Unity 2022.1.0 Alpha 7

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Known Issues in 2022.1.0a7

  • NullReferenceException is thrown when typing in the Hierarchy window search bar (1360676)

  • Audio: Crash on AudioCustomFilter::GetOrCreateDSP when recompiling scripts while in Play Mode (1354002)

  • Bugreporter: Bug reporter upload of report fails consistently with non actionable error message (1358568)

  • CodeEditors: Crash on stopping debugging (1355156)

  • Core: Fixed issue where Profiler/Memory Profiler cannot be connected to Standalone build when Run in Background is disabled. (1355728)
    Fixed in 2022.1.0a8.

  • Customer QA Onboarding: Scrolling is jumping when scrolling in the Input Manager (1362327)

  • Customer QA Onboarding: UV mapping data is corrupted in the project's built application (1357902)

  • Editor: Fixed regression that prevented dragging prefabs from Project to Hierarchy window. (1358837)
    First seen in 2022.1.0a6.
    Fixed in 2022.1.0a8.

  • Editor: Fixes gameview not responding to some input when the mouse is over another window in the macOS editor. (1358134)
    Fixed in 2022.1.0a8.

  • Global Illumination: Unity 2021.2 crashes on some Windows machines when tbb12.dll gets loaded (1361676)

  • Global Illumination: [Addressables] Static objects do not cast shadows when Light Mode is set to Mixed (1353370)

  • Global Illumination: [Enlighten] Realtime GI is not present in player builds (1346410)

  • Global Illumination: [GPU PLM] Fallback to CPU PLM in CL_INVALID_MEM_OBJECT after switching light color only and rebaking GI (1356714)

  • Global Illumination: [LightProbes] Probes lose their lighting data after entering Play mode when Baked and Realtime GI are enabled (1052045)

  • HD RP: HDRP Template fills the Console with "Shader error...couldn't open include file" messages after building the project (1342989)

  • IL2CPP: IL2CPP Player crash (1361232)

  • Linux: Linux IL2CPP builds with Debug C++ Compiler Configuration fail and crash Editor at "__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler()" (1362437)

  • Linux: [XR][Linux] Editor Menu disappears when opening new AR or VR Template Project or when pressing "Show Tutorials" (1362449)

  • MacOS: MacOS editor fails to load platform editor extensions (1322945)

  • Mobile: [Android] Build fails when there are 680 or more files in the Streaming Assets folder (1272592)

  • Mono: [Linux] [Mono Upgrade] Unity crashes when detaching the Managed Debugger after hitting a breakpoint (1345784)

  • Mono: [Mono Upgrade] CommandBuffer native plugin events hang in the Editor (1308216)

  • Mono: [Mono Upgrade] [Asset Store Tools] Login fails with SecureChannelFailure error (1338432)

  • Packman: User can't easily configure location of both UPM and Asset Store package local cache (1317232)

  • Physics: Editor crashes when accessing RaycastHit.lightmapCoord and the hit Mesh does not have texture channel 1 (1361884)

  • Physics: Rigidbody with interpolate setting set to Interpolate or Extrapolate does not follow parent transform position or rotation (1356009)

  • Profiler: Removed unrelated stack trace lines for GC Alloc call stacks in Profiler (1355812)
    Fixed in 2022.1.0a8.

  • Profiling: Profiler Window is unusably slow (1357074)

  • Quality of Life: Crash on GUIView::DoPaint when selecting color with a color picker (1355078)

  • Scene Management: Poor performance when loading or unloading a large Scene (1360901)

  • Scene Management: Redo drag action creates duplicates of Prefabs, disconnects from Prefab instance and makes them unable to delete or unpack (1362794)

  • Scene Management: Redoing Apply nestee prefab crashes Editor (1348899)

  • Scripting: Crash on PropertyUndoManager::Flush after recompiling scripts (1352394)

  • Scripting: DomainReloadTests performance tests have regressed due to removal of built-in support for Visual Studio as a code editor (1336648)

  • Scripting: Increased Script Assembly reload time (1323490)

  • Scripting: Performance degradation when activating or deactivating uGUI GameObject (1348763)

  • Scripting: Unity does not execute code weavers when the project is opened for the first time (1350116)

  • Settings Window: [Mobile Notifications] Editor crashes when clicking on any category while Mobile Notifications pane is open (1361351)

  • ShaderGraph: UI shaders are not rendered in Game View from 2021.2.0b2 (1352225)

  • UI Builder: Changes in UI Builder are lost when editing a 2D sprite (1357086)

  • UI Toolkit: Animation Control UI not displaying node Inspector in 2019.4.29 (1361944)

  • Universal RP: Performance regression in URP template standalone build duration, shader variants take hours to compile on macOS (1354058)

  • Vulkan: Editor crashes vk_optimusGetInstanceProcAddr after closing Build Settings window (1362844)

  • WebGL: Profiler does not autoconnect on WebGL builds (1360399)

  • WebGL: WebGL fails building on Windows 7 (1340260)

  • XR: [Linux] Scene View doesn't render when opening new AR or VR Template project or pressing "Show Tutorials" (1362435)

Preview of Final 2022.1.0a7 Release Notes


2D: Added support for Color channel in SpriteShape so usage of Vertex Colors is possible in SpriteShape.

Android: Users can include custom asset packs into the build, by adding assets to the directory ending with '.androidpack'.

Android: When building Android App Bundle with Split App Binary enabled, Unity will create asset packs.

Editor: Added new menu entry under Help to display Third Party Notices for the Unity Package Manager.

Graphics: Added a new Texture Mode called Static to the LineRenderer, TrailRenderer and ParticleSystem Trails.

Graphics: Added a new Texture Scale option to the LineRenderer, TrailRenderer, and ParticleSystem Trails.

Graphics: Added MSAA depth resolve Vulkan support.

Graphics: Added RayTracingAccelerationStructure.ClearInstances C# API.

Package: Ability for clients of searcher window to filter and prioritize search results as they need.

Package Manager: Added documentation links to feature's included packages when it's customized or manually modified.

Package Manager: See an error message when I don't have the proper rights to use an entitled package.

Package Manager: User will be able to see the packages' supported platforms once this is implemented in the backend.

Package Manager: We want to see the E icon in the package item when the license is Granted or Not granted in a closed network.

Physics: Added the ability to generate Delaunay meshes for specific 2D Colliders. This option will generally produce simpler meshes with fewer primitive physics shapes for better overall performance. Added "PolygonCollider2D.useDelaunayMesh", "TilemapCollider2D.useDelaunayMesh" & "CompositeCollider2D.useDelaunayMesh".

Shaders: Added an option to use strict shader variant matching in the player.

Undo System: Explorable undo history UI.

Version Control: - Plastic: Added support for inviting other members. This option is available from the gear / settings icon.

Plastic: Added support for signing in with Cloud Edition. This is available during the onboarding screen if you have never signed in. Plastic: Added support for turning off Plastic in their project. This option removes the Plastic metadata from your directory. This option is available under Assets > Plastic SCM > Turn off Plastic SCM Plastic: Added notification on the Plastic SCM tab title to indicate incoming changes. Users will no longer need to have the Plastic SCM window visible to know there are incoming changes. Plastic: Auto configuration of SSO Plastic: Added date column in incoming changes. Version Control: Added auto sign in when logged into Unity account.


2D: Added support for Build Only SpritePacking in SpriteAtlas V2.

2D: Cache internal reflection to speed up Sprite editing data access.

2D: Improved Console log to display all affected Sprites.

2D: Improved performance of RuleTile caching.

2D: Sprite outline shape calculation is faster now (Sprite.Create, or importing sprite textures), especially for large textures.

2D: SpriteAtlas Cache max Size should be Project Settings instead of Preferences.

2D: Updated 2D URP template starting folder structure for better clarification of usage.

2D: Updated Skinning Editor tooltips text.

Android: Added boot-config/command-line switch "platform-android-cpucapacity-threshold" that can be used to specify which CPU cores are treated as big cores. The cpu capacity is a value in the range between 0 and 1024. A capacity value of 870 yields the same behavior as before the fix for case 1349057.

Android: Builds will fail early and with a human readable error message, when Unity project is located in path with Non ASCII characters. Android Tools like clang don't work correctly when operating in paths with non ascii characters and the error is not very clear, thus Unity will provide a better error message. (1340631)

Android: Bump Android Logcat package to 1.2.3.

Android: Improved WebCamTexture when using Vulkan on Android devices that support VK_ANDROID_external_memory_android_hardware_buffer.

Asset Pipeline: Clarified the behaviour of Resources.Load() in the Scripting API documentation.

Asset Pipeline: Do not assert on race when receiving import worker results for a deleted asset.

Asset Pipeline: Improved opening time of Import Activity Window. (1343709)

Asset Pipeline: Improved upload and download path.

Asset Pipeline: New diagnostic setting to enable writing of asset database events to Logs/AssetDatabase.log. This log file can assist when troubleshooting asset importing.

Audio: DSPGraph: Changed mixer thread scripting runtime attachment assertion to a warning, to better reflect the intent of the message.

Build Pipeline: Made copying of assemblies part of the incremental player to save time on subsequent builds.

Build Pipeline: Make error messages about microphone or camera usage more visible.

Build Pipeline: Reference documentation improvements in area of Build Pipeline.

Documentation: Improved Scripting API docs page for RayTracingAccelerationStructure. Added See Also section.

Editor: (Dynamic Hints) If the target window of a Dynamic Hint is available but unfocused, it becomes focused before the Dynamic Hint is shown.

Editor: EditorStyles.iconButton is now public so custom editor windows can implement help, settings and other icon buttons.

Editor: Improved Editor responsiveness when a large number of textures are selected in the Project Browser.

Editor: Improved mac editor process guard in order to catch all types of exceptions and early handle cases where the ADB process might have already shut down.

Editor: Improved performance of AssetDatabase.GetAllLabels.

Editor: Improved performance when creating a new asset (especially in a large project).

Editor: Make rotation angles editable individually when multiple GameObjects are selected. (1298482)

Editor: Now Console window shows a clear message if no search result found.

Editor: Now shaders will have SHADER_API_(DESKTOP|MOBILE) define set according to the target build platform.

Editor: Optimized AddComponent menu for projects with large amount of scripts.

Editor: Optimized calculating the size of Undo operations, making many changes to GameObjects should now be cheaper to add to the Undo system.

Editor: Reduced overhead of property editor when changing objects in the editor with an inspector window open.

Editor: UnityEvent callbacks can be reordered.

Editor: When a prefab is larger than 8MB, show a static preview image to save the time of loading animations etc.

GI: Ensured analytics about a cancelled bake is sent when closing the editor while generating lighting. (1354238)

GI: Expose number of Enlighten worker threads to the command line. Example: Use enlighten-job-worker-count 16 to force 16 threads for Enlighten.

GI: Lightmap compression is no longer affected by the "Lightmap Encoding" project setting. Instead, a new setting, "Lightmap Compression" has been introduced to the Lighting Settings Asset. This replaces the previous "Compress Lightmaps" checkbox. (1230918)

GI: Performance improvement when mesh renderers do not have their light probe property set to 'none' and there are no light probes in the scene. (1310218)

GI: The Radeon denoiser will now use fp16 during progressive updates to conserve memory when supported hardware is available (AMD Radeon Vega and later GPUs).

Graphics: - MaterialEditor - Remove context menu for "Double Sided Global Illumination".

MaterialEditor - Make colour picker consistent with core editor. MaterialEditor - Remove context menu for "Enable GPU Instancing". (1340650) Graphics: Added a warning when a texture has no mip maps and exceeds device texture size limits to inform a default texture will be used instead.

Graphics: Added an error when DrawTexture() is used with Virtual Texturing.

Graphics: Bind last frame's vertex buffer of Skinned Mesh Renderers to ray tracing shaders in order to support motion vector calculation.

Graphics: Changed the Gear Icon for a Burger Menu for the Asset Settings Providers.

Graphics: Changing the version of a TexturePostProcessor script now only reimports the affected texture shapes.

Graphics: Clarified the warning message shown when setting msaa texture as a camera target texture.

Graphics: Improved CPU performance of the main thread when using ray tracing effects.

Graphics: Improved DX12 constant binding performance.

Graphics: LightProbe Group UX improvements

Change the size of the edit button. Show Wireframe is never disabled. Remove ringing is never disabled. Graphics: LineRenderer and TrailRenderer gain support for Sprite Masks.

Graphics: Optimize GfxDeviceD3D12.SetRayTracingInstanceShaders performance on the render thread (almost 2x faster).

Graphics: Reduced main thread hitching caused by Shader loading.

Graphics: Refactor VFX graph update to run VisualEffect updates in different threads.

Graphics: Support linear color space in LineRenderer, TrailRenderer and ParticleSystem trails. (1339154)

HDRP: Minor UX improvements on Quality Settings Panel.

IL2CPP: Added full support for System.Reflection.MemberInfo.GetCustomAttributesData.

IL2CPP: Reduced executable size by reducing generic metadata output.

Mono: Removed extra uneeded library from editor build.

Package: - Support of Editor Play mode (Uses IAP products defined locally; UDP methods are stubbed: Purchase and Consume will always be successful; Editor console outputs)

New Purchase() callback status: onPurchasePending Scripting API documentation update Inclusion of an Implementation Guide that uses the In-Editor Tutorial framework (in Unity Editor 2019.4 and above) Information architecture changes to comply with the centralization of Services in the Package Manager Misc bugfixes and optimization. Package: Updated Addressables to 1.18.13.

Package: Updated Addressables to 1.18.15.

Package: Updated Addressables to 1.18.9 and SBP to 1.19.0.

Package: Updated com.unity.formats.alembic@2.2.0.

Package: Upgraded udp to 2.2.2.

Package Manager: Include Sign In hint in startup error dialog when Package Manager resolution fails due to missing authentication information.

Package Manager: Log package entitlement check failures in Unity editor console.

Package Manager: Small tweaks to Package Manager scripting reference documentation.

Package Manager: Terrain Tools package is now included in the Worldbuilding 3D feature set.

Particles: Added a ping back to Hierarchy view Game Object, when selecting relevant Particle System profile markers.

Particles: Particle Systems can now choose whether the Gravity Modifier applies 2D or 3D Physics System gravity.

Physics: Optimise Rigidbody interpolation so that it doesn't require excess syncing of transforms internally, it is about 20% faster base line, but can be much faster if there were transform changes made from scripts.

Physics: Updated RaycastCommand's Scripting API to mention that it won't return more than one hit.

Profiler: Added icons for File Access and Asset Loading Profiler Modules.

Profiler: Released com.unity.performance.profile-analyzer@1.1.0 with a series of fixed and improvements. More details at https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.performance.profile-analyzer@1.1/manual/whats-new.html.

Scene/Game View: Greatly reduced overhead of OnSceneGUI callback when multi-editing many objects.

Scene/Game View: Improved Gizmo rebuild performance.

Scene/Game View: Improved outline rendering performance in the editor.

Scene/Game View: Improved performance for Handles.DrawWireCube.

Scene/Game View: Improved performance of selecting many objects.

Scene/Game View: Reduced Gizmo rendering overhead in large scenes with many Gizmos.

Scripting: Added EditorApplication.projectWindowItemInstanceOnGUI that is similar to projectWindowItemOnGUI but can also be used to customize sub-assets. (1182858)

Scripting: Allow user code to build against .NET Standard 2.1 and .NET Framework 4.8.

Scripting: Display dialog that informs user that it is now safe to attach a managed debugger now displays the port that the debugger is waiting for a connection on.

Scripting: Include Roslyn Analyzer diagnostics for "EnableDomainReloadTimings" diagnostic switch.

Scripting: Switched CSharpCompiler utility to use roslyn instead of legacy mcs compilation.

Scripting: The Managed Stripping Level for new projects when targeting the IL2CPP backend will be Minimal.

UI Toolkit: Clarified the message displayed to the user when deleting a style sheet that is being used in the UI Builder. (1354492)

UI Toolkit: Fixed list view preview size in UI Builder. (1349018)

UI Toolkit: Improved in-place editing of a Label to match the underlying style (UI Builder). (1354493)

UI Toolkit: TransitionEvents are now collapsed when relevant.

UI Toolkit: TransitionEvents reentrance is properly handled.

UI Toolkit: Using a Texture with invalid settings as a Cursor will now log a warning. (1340519)

Version Control: - Stability and performance improvements.

Version Control: Added Checkin and Update confirmation notification.

Version Control: Improved load time performance.

Virtual Texturing: Tile requests are now returned via PopRequests more frequently.

Virtual Texturing: InvalidateRegion calls now generate new tile requests in their "importance" order. The importance is defined as a combination of the tile's screen space size and the the number of frames since the tile has been requested. This makes completing tile requests contribute more to the rendering result when InvalidateRegion is called continuously.

WebGL: Enabled Play Mode tests for WebGL platform.

Windows: Alt + Enter now defaults to native resolution rather than the resolution that the window was in windowed mode. This makes the image more crisp and reduces the chance of letterboxing.

API Changes

Android: Added: New APIs to manage fast-follow and on-demand delivered asset packs. The APIs wrap Google's PlayCore functionality.

Android: Changed: UnityPlayer Java class now explicitly requires Activity instead of Context in constructors.

Animation: Deprecated: Deprecated the Play function in the AnimationPlayableUtilities API to prevent potential issues when passing Timeline Playables into the function. (1279412)

Build Pipeline: Deprecated: UnityLinkerBuildPipelineData.inputDirectory is obsolete, as we no longer take input assemblies for builds all from a single directory.

Core: Changed: Moved ProfilerStartFrame within scriptable player loop from EarlyUpdate to TimeUpdate for profiler consistency. (1332845)

GI: Added: Eliminate breaking change in LightingExplorerTab constructor by reintroducing the previous constructor. (1348261)

GI: Added: LightingSettings.lightmapCompression has been added and determines the quality of compression used for lightmaps.

GI: Deprecated: LightmapSettings.textureCompression has been deprecated in favor of LightingSettings.lightmapCompression.

Graphics: Added: Added class for drawing shadow cascades UnityEditor.Rendering.ShadowCascadeGUI.DrawShadowCascades.

Graphics: Added: Added IndentLevelScope (for VolumeComponentEditor child class only) to handle indentation of the field and the checkbox.

Graphics: Added: Added new API function inside DynamicResolutionHandler and new settings in GlobalDynamicResolutionSettings to control low res transparency thresholds. This should help visuals when the screen percentage is too low.

Graphics: Added: Added new API to replace the use cases of the ShadowAuto, DepthAuto and VideoAuto GraphicsFormat enum members (which will be deprecated in the future).

Graphics: Added: Added OverridablePropertyScope (for VolumeComponentEditor child class only) to handle the Additional Property, the override checkbox and disable display and decorator attributes in one scope.

Graphics: Added: Added SystemInfo.supportsMultisampleStencilResolve API.

Graphics: Added: Added UNITY_PREV_MATRIX_M and UNITY_PREV_MATRIX_I_M shader macros to support instanced motion vector rendering.

Graphics: Added: Added VolumeComponentMenuForRenderPipelineAttribute to specify a volume component only for certain RenderPipelines.

Graphics: Added: Allowing Rendering Layer Names to not collide in UI. Includes a new API RenderPipelineAsset.prefixedRenderingLayerMaskNames to fetch a unique list of rendering layer mask names for UI needs.

Graphics: Deprecated: Deprecated ShadowAuto, DepthAuto and VideoAuto graphics formats and introduce a new alternative api. (See the Upgrade Guide for details.).

Graphics: Removed: Removed GraphicsFormatUtility.GetDepthStencilFormat(int) after being public for two alpha releases.

HDRP: Added: Added a better support for LODs in the ray tracing acceleration structure.

HDRP: Added: Added a custom post process injection point AfterPostProcessBlurs executing after depth of field and motion blur.

HDRP: Added: Added a dialog box when you import a Material that has a diffusion profile to add the diffusion profile to global settings.

HDRP: Added: Added a minimum motion vector length to the motion vector debug view.

HDRP: Added: Added a shortcut to HDRP Wizard documentation.

HDRP: Added: Added a slider that controls how much the volumetric clouds erosion value affects the ambient occlusion term.

HDRP: Added: Added dependency to mathematics and burst, HDRP now will utilize this to improve on CPU cost. First implementation of burstified decal projector is here.

HDRP: Added: Added info box when low resolution transparency is selected, but its not enabled in the HDRP settings. This will help new users find the correct knob in the HDRP Asset.

HDRP: Added: Added slides to control the shape noise offset.

HDRP: Added: Added support for internal plugin materials and HDSubTarget with their versioning system.

HDRP: Added: Added support for the camera bridge in the graphics compositor.

HDRP: Added: Added support of motion vector buffer in custom postprocess.

HDRP: Added: Added three animation curves to control the density, erosion, and ambient occlusion in the custom submode of the simple controls.

HDRP: Added: Added tooltips for content inside the Rendering Debugger window.

HDRP: Added: Added ValidateMaterial callbacks to ShaderGUI.

HDRP: Added: Added warning for when a light is not fitting in the cached shadow atlas and added option to set maximum resolution that would fit.

iOS: Obsoleted: PlayerSettings.iOS.allowHTTPDownload replaced by cross platform setting PlayerSettings.insecureHttpOption.

Physics: Added: All the physics batch queries can now run in physics scenes other than default (see an extra RaycastCommand constructor that has physics scene as the first argument for instance).

Profiler: Added: Added StackedArea to ProfilerModuleChartType for displaying a stacked area chart with non-time-based units.

Scene/Game View: Added: Added ObjectFactory.PlaceGameObject, which provides a method for placing instantiated GameObjects in the scene with the same preferences that default GameObjects are created with.

Scene/Game View: Obsoleted: Moved UnityEditor.Overlays.EditorToolbarDropdownToggle to UnityEditor.Toolbars.EditorToolbarDropdownToggle. (1346398)

Serialization: Added: SerializedProperty has a new read only property "contentHash" to better track changes to the SerializedProperty's data.

Services: Added: Added new com.unity.services.core package that is used for common behaviour of Game Service packages.

Shadergraph: Added: - Added Sprite option to Main Preview, which is similar to Quad but does not allow rotation. Sprite is used as the default preview for URP Sprite shaders.

Shadergraph: Added: Added a ShaderGraph animated preview framerate throttle.

Shadergraph: Added: Added custom interpolator documentation.

Shadergraph: Added: Added information about selecting and unselecting items to the Blackboard article.

Shadergraph: Added: Added selection highlight and picking shader passes for URP target.

Shadergraph: Added: Added Tessellation Option to PositionNode settings, to provide access to the pre-displaced tessellated position.

Shadergraph: Added: Added visible errors for invalid stage capability connections to shader graph.

UI Toolkit: Added: Exposed ProgressBar.lowValue and ProgressBar.highValue.

UI Toolkit: Changed: DropdownField now derives from PopupField. BasePopupField, PopupField, EnumField are moved to UnityEngine. (1308473)

URP: Added: Added GetUniversalAdditionalLightData, a method that returns the additional data component for a given light or create one if it doesn't exist yet.

URP: Added: Added Lights 2D to the Light Explorer window.

URP: Added: Added Motion Vector render pass for URP.

URP: Added: Added Render Settings Converter to the Render Pipeline Converter, this tool creates and assigns URP Assets based off rendering settings of a Builtin project.

URP: Added: Added support for default sprite mask shaders for the 2D Renderer in URP.

URP: Added: Two new URP specific scene templates, Basic which has a camera and directional light, then Standard which has the addition of a global volume with basic post effects setup.

URP: Added: VFX: Fix light cookies integration.

URP: Added: XR: Added Late Latching support to reduce VR latency (Quest).

VFX Graph: Added: Added HDRP Decal output context.

VFX Graph: Added: Provide explicit access to spawnCount in graph.

VFX Graph: Added: Structured Graphics Buffer support as exposed type.

VFX Graph: Added: Support of direct link event to initialize context (which support several event within the same frame).


2D: Allow non-public fields with the SerializeField attribute as custom fields for RuleTile.

2D: Replace usage of Triangle.Net with in house tessellation solution.

Android: Allow Android Player to use Vulkan on GPUs that are currently unknown to Unity on Android 11 or newer.

Android: Android Gradle Plugin version upgraded from 3.6.0 to 4.0.1.

Android: Gradle version upgraded from 5.6.4 to 6.1.1.

Android: Pdb files in development builds will now be stored along with the main apk file or main asset pack.

Animation: Added a warning to the user in case a transition that is smaller than a fixed update with root motion and non looping clip is made. (1336151)

Animation: Updated Animation Rigging package to version 1.1.1.

Asset Pipeline: New version of OnPostProcessAllAssets with didDomainReload parameter added. This callback should be used for domain reload related initialization that requires asset operations such as asset loading. InitializeOnLoad method shouldn't be used for asset operations, because InitializeOnLoad is called before asset importing is completed. (1267939, 1274994, 1279619)

Build Pipeline: Enabling or disabling modules will now cause a data rebuild in the incremental build pipeline.

Build Pipeline: It is no longer possible to build a player when a script reload is pending. (1325753)

Editor: EditorGUI.MaskField now uses the same dropdown UI style as the EditorGUI.LayerMaskField.

Editor: Excluded Mesh, Texture2D and Texture2dArray from Presets. (1325555)

Editor: Script names will be displayed together with their namespaces in the Add Component search results. (1264749)

Editor: UI widget used for Light Cookies from the standard Property Field to the ObjectField that provides texture preview and asset directory search capabilities, across HDRP and built-in.

Editor: Updated com.unity.cinemachine to 2.8.0.

Editor: Use order_preserving_vector_set_hashed to store gameobjects, filtered and transform (same data structure as Selection.objects). This ensures assigning to the selection preserve order of the items. (915931)

Editor: When a Mask Field contains mixed values it will now show a list of the values in the label. The label will revert back to showing "Mixed..." when there is not enough space to show the list. (1266226)

Graphics: Creating a RenderTexture with no depth bits specified will now fail instead of continuing with a warning. (1348764)

Graphics: Cubemap pixel access functions (GetPixel/GetPixels/GetPixels32/GetPixelData & SetPixel/SetPixels/SetPixels32/SetPixelData) now throw an ArgumentException when encountering an error.

Graphics: CubemapArray pixel access functions (GetPixel/GetPixels/GetPixels32/GetPixelData & SetPixel/SetPixels/SetPixels32/SetPixelData) now throw an ArgumentException when encountering an error.

Graphics: Improved IntegrateLDCharlie() to use uniform stratified sampling for faster convergence towards the ground truth.

Graphics: LensFlare (SRP) can be now disabled per element.

Graphics: LensFlare (SRP) tooltips now refer to meters.

Graphics: LensFlare Element editor now have Thumbnail preview.

Graphics: Serialize the Probe Volume asset as binary to improve footprint on disk and loading speed.

Graphics: Texture2DArray pixel access functions (GetPixel/GetPixels/GetPixels32/GetPixelData & SetPixel/SetPixels/SetPixels32/SetPixelData) now throw an ArgumentException when encountering an error.

Graphics: Texture3D pixel access functions (GetPixel/GetPixels/GetPixels32/GetPixelData & SetPixel/SetPixels/SetPixels32/SetPixelData) now throw an ArgumentException when encountering an error.

Graphics: Uniformize the names in ReflectionProbes along render pipelines.

Graphics: Updated icon for IES, LightAnchor and LensFlare.

Graphics: WebCamTexture pixel access functions (GetPixel/GetPixels/GetPixels32) now throw an ArgumentException when encountering an error. Calling these functions before the first frame update will throw an exception instead of returning blank data.

HDRP: Changed light reset to preserve type.

HDRP: Changed the Channel Mixer Volume Component UI.Showing all the channels.

HDRP: Changed the NVIDIA install button to the standard FixMeButton.

HDRP: Changed the storage format of volumetric clouds presets for easier editing.

HDRP: Display an info box and disable MSAA asset entry when ray tracing is enabled.

HDRP: Hair uses GGX LTC for area light specular.

HDRP: Ignore hybrid duplicated reflection probes during light baking.

HDRP: Improved a bit the area cookie behavior for higher smoothness values to reduce artifacts.

HDRP: Improved the fly through ghosting artifacts in the volumetric clouds.

HDRP: Improved to the RTGI denoising.

HDRP: Improved volumetric clouds (added new noise for erosion, reduced ghosting while flying through, altitude distortion, ghosting when changing from local to distant clouds, fix issue in wind distortion along the Z axis).

HDRP: Increased the minimal density of the volumetric clouds.

HDRP: Make LitTessellation and LayeredLitTessellation fallback on Lit and LayeredLit respectively in DXR.

HDRP: Moved invariants outside of loop for a minor CPU speedup in the light loop code.

HDRP: Moved supportRuntimeDebugDisplay option from HDRPAsset to HDRPGlobalSettings.

HDRP: Reduced the maximum distance per ray step of volumetric clouds.

HDRP: Removed redundant Show Inactive Objects and Isolate Selection checkboxes from the Emissive Materials tab of the Light Explorer.

HDRP: Renaming Decal Projector to HDRP Decal Projector.

HDRP: Replaced the context menu by a search window when adding custom pass.

HDRP: Restore old version of the RendererList structs/api for compatibility.

HDRP: TAA jitter is disabled while using Frame Debugger now.

HDRP: The HDRP Render Graph now uses the new RendererList API for rendering and (optional) pass culling.

HDRP: Updated the recursive rendering documentation.

HDRP: Various improvements to the volumetric clouds.

HDRP: When a ray hits the sky in the ray marching part of mixed ray tracing, it is considered a miss.

iOS: IOS 12 is now minimum supported iOS version.

Networking: UnityWebRequest by default is HTTPS only now. Plain text HTTP can be enabled in Player Settings.

Package: (Recorder) Prevent invalid GPU callback data from being written to a frame: this change skips the problematic frame and logs an error message.

Package: Added the Code Coverage package to the Engineering feature set.

Package: Com.unity.purchasing updated to 4.0.0. Please refer to the package changelog online here: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.purchasing@4.0/changelog/CHANGELOG.html.

Package: ProBuilder 5.0.4.

Package: Updated Code Coverage package to v1.0.1. This version includes improvements and fixes.

Package: Updated Code Coverage package to v1.1.0. This version adds code coverage session events, path stripping, support for Test Framework v1.2 and other improvements and fixes.

Package: Updated com.unity.formats.alembic@2.2.1.

Package: Updated FBX Exporter package to 4.1.0: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.formats.fbx@4.1/manual/index.html.

Package: Updated nodejs ini package to fix vulnerability issue. (1345229)

Package: Updated Sequences (com.unity.sequences) to 1.0.0.

Package: Updated Tutorial Authoring Tools to 1.0.0.

Package: Updated Tutorial Framework to 2.0.0.

Package: Visual Scripting

Removed unused Preferences Renamed preference "Update Units Automatically" to "Update Nodes Automatically". Package Manager: Changed error and warning box to look like the info box.

Package Manager: The Git LFS cache enabled by setting the UPM_ENABLE_GIT_LFS_CACHE environment variable is now always located under the global cache root, even when the cache root location is customized.

Package Manager: We are no longer using SCSS files, only USS from now on.

Package Manager: We now cache whether each asset version is a full project or not after clicking Import on it for the first time.

Profiler: The command-line argument "-profiler-log-file" now not only sets profiler target file but also activates profiler. (1339129)

Scene/Game View: Removed Component Tools Overlay, these tools are now available in the regular Tools Overlay.

Scripting: Registering AsmDefs no longer causes recompilation of contained scripts. (1334286)

Search: Improved asset indexer performances and index size. (1343812)

Shadergraph: Adjusted Blackboard article to clarify multi-select functionality.

Shadergraph: Changed "Create Node" action in ShaderGraph stack separator context menu to "Add Block Node" and added it to main stack context menu.

Shadergraph: Only ShaderGraph keywords count towards the shader permutation variant limit, SubGraph keywords do not.

Shadergraph: ShaderGraph SubGraphs will now report errors and warnings in a condensed single error.

Timeline: Updated Timeline package version to 1.6.1.

uGUI: Removed the HideFlags.HideAndDontSave on the mesh inside Graphics for it to get properly cleaned up on both managed and native side. (1319556)

UI Toolkit: Marked the com.unity.ui package, which is incompatible with 21.2 and above, as deprecated.

URP: 2D Lights now inherit from Light2DBase.

URP: Stripping shader variants per renderer features instead of combined renderer features.

URP: The behavior of setting a camera's Background Type to "Dont Care" has changed on mobile. Previously, "Dont Care" would behave identically to "Solid Color" on mobile. Now, "Dont Care" corresponds to the render target being filled with arbitrary data at the beginning of the frame, which may be faster in some situations. Note that there are no guarantees for the exact content of the render target, so projects should use "Dont care" only if they are guaranteed to render to, or otherwise write every pixel every frame.

URP: When MSAA is enabled and a depth texture is required, the opaque pass depth will be copied instead of scheduling a depth prepass.

Version Control: ### Changed

Updating license to better conform with expected customer usage. Updated documentation file to meet standards. Updated third-party usage. No longer requires downloading of the full Plastic client. Basic features will work without additional installation. Features that require the full Plastic client will allow download and install as needed. Usability improvements around checking in code Improved update workspace tab UX Plastic SCM context menu is now available even if the Plastic SCM window is closed. Version Control: Simplified UI: decluttered UI.

Virtual Texturing: Now PopRequests allows the destination list to have a different size than the texture stack's maxActiveRequests value.

Windows: Removed error.log generation for crash uploads in favor of editor.log and dmp files. (1278602)

XR: The Oculus XR Plugin package has been updated to 1.10.0.

XR: Updated OpenXR Package to 1.2.8.

XR: Updated the verified AR Foundation related packages to 4.2.0-pre.12. Please see the AR Foundation package changelog for details.

XR: Updated XR Interaction Toolkit to 1.0.0-pre.5.

XR: Updated XR Legacy Input Helpers to 2.1.8.


2D: A non-descriptive error is thrown when building with a Texture that has it's rectangle out of bounds. (1300130)

2D: Activated Tile Palette Tool is now deactivated when Tool is removed from Default Tools. (1342201)

2D: Atlas Cache is inconsistent after disabling Sprite Packer and deleting atlases outside Unity Editor. (1335900)

2D: Fixed 2D PSDImporter doesn't apply settings from Sprite Editor Window when changes made in Inspector. (1339799)

2D: Fixed an issue where Sprite.texture was null when loaded from SpriteAtlas in an AssetBundle and the Play mode is entered from the Prefab mode. (1345723)

2D: Fixed exception when adding a new Rule when no Rule is selected.

2D: Fixed issue where a scriptedTile without LockTransform set but has a transform matrix in GetTileData is dropped onto the Tile Palette, the Tile on the Tile Palette does not match the transform matrix as defined in GetTileData. (1341938)

2D: Fixed potential crash caused by race condition when loading SpriteRenderer from multiple threads. (1351843)

2D: Fixed Sprite Editor Window does not show texture preview with the correct filtering mode. (1350446)

2D: Fixed Sprite Editor Window to be disabled when readonly assets are selected. (1343237)

2D: Fixed Sprite Frame module inspector size jitters in certain occasions.

2D: Secondary Texture AssetImporter reference error when using same texture as Main Texture in Sprite Editor. (1331542)

2D: Validate and refresh Tilemap when loaded from a separate scene. (1344979)

AI: Fixed crashes from building from meshes larger than the allowed size threshold. (1298356)

AI: Fixed crashes from building the NavMesh from meshes without valid vertex data. (1315584)

AI: Fixed how the NavMesh is computed in some situations where multiple ledges in the environment form a steep slope (e.g. computing NavMesh on a narrow stair which has hand rails). (1074084)

Android: Compass.headingAccuracy will report one of predefined values giving some indication on accuracy. (1304067)

Android: Fixed an issue where AMD drivers on Chrome OS have a faulty EGL_KHR_gl_colorspace implementation, sRGB will be disabled in that case. (1359181)

Android: Fixed baking reflectionprobes with Vulkan Editor and build target Android. (1344866)

Android: Fixed bug where Display.systemWidth, Display.systemHeight and Screen.resolutions[] is not updated when folding/unfolding a Galaxy Fold device. (1345508)

Android: Fixed crash when using Application.Quit with Optimized Frame Pacing. (1341467)

Android: Fixed detection of big cores on Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 888 SoCs. (1349057)

Android: Gradle template placeholder DIR_UNITYPROJECT works again. (1346794)

Android: Il2cpp resources will be extracted during player launch only when needed, for ex., changes in scripts. Previously they would be extracted each time you make a new build from Unity.

Android: In the new input system, the search, call, endcall, camera, focus, and headsethook keys were all mapped to various function keys. These mappings are not helpful on any current platforms, and in the case of the search key, this mapping is wrong on Chrome OS keyboards which have separate search and F2 keys. (1343608)

Android: Make Android on-screen keyboard dismiss behavior match iOS. (1274669)

Android: Stylus input is now treated as a touch rather than mouse in the older input system. (1246579)

Android: Toggling Build App Bundle in the Build Player Window will now prompt for a save location rather than attempting to use the last build location which would have been the incorrect type of package. (1329922)

Animation: Animation Clip Preview Window's component stripping strips away all required components but the last batch. (1306349)

Animation: Fixed an issue where an assert was triggered upon rebuilding an animation legacy component. (1330001)

Animation: Fixed an issue where the animation blend would not occur when interrupting an empty state transition. (1204145)

Animation: Fixed animation clip name to not be removed when clip asset is overwritten. (1355739)

Animation: Fixed Animation component not releasing shader property blocks when disabled. (1293179)

Animation: Fixed animation curve editor swapping unintentionally when editing curves in two different inspectors. (1308938)

Animation: Fixed Animation window property selection from displaying duplicate Components when one Component type derives from another. (1248925)

Animation: Fixed error message spam "BlendTreeWorkspace is NULL" when saving the scene when an animation preview is active. (1343833)

Animation: Fixed grid in Animator window to always correctly cover the entire graph area. (1337632)

Animation: Fixed HumanPoseHandler to no longer crash when calling the SetHumanPose function with a destroyed Root Transform. (1351876)

Animation: GameObject is not animated when the Animator Component is enabled during Play Mode and Culling Mode is set to "Cull Completely". (1263490)

Animation: Updated sort method for animation clips in animation window using alphanum/natural sort. (1261365)

Animation: [Avatar] AvatarBuilder.BuildHumanAvatar sets NaN positions with some avatars. (1200354)

Apple TV: Fixed Game Center's dashboard opening instead of achievements screen when using UnityEngnine.Social.ShowAchievementsUI(). (1341949)

Asset Bundles: Fixed Asset Bundle determinism. (1346263)

Asset Import: Default Presets are applied correctly to ScriptableObjects created using the CreateAssetMenu. (1343776)

Asset Import: Fixed out-of-sync collection bug when multiple inspectors were opened. (1353678)

Asset Pipeline: All domain reloads are now done inside asset db. This fixes problem with reloading of asset objects when doing manual refresh. (1341910)

Asset Pipeline: AssetModificationProcessor.OnWillDeleteAsset is called when deleting an orphaned meta file. (1326312)

Asset Pipeline: Blender and Maya files now import at the correct scale. (1320649)

Asset Pipeline: Calling CreateAsset twice on the same location with the same asset didn't update ProjectBrowser. (1345123)

Asset Pipeline: Calling CreateAsset with a path that is an existing folder now generates an error. (1344954)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed an infinite import loop that could occur on case-sensitive file systems if similarly named meta files were encountered. (1345905)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where Importer/Rig Update button does not update. (1324031)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where it was possible invalid and unusable Presets without any errors. The Preset constructor now throws an exception when doing so. (1348271)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where Model Importer Rig Tab Update button doesn't work properly with multi-selection. (1330281)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where NullReferenceException is thrown when assigning a duplicated Avatar to an Animation Source. (1274098)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where renaming an asset in the Project Browser could cause the selection highlight to disappear. (1351301)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where ScriptableObjects could be loaded when querying their type using AssetDatabase.GetMainAssetTypeAtPath(). (1351973)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where the Model Importer Rig Tab's Avatar Source doesn't refresh. (1330278)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed crash when opening project with asset that a broken reference to mono script. (1351825)

Asset Pipeline: Fixed race condition triggering an assert when downloading from cache server and not refreshing.

Asset Pipeline: PostProcessAllAssets callback now supports all asset db operations. (1144276)

Asset Pipeline: Reloading Arrays are kept in Sync. (1327830)

Audio: Fixed calculation of channel audibility such that a signal which is branched off via send/receive effects in a mixer group and fully attenuated after the branching correctly retain the audibility contributed by the send-receive connection. (1309971)

Audio: Fixed rare access violation crash in audio update of main thread. (1352816)

Audio: For complex send-receive configurations branching the signals between two mixer groups an order-dependent buffering delay was introduced that caused flange-like effects. The correct evaluation order of all effects is now enforced to prevent this. (1309970)

Audio: Increased stack size of audio streaming and async threads to avoid overflows when using managed read callbacks. (1352803)

Burst: Fixed an issue where Debug.LogError logs from Bursted code would be treated as compiler errors.

Core: Fixed bug with shadow fade where the shadows will be culled with a hard line across the fade and also stretches the fade beyond the projected shadow.

Editor: (Dynamic Hints) Fixed: NullReferenceException when a prefab with a missing script is hovered in the ProjectBrowser.

Editor: Added additional diacritics support to the Linux Editor for multi-key characters. (1344560)

Editor: Added pen delta calculation for the new input system. (1168556)

Editor: Added progress scopes for shader compilation and scene opening. (1331846)

Editor: Added support for GameCoreXboxOne and GameCoreXboxSeries reduced location path length.

Editor: Advanced Drop-down now calculates the initially needed size correctly, avoiding scrollbars if the size fits into view or the defined max size of the window. (1335631)

Editor: Ensure compact mode works fine with Asset store provider. (1357617)

Editor: Ensure current Settings Provider gets Activated if NotifySettingsProvider change is called. (1343598)

Editor: Ensure tips section doesn't wordwrap as this cause resizing problem at scaling 125%. (1345630)

Editor: Ensured that when creating a new scene through the scene template mechanism the EditorSceneManager.newScene event has the proper arguments and all the defaults objects are properly created according to the type of builtin template. (1347256)

Editor: Enums in the inspector can now be sorted in alphabetical order by using [InspectorOrder] attribute.

Editor: Fixed a bug regarding repeat command for integration tests (DSTP-562).

Editor: Fixed Adaptive Performance render textures scaling sometimes resulting in crash. (1355775)

Editor: Fixed Advanced Dropdown (Add Component Menu) to allow mouse interactions in the search text field. (1352677)

Editor: Fixed an edge case where removing and re-adding a sub asset would cause the local file id of the object to change unnecessarily. (1323357)

Editor: Fixed an issue to set correct EnumFlagsFields for sbyte, byte, short and ushort. (1337072)

Editor: Fixed an issue where console errors are thrown when terrain inspector is shrunk. (1305724)

Editor: Fixed an issue where the cursor would flicker between different cursors near resize panes. (1333668)

Editor: Fixed an issue where tooltips are not displayed for the reorderable lists. (1345236)

Editor: Fixed build and run menu and its shortcut still working when build and run is disabled by Editor extension. (1345699)

Editor: Fixed color picker keeps updating color preview when the EyeDropper is used and Esc key is pressed. (1291991)

Editor: Fixed Console Window log hyperlinks cursor hovering.

Editor: Fixed cursor hide in Linux playmode. (1350956)

Editor: Fixed editor crash when accessing properties on canvas in some cases. (1340354)

Editor: Fixed editor freezes for a moment when moved from one screen to another with different resolution scale. (1322959)

Editor: Fixed empty reason on passed tests results xml (DSTR-63).

Editor: Fixed EnumMaskField incorrectly using int.MaxValue for the Everything value, it now uses -~0 (-1). (1343837)

Editor: Fixed EnumMaskField showing "Mixed.." when the value was non-zero but none of the actual flags were set.

Editor: Fixed EnumMaskField showing the label "Mixed.." when all flags were set but the mask value was not set to the everything value. This will now also handle cases where obsolete enum values were present in the enum but not set or displayed.

Editor: Fixed erroneous "Unfreed allocations" error messages in the console. (1346970)

Editor: Fixed floating window behavior for mac editor fullscreen so that windows remain on the desktop when the editor enters or exits fullscreen on a second monitor. (1321315)

Editor: Fixed for Scroll bars scrolling up and down when holding down the left mouse button on the left edge of the scroll bar area. (1347294)

Editor: Fixed glitching when resizing editor windows with a popup open in the Windows editor. (1333410)

Editor: Fixed incorrect primitive counts for meshes with multiple sub meshes in the LOD Inspector. (1349756)

Editor: Fixed issue when . suffix was applied to BuildTargets without extension.

Editor: Fixed issue where Console Log is selected but no info is shown when selecting a log, entering and exiting Play Mode. (1341773)

Editor: Fixed Mac Editor crash that happened in multi-scene builds that were using BuildOptions.DetailedBuildReport.

Editor: Fixed missing labels for properties. (1332116)

Editor: Fixed Repeat and Retry attribute for UnityTest in PlayMode (DSTR-237).

Editor: Fixed repeat functionality for native test runner(DSTP-668).

Editor: Fixed scene template instantiate when no cloneable dependency. (1354371)

Editor: Fixed so that dialogs displayed with EditorUtility.DisplayDialog open in front of other windows in the macOS Editor. (1350447)

Editor: Fixed the issue with Multiple "Failed to insert item" warnings being logged when the amount of inserted items exceeds 1000. (1343433)

Editor: Fixed the platform string. A proper platform string is now returned for server platforms (windows, linux and OSX). (1360107)

Editor: Fixed tooltips staying open in the macOS editor when space changes or a window is minimized. Also fixes "ghost" tooltips in dual monitor set-up with multiple spaces. (1295787)

Editor: Fixed Transform Component update with HideFlags.DontSave objects. (1091293)

Editor: Fixed unicode input in Windows Editor modal windows so that non-Latin characters can be entered. (1297206)

Editor: Installing Linux mono and IL2CPP support on mac will no longer keep only the most recently installed of the two. (1331946)

Editor: New parent is now placed properly if default parent is set. (1324389)

Editor: Number fields will revert to zero after becoming empty. (1349798)

Editor: On macOS, fixed an issue where clicking on the game view in play mode would cause unexpected mouse delta data. (1343436)

Editor: Reduced the autocomplete popup width and trimmed the search item label to support long search terms. (1348672)

Editor: Removed XDK Xbox One platform after Unity 2020.3.

Editor: Reorderable list null item is now displayed correctly. (1339759)

Editor: Shader search window will now display results based on whether the search string matches any part of the full Shader path. (1334043)

Editor: When disabling a search provider from Search preference page, disable this provider in each opened search window. (1345634)

GI: Black light probes after duplicating baked geometry during the bake with CPU Lightmapper. (1332156)

GI: Fixed a crash occurring while sculpting terrain and baking. (1266511)

GI: Fixed a crash that happens when GPULM tiling is ON, exporting the training data is ON and Ambient occlusion is OFF. (1341803)

GI: Fixed a small offset in GPULM light cookie textures. (1333945)

GI: Fixed an issue where it was possible to set the value of maxBounces to less than that of minBounces when setting these values via the API. (1350279)

GI: Fixed case where the Enlighten Realtime GI charting visualization would not work. (1353283)

GI: Fixed corruption in Probe baking when lightmap UVs are not provided. (1337226)

GI: Fixed crash when baking 4K lightmap with maximum AA setting. (1318800)

GI: Fixed crash when closing editor while generating lighting. (1354238)

GI: Fixed crash with CPU OpenCL devices. (1338498)

GI: Fixed denoising issues with OIDN and OptiX denoisers on GPULM when using different values for direct lighting sample count and indirect lighting sample count. (1337396)

GI: Fixed issue where error messages from baking cannot be cleared when clearing lighting from the lighting panel. (1323367)

GI: Fixed issue where lightmaps would be lost when loading a scene additively when the main scene uses realtime GI and is baked with auto mode. (1346566)

GI: Fixed issue with light baker locking up the editor when invoked from the C# API in projects with async shader compilation enabled. (1331268)

GI: Fixed light reset, remove any cookie that might be attached to the light. (1335363)

GI: Fixed NullReferenceException when viewing the reflection probe inspector while a custom editor for Cubemap exists. (1341400)

GI: Min Bounces is getting clamped to the first digit of the Max Bounces field, making it hard to set proper multi-bounce lighting. (1320615)

Graphics: Added rendering layer support to instanced terrain details. (1334605)

Graphics: Crunch compression properly handles uncompressed formats (even if not 32-bit RGBA) without flipping color channels or getting data corruption. (1340715)

Graphics: EditorUtility.Compress to crunch fails without crashing when providing invalid texture sizes. (1331258)

Graphics: Encoding R8, R16, RFloat and RHalf to EXR now encodes to a grayscale image. (1343287)

Graphics: Fixed 16bpc to 8bpc quantizing bug in the texture importer for type Sprite. (1303552)

Graphics: Fixed a large, visible stretch ratio in a LensFlare Image thumbnail.

Graphics: Fixed alignment in Volume Components.

Graphics: Fixed an incorrect preprocessor define causing ImageConversion.EncodeArrayToTGA (and overloads) to always fail. (1340467)

Graphics: Fixed black RenderTarget/CustomRenderTarget thumbnails when changing Color/Depth formats. (1340733)

Graphics: Fixed corrupt mipmap calculations during RG32 and RGB48 texture importing. (1340126)

Graphics: Fixed cropped thumbnail for Image with non-uniform scale and rotation.

Graphics: Fixed decompressing BC4 and BC5 to RGBA initializing alpha to 0 instead of 1, for example, when using GetPixels(). (1341470)

Graphics: Fixed IES Importer related to new API on core.

Graphics: Fixed incorrect NativeArray de-allocation error when using the results of Texture2D.GetPixelData in multiple jobs per frame. (1359263)

Graphics: Fixed leftover memory when switching scenes when using Vulkan. (1293458)

Graphics: Fixed Lens Flare 'radialScreenAttenuationCurve invisible'.

Graphics: Fixed Lens Flare rotation for Curve Distribution.

Graphics: Fixed Lens Flare Thumbnails.

Graphics: Fixed library function SurfaceGradientFromTriplanarProjection to match the mapping convention used in SampleUVMappingNormalInternal.hlsl and fix its description.

Graphics: Fixed LightAnchor too much error message, became a HelpBox on the Inspector.

Graphics: Fixed Mac Metal player so red edges no longer appear when dragging resizable windows. (1298578)

Graphics: Fixed memory leak when changing SRP pipeline settings, and having the player in pause mode.

Graphics: Fixed memory leak when using Vulkan GraphicsJobs. (1333454)

Graphics: Fixed Mesh.AddBlendShapeFrame not properly updating mesh layout to be compatible with GPU blend shapes. (1312251)

Graphics: Fixed overlay camera stacking is not working on MacOS when using OpenGLCore with MSAA. (1250331)

Graphics: Fixed potential for LineRenderer.BakeMesh and TrailRenderer.BakeMesh to fail with invalid AABB error messages. (1349946)

Graphics: Fixed ProBuilder mesh's texture disappearing after enabling Path Tracing. This happened when the vertex color channel was not set. (1348821)

Graphics: Fixed realtime GI when using OpenGL. (1339133)

Graphics: Fixed reported out-of-memory error on Scarlett devices when trying to create 96bpp textures.

Graphics: Fixed shader code generation when using Texture2D/Texture2DArray Load with offset. (1357095)

Graphics: Fixed small inconsistencies between the various ImageConvertion.EncodeArrayToEXR (and overload) functions. (1340476)

Graphics: Fixed SRP batcher initialization when modifiying a Shader Graph with multiple SRP as a targets. (1307728)

Graphics: Fixed Undo from script refreshing thumbnail.

Graphics: Fixed various issues wrt uploading Virtual texturing tiles when using non-native texture formats. (1337269)

Graphics: Fixed Volume Gizmo size when rescaling parent GameObject.

Graphics: GrabIntoRenderTexture uses invalid viewport with UTR on D3D11 when formats not compatible. (1325579)

Graphics: Graphics: Fixed a crash when switching resolutions rapidly in the unity editor when hardware DRS is enabled on HDRP. (1353948)

Graphics: LODGroup.lastLODBillboard is now exposed to C# API. (1325954)

Graphics: Mesh.SetVertexBufferParams prints a warning if input mesh layout has skinning data but is not compatible with Unity in how vertex streams are laid out. (1320869)

Graphics: Metal editor on OSX now uses CVDisplayLink to time frame presents; this fixes the performance spikes in OSX while using an external monitor. (1327408)

Graphics: Metal editor on OSX now uses CVDisplayLink to time frame presents; this fixes the unstable frame rate on some Macs in Play Mode. (1297470)

Graphics: Mipchains with external Texture3D no longer cause a crash in Vulkan. (1344019)

Graphics: StoreAndResolve actions are now overridden by Resolve actions if needed on Metal.

Graphics: SUCCEEDED(hr) error is thrown when the project's Shadows Filtering Quality is set to High or Very High. (1340115)

Graphics: Unwrapping.GenerateSecondaryUVSet now returns a bool value indicating success or failure. (1289982)

Graphics: Updated the embedded (external) TinyExr library to v1.0. (1345230)

Graphics: Virtual Texturing fallback texture sampling code correctly honors the enableGlobalMipBias when virtual texturing is disabled.

Graphics: When adding Overrides to the Volume Profile, only show Volume Components from the current Pipeline.

Graphics: [FrameDebugger] Fix incorrect ColorMask shown. (1360825)

Graphics: [Light Layers] Cannot store light layer mask in preset. (1335979)

Graphics: [Vulkan] Fixed an issue where the texture memory in Memory Profiler Module was not updated when profiling a Vulkan build. (1320962)

HDRP: Fixed a compilation issue for AxF carpaints on Vulkan.

HDRP: Fixed a divide-by-zero warning for anisotropic shaders (Fabric, Lit).

HDRP: Fixed a lack of syncronization between the camera and the planar camera for volumetric cloud animation data.

HDRP: Fixed a memory leak related to not disposing of the RTAS at the end HDRP's lifecycle.

HDRP: Fixed a null ref exception when adding a new environment to the Look Dev library.

HDRP: Fixed access to main directional light from script.

HDRP: Fixed an incompatibility between MSAA and Volumetric Clouds.

HDRP: Fixed an issue that made camera motion vectors unavailable in custom passes.

HDRP: Fixed an issue that made Custom Pass buffers inaccessible in ShaderGraph.

HDRP: Fixed an issue where disabled reflection probes were still sent into the the ray tracing light cluster.

HDRP: Fixed an issue with reflection probe normalization via APV when no probes are in scene.

HDRP: Fixed an issue with resolution dependence for physically based depth of field.

HDRP: Fixed an issue with surface gradient based normal blending for decals (volume gradients weren't converted to SG before resolving in some cases).

HDRP: Fixed an issue with TAA causing objects not to render at extremely high far flip plane values.

HDRP: Fixed bad feedback loop occuring when auto exposure adaptation time was too small.

HDRP: Fixed cases in which object and camera motion vectors would cancel out, but didn't.

HDRP: Fixed conflicting runtime debug menu command with an option to disable runtime debug window hotkey.

HDRP: Fixed contact shadow debug views not displaying correctly upon resizing of view.

HDRP: Fixed CPU performance of decal projectors, by a factor of %100 (walltime) on HDRP PS4, by burstifying decal projectors CPU processing.

HDRP: Fixed crash on SubSurfaceScattering Editor when the selected pipeline is not HDRP.

HDRP: Fixed custom pass volume not executed in scene view because of the volume culling mask.

HDRP: Fixed custom pass workflow for single camera effects.

HDRP: Fixed custom post process name not displayed correctly in GPU markers.

HDRP: Fixed custom post process template not working with Blit method.

HDRP: Fixed diffusion profile displayed in the inspector.

HDRP: Fixed enabling a lensflare in playmode.

HDRP: Fixed error with motion blur and small render targets.

HDRP: Fixed exposure issues with volumetric clouds on planar reflection.

HDRP: Fixed fabric IBL (Charlie) pre-convolution performance and accuracy (uses 1000x less samples and is closer match with the ground truth).

HDRP: Fixed failures on platforms that do not support ray tracing due to an engine behavior change.

HDRP: Fixed for discrepancies in intensity and saturation between screen space refraction and probe refraction.

HDRP: Fixed for wrong cached area light initialization.

HDRP: Fixed gbuffer depth debug mode for materials not rendered during the prepass.

HDRP: Fixed ghosting issues if the exposure changed too much (RTGI).

HDRP: Fixed HDRP's ShaderGraphVersion migration management which was broken.

HDRP: Fixed incorrect RTHandle scale in DoF when TAA is enabled.

HDRP: Fixed invalid pass index 1 in DrawProcedural error.

HDRP: Fixed issue with hierarchy object filtering.

HDRP: Fixed issue with on-demand directional shadow maps looking broken when a reflection probe is updated at the same time.

HDRP: Fixed misc TAA issue: Slightly improved TAA flickering, Reduced ringing of TAA sharpening, tweak TAA High quality central color filtering.

HDRP: Fixed missing API documentation for LTC area light code.

HDRP: Fixed missing global wind parameters in the visual environment.

HDRP: Fixed nullref when enabling fullscreen passthrough in HDRP Camera.

HDRP: Fixed object outline flickering with TAA.

HDRP: Fixed override camera rendering custom pass API aspect ratio issue when rendering to a render texture.

HDRP: Fixed parameter ranges in HDRP Asset settings.

HDRP: Fixed Pixel Displacement that could be set on tessellation shader while it's not supported.

HDRP: Fixed possible QNANS during first frame of SSGI, caused by uninitialized first frame data.

HDRP: Fixed remapping of depth pyramid debug view.

HDRP: Fixed rendering of objects just after the TAA pass (before post process injection point).

HDRP: Fixed rounding issue when accessing the color buffer in the DoF shader.

HDRP: Fixed sceneview debug mode rendering.

HDRP: Fixed some aliasing ussues with the volumetric clouds.

HDRP: Fixed some depth comparison instabilities with volumetric clouds.

HDRP: Fixed some of the extreme ghosting in DLSS by using a bit mask to bias the color of particles. VFX tagged as Exclude from TAA will be on this pass.

HDRP: Fixed support for instanced motion vector rendering.

HDRP: Fixed support of Distortion with MSAA.

HDRP: Fixed support of multi-editing on custom pass volumes.

HDRP: Fixed TAA upsampling algorithm, now work properly.

HDRP: Fixed tessellation displacement with planar mapping.

HDRP: Fixed the APV UI loosing focus when the helpbox about baking appears in the probe volume.

HDRP: Fixed the incorrect value written to the VT feedback buffer when VT is not used.

HDRP: Fixed the possibility to hide custom pass from the create menu with the HideInInspector attribute.

HDRP: Fixed the RTAO debug view being broken.

HDRP: Fixed tiled artifacts in refraction at borders between two reflection probes.

HDRP: Fixed undo on light anchor.

HDRP: Fixed Vertex Color Mode documentation for layered lit shader.

HDRP: Fixed VFX flag "Exclude From TAA" not working for some particle types.

HDRP: Fixed VfX lit particle AOV output color space.

HDRP: Fixed Volumetric Clouds not updated when using RenderTexture as input for cloud maps.

HDRP: Fixed volumetric fog in planar reflections.

HDRP: Fixed warning "Releasing render texture that is set to be RenderTexture.active!" on pipeline disposal / hdrp live editing.

HDRP: Fixed white flash when camera is reset and SSR Accumulation mode is on.

HDRP: Fixed white flashes when history is reset due to changes on type of upsampler.

HDRP: Fixed wobbling/tearing-like artifacts with SSAO.

HDRP: HDRP Wizard can still be opened from Windows > Rendering, if the project is not using a Render Pipeline.

HDRP: Indentation of the HDRenderPipelineAsset inspector UI for quality.

HDRP: Prevent user from spamming and corrupting installation of nvidia package.

HDRP: The HDRP Wizard is only opened when a SRP in use is of type HDRenderPipeline.

IMGUI: Fixed an issue where FoldoutHeader group does not show error when they are nested. (1344968)

IMGUI: Fixed an issue where the gradient color fields gets dark in Playmode. (803349)

IMGUI: Fixed GameObject and Folder icons become pixelated when Quality Levels are deleted and Texture Quality is set to Eight Res. (1249745)

IMGUI: Fixed incorrect calculation of Handles when drawn in the Editor Window. (1338039)

IMGUI: Fixed Lighting window label is clipped when there is plenty space. (1342233)

IMGUI: Fixed memory leak when continuously calling Repaint inside OnGUI after GUI.Window. (1347653)

IMGUI: Fixed the Preview window does not open when Ctrl+Clicked on object field icon. (1353928)

IMGUI: When reordering an item in a ReorderableList, keep the expanded state of the item and its children. (1335323)

Input System: Fixed input events being lost on Android. Optimized input processing performance. (1337296)

iOS: Fixed a crash when the iPhone 12 family were forced to portrait upside down. (1357577)

iOS: Fixed an issue with Bluetooth keyboards whereby they now handle input outside of text entry again. (1355543)

iOS: Fixed graphics memory not being freed on unity unload. (1348481)

iOS: Fixed presentation controller dismissal resulting in black screen when allowed orientations were changed while showing it. (1304313)

iOS: Metal: fixed disabling stencil completely in case of Comparison Function being Disabled, as the "write only" is perfectly valid stencil state (case 1345523). (1345523)

iOS: UnityWebRequest: Fixed upload with automatic authorization. (1341009)

License: Fixed Licensing Client signature check in the Editor.

Linux: Fixed an issue where the Assets menu might be disabled after using the right-click context menu, or items in the context menu are unexpectedly disabled. (1346205)

Linux: Fixed an issue where the Assets menu might be disabled after using the right-click context menu. (1346205)

Linux: Fixed crash when adding a component to an object fails and prompts a modal dialog. (1348654)

Linux: Fixed editor crashing when closing a standalone profiler, or closing the editor after a standalone profiler was launched. (1347024)

Linux: Fixed issue where dismissing a context menu can cause a crash. (1347655)

Linux: Fixed ShaderGraph Node create menu not appearing when "Create Node" is selected from the right click context menu. (1340562)

Linux: Like on Windows, mouse movement will now wrap around the screen edges for certain GUI elements that rely on mouse deltas (i.e. Rotate tool). (1156952)

Linux: Prevent crash when closing the standalone profiler on Linux. (1343811)

macOS: Added support for Apple silicon Editor plugins. Fixed error where x64 plugins report a naming conflict with Apple silicon plugins. (1332566)

macOS: Fixed Cursor.lockState registers input movement as if the mouse is moved to the center first before following the actual mouse movement. (1283506)

macOS: Fixed InputFields share composition string on macOS builds when using IME. (1345917)

macOS: Fixed invalid generated xcode projects when the product name has non-ascii characters. (1347730)

macOS: Fixed mouse delta values are generated after mouse click while the cursor is motionless. (1194673)

macOS: Maintain previous window position when reopening player on MacOS. (1333806)

Mono: Fixed a crash that would occur when a recursive struct was used in user code. (1248911)

Multiplayer: Marked uNET HLAPI as deprecated.

N/A (internal): Fixed build for embeddedlinnux Port fixes from 2020.3 for embedded linux to trunk.

N/A (internal): Fixed exception caused by EmbeddedLinuxPreProcessor, by only executing checks when EmbeddedLinux platform is selected Fixes the removal of unneeded EmbeddedLinux support files (e.g. unstripped debug symbols), to minimize the resulting archive size.

N/A (internal): Re-enabled ShaderImporterTest ImportShader_FromEmbeddedPackage_WithInclude_InRelativeDirectory_IsImported. (1278035)

N/A (internal): Test no longer rely on ordering of merging prefabs when loading a scene. (1349135)

Networking: Fixed crash when a dedicated server tries to load an audio clip on startup. (1354359)

Package: (Recorder) Do not perform the color space conversion from linear to sRGB for RenderTextures that are already sRGB.

Package: (Recorder) Ensure that the color space conversion from sRGB to linear is performed when required for EXR files.

Package: (Recorder) Fixed an exception that occurred when sending a RenderTexture to a Recorder before creating this RenderTexture.

Package: (Recorder) Fixed issues with the Recorder samples about synchronizing multiple recordings and resetting the Game view resolution.

Package: Bug that causes searcher window to prioritize categories over node entries of the same name. (1304055)

Package: Fixed bug that causes searcher window to be offset too far when accounting for host window boundaries.

Package: [Recorder] Fix vertically flipped outputs on OpenGL hardware.

Package: [Recorder] Perform the appropriate color space conversion for Texture Sampling sources when required.

Package: [Visual Scripting] Fixed an issue where uncaught exceptions were thrown in Debug builds of the Windows editor. Fixed custom units not appearing in the finder.

Package Manager: Added a limit to the description for Asset store packages in the editor. (1346719)

Package Manager: Added info box informing users that an Asset is hidden when viewing it in My Assets.

Package Manager: Dependencies' state is automatically refreshed in the list when installed or removed by default. (1360937)

Package Manager: Dependency packages are no longer missing from the Feature dependencies list. (1341060)

Package Manager: Errors are now automatically refreshed once packages are updated to fix the issue. (1342141)

Package Manager: Fixed an issue where packages using Git LFS on Apple Silicon hardware would fail if Git LFS was installed through Homebrew and the Git LFS executable location was not added to the PATH environment variable. (1353769)

Package Manager: Fixed bug where having a package which can't be found shows it as a Unity Technologies package available in the Unity Registry. (1348573)

Package Manager: Fixed issue where package actions remain disabled if installing a package and going to play mode right after. (1341873)

Package Manager: Fixed the issue where copy paste keyboard shortcut does not work in the search box on My Assets tab. (1357462)

Package Manager: Fixed the issue where the search bar in the Package Manager window gets out of focus frequently when user type slowly. (1348902)

Package Manager: Hides the reset feature button if the installed version is a patch of the lifecycle version. (1360446)

Package Manager: Null Exception thrown when an Asset had an update available is fixed. (1357085)

Package Manager: Package installed checkmark hardly noticeable in Light theme. (1348248)

Package Manager: Packages in error no longer disappear from list on resolve. (1343734)

Package Manager: Removed update button to the Unity Registry version of a package if this package is embedded or locally installed. (1354198)

Particles: Fixed crashes if accessing specific properties in uninitialized Collision and Trigger modules from script. (1354044)

Particles: Fixed cycles and frame over time to work together correctly in the Texture Sheet Animation module. (1338814)

Particles: Fixed shortcuts when particle overlay is collapsed. (1340675)

Particles: Fixed Texture Alpha clipping in the Shape module. (1349714)

Physics: Anchored prismatic limit handles in screen space to avoid them occluding small Articulation Body links.

Physics: Character controller will no longer snap downwards when hitting a step wall that is just outside of the step offset reach. (1256900)

Physics: Clamped the Articulation body drive lower and upper limits to each other. (1310004)

Physics: Fixed a crash that happened when resetting the mass properties of a disabled articulation body. (1346489)

Physics: Fixed an issue where "Physics2D.Distance()" always returned zero distance when an overlapped CapsuleCollider2D with a uniform (degenerate) size was used. (1354786)

Physics: Fixed capsule overlaps missing low resolution heightmaps. (1263649)

Physics: Fixed invalid Collider parameters causing crashes in PhysX. (1340746)

Physics: Unity will no longer crash when multiple overlapping rigidbodies are creating over 65 thousand interaction elements. (1328426)

Player: Fixed the player outputing "CreateDirectory '' failed: The system cannot find the path specified." error to stdout when using "-logfile" command line parameter with a relative path. (1343466)

Prefabs: "Prefab Import Error: Assertion failed on expression: 'm_InstanceID != InstanceID_None'" caused by dangling pointers in broken scenes. (1340955)

Prefabs: Catch and handle exception if creating a prefab from Asset Menu fails. (1333618)

Prefabs: Fixed an issue where all descendants on the Prefab Variant would get destroyed after adding the 'Rect Transform' component to the Prefab root. (1340595)

Prefabs: Fixed Base Prefab is referenced in Unity Event when making specific revert on Prefab Variant. (1287926)

Prefabs: Fixed broken scene paths in EditorBuildSettings. (1035848)

Prefabs: Fixed crash with broken scenes where Transform has a PrefabInstance, but the containing GameObject doesn't have one Fixed instability caused by non deterministic order of stripped components. (1325967, 1353816)

Prefabs: Fixed empty error logs when importing Trees. (1354333)

Prefabs: Fixed exception appears while Prefab Asset replaced by its child. (1055879)

Prefabs: Fixed memory gets allocated for GC each frame when using PrefabStageUtility.GetPrefabStage(). (1343935)

Prefabs: Fixed Prefab mode saving too many objects if there are missing nested prefabs. (1339328)

Prefabs: Fixed Prefab sorting issue that re-arranged order of prefabs due to AddedComponents not being handled properly. (1252436)

Prefabs: Fixed redoing Apply override to Prefab crashes Editor. (1355538)

Prefabs: Fixed that HideFlags are not preserved on dynamically created GameObjects from legacy Prefabs when opened in Prefab Mode. (1151418)

Prefabs: Prevent AddComponent to replace the transform object when called in a callback fired within SetParent. (1135408)

Profiler: Added error message when trying to load old profiler data format and direct users to load the data in unity 2018.4. (1341972)

Profiler: Fixed an issue where Mesh cpu data was counted twice. (1339862)

Profiler: Fixed Command line diagnostic switch configurations are not passed on to Profiler (Standalone Process) started from the Editor. (1348776)

Profiler: Fixed fade for non-current samples on Timeline view. (1350111)

Profiler: Fixed failing ProfilerRecorder test on Android. (1320036)

Profiler: Fixed incorrect frame boundary location when profiling standalone builds. (1332845)

Profiler: Fixed invalid time reported by ProlfierRecorder for Main Thread root marker. (1337020)

Profiler: Fixed issue where the CPU chart tooltips could be incorrectly calculated. (1341423)

Profiler: Fixed native plugins API create category function to return a new category. (1338385)

Profiler: Fixed performance test instability. (1351859)

Profiler: Fixed player name label width in Player Connection dropdown to accommodate long strings. Fixed player name reported in Console window on connection to be consistent with Player Connection dropdown. Values in columns will now truncate with elipses if they are too large too fit in the column. When a player is selected the dropdown will now close to mimic the old dropdown behaviour.

Profiler: Fixed ProfilerRecorder GPU capture on DirectX 12 always returns zeroes. (1345021)

Profiler: Player names are no longer aggresively cut off. (1345540)

Profiler: Prevent an ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurring in the Module Editor when enabling deep profiling after deleting a module. (1335309)

Profiler: Removed Gfx Used and Reserved Memory from counters available in release players. The underlying code in memory manager which counts the value is compiled out due to performance reasons and the counter value can not be set. (1339707)

Profiler: The profiler will no longer disconnect when the last connected IP is clicked on a second time. (1322548)

Project Browser: Fixed an issue where sort order of assets in Project Browser is different from Asset picker. (1328148)

Project Browser: Fixed text alignment in Delete assets dialog. (1296099)

Project Browser: Project Browser slider is correctly restored when clearing the search field after selecting a favorite filter. (1348825)

Scene Manager: Aligned scene and instantiation behavior when loading a new scene between Editor and Build. (1046181)

Scene Manager: Fixed an issue where -openscene command line argument didn't open scenes when using -batchmode. (1249100)

Scene Manager: Fixed argument exception is thrown when double-clicking on the DontDestroyOnLoad scene. (1283407)

Scene Manager: Fixed parenting isn't displayed in the Hierarchy after loading a specific custom layout. (1346524)

Scene Manager: Fixed performance regression in SetByInstanceID. (1353323)

Scene Manager: Fixed that loading multiple scenes additively via "Assets/Open Scene Additive" menu item loaded them in random order than as seen in the Project Window. (1323868)

Scene Manager: Fixed that moving a GameObject to a unloading scene on the 'sceneUnloaded' event is possible, and leaves the object without valid scene. An exception is now thrown. (923322)

Scene Manager: OpenScene invoked within a SceneClosed or SceneClosing callback, on the same scene that is being closed, will return error. (902638)

Scene Manager: Removed duplicate adjacent separators in scene paths before building player. (1250807)

Scene/Game View: Fixed case where clicking on a popup button while the popup was open would not close the existing window. (1335070)

Scene/Game View: Fixed errors when exiting play mode with a tool for a non-serialized component active. (1322944)

Scene/Game View: Fixed extraneous EditorApplication.playModeStateChanged callbacks when setting EditorApplication.isPlaying to false in an ExitEditMode state change callback. (1348250)

Scene/Game View: Fixed GameView update with HideFlags.DontSave objects. (1351075)

Scene/Game View: Fixed Hierarchy not allowing drag and drop references to be placed between root objects marked as not editable. (1337512)

Scene/Game View: Fixed Increment Snapping linked property not working. (1351800)

Scene/Game View: Fixed issue where new Scene View windows will open in default overlay layout ignoring any previous layout customization. (1336748)

Scene/Game View: Fixed locked Inspector causing duplicate tool buttons to appear in component tool toolbars. (1338708)

Scene/Game View: Fixed tool settings overlay not updating contents when active tool editor does not support current container layout. (1348529)

Scripting: Fixed an issue causing Editor to lock-up or crash when creating a ScriptableObject that instantiates a new ScriptableObject in OnEnable method. (1332971)

Scripting: Fixed an issue when opening a project using rulesets, Error CS8035 is no longer thrown in the console. (1349517)

Scripting: Fixed case where Define Constraints did not work properly for precompiled assemblies. (1327988)

Scripting: Fixed errors appearing in console when using UI Toolkit package and opening Profiler (Standalone Process). (1346850)

Scripting: Fixed Plane.SetNormalAndPosition behaviour when passing a non-normalized normal vector. (1346589)

Scripting: Prevent context menus near the edge of the screen from popping far away from the context-click on macOS. (1355608)

Scripting: Project generation will get updated PlayerSettings for writing csproj files. (1336737)

Scripting: SemVersionParser.TryParse and UnityVersionParser.TryParse don't throw first chance exceptions anymore. (1340457)

Scripting: When switching to UWP it doesn't add NET_STANDARD_2_0 define, it adds NET_4_6 instead. (1334636)

Scripting: [InitializeOnLoad] classes are now initialized in a defined order based on assembly references, such that if Assembly B depends on Assembly A, all [InitializeOnLoad] classes in Assembly A are guaranteed to be initialized prior to any [InitializeOnLoad] classes in Assembly B. (1344815)

Search: Fixed search by type tags are not adapted for use with the Quick Search engine. (1334338)

Search: Fixed text in the search field of the Search window doesn't get selected after focusing the window and clicking on the field once. (1338063)

Serialization: Changed the internal behavior of the SerializedProperty.propertyPath eliminating unnecessary string allocations on every call.

Serialization: Fixed an issue where Unity could crash when recursively calling methods that invoke serialization. (1227302)

Serialization: Fixed cancel case when deleting an array element with multiple objects selected. (1305941)

Serialization: Fixed for name conversion not working in specific code path. (1352617)

Serialization: Fixed for SerializedObject to retain individual object array content, when multiple objects selected and the last element is added or removed. (1277419)

Serialization: In addition to SerializeReference, class referred by value will also be considered and added to the list of classes not to be stripped when performing a Player Build / Asset Bundle Build / Addressable Build. (1296195)

Serialization: Keep references to unknown ScriptableObject as "Missing" instead becoming "None" when loading Scene or Prefab. (1328065)

Serialization: Reference from Prefab to missing asset becomes valid once asset is added back to project, without reimport. (1270634)

Shadergraph: Fixed a ShaderGraph issue where a material inspector could contain an extra set of render queue, GPU instancing, and double-sided GI controls.

Shadergraph: Fixed a warning in ShaderGraph about BuiltIn Shader Library assembly having no scripts.

Shadergraph: Fixed incorrect warning while using VFXTarget.

Shadergraph: Fixed loading all materials from project when saving a ShaderGraph.

Shadergraph: Fixed ShaderGraph BuiltIn target shader GUI to allow the same render queue control available on URP with the changes for case.

Shadergraph: Fixed ShaderGraph isNaN node, which was always returning false on Vulkan and Metal platforms.

Shadergraph: Fixed the incorrect value written to the VT feedback buffer when VT is not used.

Shadergraph: Updated the ShaderGraph searcher package dependency to be in sync with the latest searcher package version i.e. 4.8.0.

Shaders: Enabling "Optimize mesh data" in player settings no longer makes the build process significantly slower. (1349093)

Shaders: Fixed a rare Editor crash when loading shaders. (1352326)

Shaders: Fixed an issue whereby the built-in shaders zip package no longer contains a bunch of empty folders.

Shaders: Fixed Editor being nearly unusable when compiling heavy compute shaders in the background. (1348455)

Shaders: Updated DXC libraries to fix a regression with DXIL validation for shaders that use barycentrics and possibly other newer features. (1349629)

Stadia: Changed the compiler and linker platform name for il2cpp to match it. (1356829)

Stadia: Stadia runtime fails to initialize graphics engine and crashes. (1356798)

uGUI: Added a new data unavailable message to the UI Profiler for when this is not attached to the editor. (1251139)

uGUI: Added a NullReferenceException when selecting a Dropdown Component override in the prefab overrides menu for the second time. (1308539)

uGUI: Added a switch to Canvas to allow the user to determine if the canvas should resize on manual Camera.Render calls.

uGUI: Changed the calculations to take in consideration images that may be smaller than their RecTransform. Fixes the raycasting on those images. (1341107)

uGUI: Fixed an issue to force update the Canvas RectTransform on load from disk, so that Override nested Canvas can still get a proper world transform for rendering. (1322784)

uGUI: Fixed some UGUI editor fields not showing prefab override indicators. (1290387)

uGUI: Fixed the formula in GridLayout to make sure the constraint column/row amount is always respected. (1345471)

uGUI: Fixed the SliderEditor's slider handler disappearing when setting a min value greater than the value on a Slider preset. (1337860)

uGUI: Fixed the way the raycast 2D is calculated to take in account the Z position of the sprite. (1340417)

uGUI: Fixed UI Components causing GC Allocation when enabled. (1299752)

uGUI: Makes sure no call to the ReadPixels is made while using a crunch compression on an image. (1341100)

uGUI: Removed the allocation caused by the GetComponent in the layout when scrolling. (1343656)

uGUI: Updated the Raycast Target property at runtime even if started as disabled. (1341044)

UI Toolkit: Fixed a couple of issues with the UI of Transform in UI Builder. (1342227)

UI Toolkit: Fixed a logic error when deciding whether styles should be updated when the pseudo states change. (1348866)

UI Toolkit: Fixed absolute child element ignore padding of the parent. (1348644)

UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue causing ListView's reordering to stop working after docking its parent window to a new pane. (1345142)

UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where setting the same StyleKeyword to a style property would dirty the panel. (1356202)

UI Toolkit: Fixed bad bounding box calculation causing clicking on rotated elements sometimes resulting in no click. (1345300)

UI Toolkit: Fixed checker pattern background no longer visible. (1340240)

UI Toolkit: Fixed corrupted atlas for Inter. (1330758)

UI Toolkit: Fixed display of matching selectors in UI Builder. (1332393)

UI Toolkit: Fixed dynamic atlas not being regenerated after downloading a texture from the cache server. (1333693)

UI Toolkit: Fixed DynamicTransform elements disappearing when assigning a Vector2 scale factor. (1341601)

UI Toolkit: Fixed editor window creation menu references. Now created files can be renamed. (1347331)

UI Toolkit: Fixed element sometimes entering hover state when window is resized. (1290545)

UI Toolkit: Fixed exception in ListView when pressing page up key after hitting navigation keys. (1324806)

UI Toolkit: Fixed exceptions being thrown when setting the value of an EnumField inside the UI Builder. (1331021)

UI Toolkit: Fixed ExecutiveCommand commandName being stripped when a sent event require a new layout pass. (1329303)

UI Toolkit: Fixed first visible items in the ListView sometimes not refreshing properly. (1343183)

UI Toolkit: Fixed GraphView shader not compiling on Shader Model < 3.0. (1348285)

UI Toolkit: Fixed hardcoded paths in editor window creation menu. (1317521)

UI Toolkit: Fixed hover state remaining after a touch event on iOS and Android. UI Toolkit runtime now ignores simulated mouse events if no mouse is present on the device. (1326493)

UI Toolkit: Fixed Image class alignment issue on non-standard DPIs. (1330817)

UI Toolkit: Fixed inconsistencies in the visuals of text underline/strikethrough. (1349202)

UI Toolkit: Fixed incorrect pointer enter events and pointer leave events in playmode using the DefaultEventSystem. (1313220)

UI Toolkit: Fixed infinite loop in CreateInspectorGUI if Editor contains a child InspectorElement targetting a different SerializedObject. (1336093)

UI Toolkit: Fixed missing Length conversions for style transitions between px and % units. (1348296)

UI Toolkit: Fixed NullReferenceException thrown when calling GetWindow<>() inside ShowWindow() when called from [InitializeOnLoad] class. (1325267)

UI Toolkit: Fixed NullReferenceException when clicking the Settings button in the UI Builder window. (1340230)

UI Toolkit: Fixed performance test issue for UI Toolkit renderer repaints. (1337832)

UI Toolkit: Fixed pointer events not working correctly when multiple UI Documents have different Screen Match values. (1341135)

UI Toolkit: Fixed scissor clipping on hidden elements. (1340827)

UI Toolkit: Fixed scroll wheel event modifiers not assigned when using EventSystem and StandaloneInputModule combination in UI Toolkit. (1347855)

UI Toolkit: Fixed ScrollToItem after a rebind. (1343187)

UI Toolkit: Fixed selection on pointer up on mobile to allow touch scrolling. (1312139)

UI Toolkit: Fixed slow color changes on labels. (1337368)

UI Toolkit: Fixed TextCore outline/shadow color in editor. (1341868)

UI Toolkit: Fixed the color and style of the title text in the UI Toolkit debugger. (1344018)

UI Toolkit: Fixed the EnumField's type and value incorrectly fetching data from the UXML document inside the UI Builder. Improved the EnumField and ObjectField type input to display an auto-complete popup inside the UI Builder. Fixed the value input of an EnumField to use an EnumField instead of TextField inside the UI Builder. Fixed the value input of an TagField to use an TagField instead of TextField inside the UI Builder. Fixed the value input of an LayerField to use an LayerField instead of TextField inside the UI Builder. Fixed the value input of an LayerMaskField to use an LayerMaskField instead of LayerMaskField inside the UI Builder. (1330804)

UI Toolkit: Fixed the EnumField's value from being cleared while saving a UXML document inside the UI Builder. (1330802)

UI Toolkit: Fixed the issue that Text Settings can not be created in a local package when right-clicking the local package folder. (1327812)

UI Toolkit: Fixed the issue that UI Document created in a local package appeared in the Assets folder, with incorrect default file name. (1327810)

UI Toolkit: Fixed the lack of feedback to users about problems with the UIDocument and PanelSettings inspectors. (1351792)

UI Toolkit: Fixed the missing Unicode arrow on ShaderGraph Transform Node. (1333774)

UI Toolkit: Fixed the UI Builder and the UI Toolkit Debugger displaying duplicates in the matching selector sections. (1347536)

UI Toolkit: Fixed UI Toolkit Event Debugger's layout when docked. (1340243)

UI Toolkit: Fixed UI Toolkit Live Reload errors on Editor Window after modifying uxml file and returning to Editor and the window is docked. (1329767)

UI Toolkit: Fixed UI Toolkit throwing InvalidOperationExceptions when Input Manager isn't accessible. (1336180)

UI Toolkit: Fixed UIT-1340195 and UIT-1340189

Can't assign a none Font in UIBuilder Selecting a FontAsset to none in the UI Builder throws warnings Added test to check that it is possible to set both Font and FontAsset to none. (1340189, 1340195) UI Toolkit: Fixed uxml files not being re-imported after changes in the uxml importer. (1343398)

UI Toolkit: In the UI Builder, the user can no longer use the inspector on a style selector and rename the selector to an empty name (UI Builder). (1342352)

UI Toolkit: Submit event on a ListView focuses in the content to allow keyboard navigation. (1311688)

UI Toolkit: TemplateContainer has its own icon and no longer shows the custom control icon when is nested in another template (UI Builder). (1340837)

UI Toolkit: TextField text selection area is displayed incorrectly. (1347904)

UI Toolkit: The IMGUIContainer control will now be available as an editor-only control from the UI Builder. (1354419)

UI Toolkit: UI Toolkit: Fixes the content of the transition properties dropdown being appended instead of recreated when opening the UI Builder window. (1343063)

UI Toolkit: When loading a project that contains a dialog that is embedded in the editor, the dialog's CreateGUI callback is invoked after the Awake and OnEnable callbacks. (1326173)

Undo System: Added warning for large actions which overflow the undo stack. (1204737)

Undo System: Fixed an issue where script's icon does not change back on Undo in the Project window. (1331877)

Undo System: Fixed undo/redo of adding objects to scriptable objects. (1294434)

Undo System: Improved performance when overwriting the redo stack.

URP: Fixed an issue where shadow artefacts appeared between cascades on Terrain Detail objects.

URP: Fixed an issue where ShadowCasters were sometimes being rendered twice in the editor while in playmode.

URP: Fixed an issue where Sprite type Light2Ds were missing a default sprite.

URP: Fixed an issue where Sprite type Light2Ds would throw an exeception if missing a sprite.

URP: Fixed CopyDepthPass incorrectly always enqueued when deferred rendering mode was enabled when it should depends on the pipeline asset settings.

URP: Fixed indentation of Emission map on material editor.

URP: Fixed sceneview debug mode rendering.

URP: Fixed shaderGraph shaders to render into correct depthNormals passes when deferred rendering mode and SSAO are enabled.

URP: MotionVector fix when using Native RenderPass. (1348528)

Version Control: Fixed contextual menu not showing up in project view.

Version Control: Fixed some namespace collisions with Antlr3.

Version Control: Fixed SSO renew token after password change.

Version Control: Fixed view not switching to workspace after creating an Enterprise Gluon workspace.

Version Control: The problem to display Checkout button for package.json files is solved. (1332659)

VFX Graph: Blackboard fields can now be duplicated either with a shortcut (Ctrl+D) or with a contextual menu option.

VFX Graph: Enabled an optimization for motion vectors, storing projected positions for vertices instead of the transform matrix.

VFX Graph: Fixed an exception thrown when using WorldToLocal/LocalToWorld operators. (1335940)

VFX Graph: Fixed collision with depth buffer when using a physical camera. (1344733)

VFX Graph: Fixed collision with depth buffer when using an orthographic camera. (1309958)

VFX Graph: Fixed incorrect buffer type for strips.

VFX Graph: Fixed unexpected Spawn context execution ordering.

VFX Graph: Minor : Static Analysis issue. (1336647)

VFX Graph: Properties labels do not overlap anymore.

VFX Graph: Sticky notes can now be deleted through contextual manual menu.

VFX Graph: VFX Graph operators keep the same width when expanded or collpased so that the button does not change position.

VFX Graph: When adding a new node/operator in the graph editor and using the search field, the search results are sorted in a smarter way.

Video: Fixed an exploit found in the libvpx. (1345217)

Video: Reenabled VideoPlaybackPlayAllFramesWithLooping test case on UWP. (1171545)

Virtual Texturing: Completed requests now won't be incorrectly canceled if the last InvalidateRegion call is made before PopRequests.

Virtual Texturing: Fixed issue where VT-only textures were rendered as default color in the Player when VT was disabled. (1280281)

WebGL: Added workaround for audio distortion bug in Safari. (1350204)

WebGL: Fixed an issue where a URP scene was being rendered incorrectly on desktop browsers with the new texture subtarget options in the build settings. (1343208)

WebGL: Fixed fullscreen mode on Safari. (1347304)

WebGL: Removed guarding of "User-Agent" header in UnityWebRequest API. (1287962)

WebGL: Updated Firefox used by test runner to 78.9.0esr. (1328942)

WebGL: WebGL's new input system handler was incorrectly returning the mouse position relative to the web page and not the Unity canvas. It also did not return the position in the middle of the canvas when the cursor was locked, so I added that as well. (1347311)

Windows: Fixed icons from incorrectly loading low resolution images on screens with >100% DPI scaling. (1334355)

Windows: Fixed incorrect mouse Y position in the new input system when rendering at non-native resolution. (1345405)

Windows: Fixed mouse position being off-by-1 pixel when rendering at lower than native resolution in certain cases.

Windows: Fixed resolution resetting to native resolution on primary window when trying to move the secondary window use Display.SetParams.

Windows: Fixed UnityWebRequest does not respect auto proxy settings. (1309324)

Windows: UnityCrashHandler.exe will no longer inherit all Windows handles from the editor/player when launched, which should eliminate some problems with it causing files to be locked unnecessarily.

XR: Fixed crash in AddLateLatchControllerLocation with normal non-XR rendering. (1339831)

XR: Splash screen now sends correct zNear and zFar values to XRDisplaySystem.

XR: Updated OpenXR package to 1.2.3.

XR: Updated the verified AR Foundation related packages to 4.2.0-pre.9. Please see the AR Foundation package changelog for details.


Third Party Notices

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