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The Graveyard: A postmortem write-up
TOM HIGGINS / Anonymous
Dec 1, 2008|1:0 Min
The Graveyard: A postmortem write-up

For those who haven't seen it, The Graveyard (from the folks at Tale of Tales) is a unique and intriguing experiment of sorts that blurs the line between artwork, games and interactive experiences. It first cropped up on the Unity Community Forums some time ago and now there is a great postmortem write up on gamasutra.com that spans ten pages. In the postmortem they walk from concept on through to completion and talk about things that went right, wrong and otherwise. For anyone using Unity or working in the interactive 3D space it should prove to be an interesting read so go give it a look!

Postmortem: Tale of Tales' The Graveyard