Unity 2017.4.16

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2017.4.16f1 Release Notes


  • Android: Added experimental arm64 support

  • Animation: Improved performance for Animators that don't use Animation Events or don't use State Machine Bhehaviours

  • Package Manager: Loading the same service config as the Unity Editor and the Hub.


  • 2D: Fixed Collider2D only regenerates when Auto Tiling is enabled in Collider2D (1083871)

  • Android: Fixed a crash when creating Texture2DArray in ETC format on Adreno 3xx on devices with Android 4.4 (1077349)

  • Editor: Clarified size values presented by the Build Report. (1006704)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where the Unity credits in the About window may have appeared incomplete (978584, 1100122)

  • Editor: Improved performance for EditorCompilation.CheckCyclicAssemblyReference, which would be very slow for projects with a large number of .asmdefs and many dependencies between them. (1095709)

  • Graphics: Fixes a memory leak which can occur during job based rendering (1090901)

  • Graphics: Fixes a race condition in the culling code that would free memory of a job that is still in-flight leading to a crash in the editor (1062032)

  • Graphics: Fixes a synchronization issue that was exposed by fixing a race condition in the shadow culling code (1074200)

  • iOS: Fixed wrong Screen.safeArea on iPhone on Start() (1085662)

  • Package Manager: Fixed a vulnerability where a malicious attacker could access the local server from a script served on the internet by using DNS rebinding. This is fixed by validating the host header of all http requests.

  • Physics: Improved performance when baking meshes offline. (1075709, 1091814)

  • Shuriken: Fixed prewarm bug causing particles to emit incorrectly (1064065, 1081809)

  • Timeline: Fixed crash happened when Timeline was outputting sound to a disabled Audio Source. (930758)

  • UI: Add permanent interests to RectTransform hierarchy in order to catch changes inthe hierarchy.

  • Windows: Fixed standalone player crashing on startup on machines where Citrix Workstation is installed. (1082241)

Revision: 7f7bdd1ef0


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