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A vote for a bug
Nov 20, 2013|2:0 Min
A vote for a bug

Due to popular demand, we have decided to open our bug database to the public. Take a look at the issue tracker and vote on the bugs that are most important to you here.

We want to enable you to search our known bugs easily, so you can identify problems in your games and find workarounds faster. As a user, you can also comment on bugs, vote on bugs that are important to you, suggest workarounds you found or add information. We will use this information in our ongoing prioritization of bugs, so you can have a very real impact on the future of Unity.

When you have logged in with your Unity Developer Network account, you will have 10 votes you can place on active bugs. If a bug is resolved or in other ways removed, the vote is returned to you. You can always see a list of your own votes on the site.

Privacy has been a huge concern for us, so ANY bug which reveals ANY information about the submitter will NOT be made public. It is a manual task for QA to mark bugs public and the default is that a bug is NOT public. Likewise, we are not sharing projects, logs, attachments or communication on any bug even though it might help others. We simply can't risk any privacy to be invaded.

The bugs you will see on the site are all confirmed internally in Unity. They are reproducible and acknowledged. If you have sent a report to us, it will not be visible before we have processed it, so it may not even become public, depending on how we decide to handle it. The fields we use are set specifically by us, so no part of what you write will be public without editing and your email address is nowhere on the site.

We are very excited about opening up this new way to communicate with you. We hope it will result in an even tighter and more relevant prioritization of bugs. Enjoy, and use your voting power!