Cautiva a los jugadores con asombrosos formatos de anuncios

Cuenta la historia de tu juego con anuncios que atraigan a los jugadores.

Formas comprobadas para atraer a nuevos jugadores


Rewarded video and interstitials are some of the most engaging ad formats out there – commanding attention to ensure ROI.

Playable ads

With playable ads, players can experience part of the game before download to drive more engagement and conversion.

End cards

End cards support video ads to drive conversion. These full-screen units follow the video and offer your audience an easy call to action inviting them to install the game.

Linh Tijan, Sr. Manager, User Acquisition, Kongregate

"Unity Ads ofrece rendimiento de calidad a escala. De manera sistemática hemos alcanzado o superado nuestras metas en cuanto a ROI, y la introducción de anuncios reproducibles nos ha permitido llegar a un volumen como nunca habíamos visto de usuarios muy comprometidos".

Linh Tijan, Sr. Manager, User Acquisition, Kongregate
Erlend Christoffersen, Director of User Acquisition, Supercell

"En nuestra experiencia, los anuncios en formato de video generan usuarios muy comprometidos. Ha sido un placer trabajar con el equipo de Unity Ads".

Erlend Christoffersen, Director of User Acquisition, Supercell


Leverage an algorithm and automation to spend smarter

Our algorithm incorporates thousands of inputs to predict the likelihood that a given user will install a game after seeing an ad. We look at contextual signals, inputs about the user at the time of the ad request, and behavioral inputs to more accurately predict each user’s conversion rate so we can set a fair price for the ad buy.

Machine learning-based creative optimization

At Unity, we’re always trying to optimize ad units to find the sweet spot for optimal performance and user experience. We use a machine learning-based approach, a multi-armed bandit (MAB), that lets us test many designs to display the best design for users depending on the context, without any action needed by the advertiser.

Everything you need to reach your audience

Whether you are a performance marketer, brand marketer or demand side platform (DSP), Unity’s advertising solutions have everything you need to meet your campaign goals.

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