Unity 2018.1.8

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  • (1002004) - 2D: Fixed specific set of sprites being packed non-optimaly in sprite packer.
  • (1019559) - 2D: Fixed sprite indexing is rearranged in Atlas when switching platforms while having platform-dependent settings.
  • (1048806) - Android: Fixed errors being spammed in console when android JDK/SDK is not configured.
  • (1035960) - Asset Import: Fix for regression where the editor could crash when opened with assets missing a .meta file.
  • (1021955) - Editor: Fix Editor Hangs when encountering exceptions or errors in BatchMode.
  • (974240) - GI: Fix a hash collision for identical meshes in two or more additively loaded scenes.
  • (1032881(1027003)) - Graphics: Build crashes when using Shader Preloading on Metal.
  • (1047286) - IL2CPP: Fixed IL2CPP crashing if it encountered a managed .winmd file that has async method in a public type.
  • (1047267) - IL2CPP: Fix IL2CPP build failing if any managed assembly contains a delegate type that doesn't have BeginInvoke or EndInvoke methods.
  • (850163) - IL2CPP: Allow managed stack traces to work on the iOS App Store when an application is submitted with bitcode.
  • (1023820) - Kernel: Fix crash when existing playmode after loading a scene from an asset bundle opened using LoadFromStream API.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fix incorrect triggering of Assert "Multiple dependency jobs should not be in ScheduleDependencies".
  • (954315) - Mobile Rendering: Improved mobile rendering performance.
  • (1035015) - Scripting: Scripting: Fix SystemInfo.SupportsTextureFormat crash when called with obsolete enum value.
  • (1028089(1025186)) - Scripting: Editor with custom theme crashes when closing with WinScreenSetup::SetWindow.
  • (978369) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed TouchScreenKeyboard not working when running on Xbox One.
  • (1040951(1002426)) - Video: Fix Distorted audio on OSX.
  • (1025120) - Windows Standalone: Fixed issue #1025120 that caused setting Screen.fullScreenMode to not work properly on Windows.
  • (None) - XR: Fixes an issue with Oculus GO apps where closing from oculus Home then relaunching the app resulted in a black screen.

Revision: 26051d4de9e9


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