • Windows: Fixed Screen.currentResolution containing incorrectly rounded refresh rate. (UUM-1512)

  • Windows: Fixed the game window teleporting to another display on certain display setups when switching to exclusive fullscreen mode at resolution that's significantly lower than the display's native resolution. (UUM-1513)

Package changes in 2022.1.7f1

Packages updated


Third Party Notices

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