The Unity Awards

The winners are in! Thanks for sharing your love for Unity-powered creators and projects in the 15th Unity Awards.

Best Desktop/Console Game

Whatever the vision for your game – simple or complex, with 2D or 3D visuals – a great gaming experience blends concept, innovation, and creativity into one stellar package.

Cult of the lamb

Cult of the Lamb 

by Massive Monster 


Runners Up

Best Mobile Game

These incredible games combine unique concepts, creative visuals, and intuitive controls for delight that’s designed to fit in your pocket.

mobile game


by Second Dinner 


Runners Up

Best Multiplayer Game

Whether you’re playing online with strangers around the world or in person with friends on your couch, these multiplayer games are some of the best ways out there to bring people together.

best multiplayer


by Second Dinner 


Runners Up

Best AR/VR Game

This category looks at creators who are forging the future of immersive content with cutting-edge AR/VR games.

among us

Among Us VR

by Innersloth, Schell Games, Robot Teddy


Runners Up

Best Game Published on Supersonic

For those who appreciate fun on the run, we’re celebrating the best hypercasual game published on Supersonic. In the highly competitive mobile game ecosystem, some developers have pushed the barriers with their game ideation, ad implementation and game progression which have enabled their game to achieve incredible success.


Best 2D Visuals

Adding more dimensions doesn’t mean more impact. This category recognizes achievements in building beautiful and memorable 2D game worlds.

marvel snap awards


by Second Dinner 


Runners Up

Best 3D Visuals

This category celebrates achievements for artistic vision in a 3D world. Whether hand-painted, realistic, or super-stylized, these 3D visual styles stood out.

slime rancher

Slime Rancher 2 

by Monomi Park 


Runners Up

The Golden Cube

This category is for the experiences that really took our breath away, celebrating the best overall games at the 15th Unity Awards.

golden cube


by Second Dinner 


Runners Up

Best Student Project

This category celebrates some of the fantastic projects developed by creators who are studying at an educational institution – and shaping the future ahead.


Meowmentum Mori 

by Vancouver Film School


Runners Up

  • Re:Fresh / Merge Conflict Studio, University of Texas at Austin
  • Slider / Daniel Carr and VGDev
  • I(Eye) / Laura Timmermann, HBK Essen
  • Curtain Call / Vancouver Film School

Best Social Impact Project

Celebrating strong social impact experiences in any format that align concept and creativity with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

terra Nil

Terra Nil

by Free Lives


Runners Up

Best Animated Film

Real-time technology lets artists and agencies unleash their creative freedom to produce immersive experiences that make us think and feel with moving visuals.



by Nayt Cochran & IV Studio


Runners Up

Asset Store Publisher of the Year

No matter the size or experience of your team, these time-saving tools and art packs can power up what’s possible to help you achieve your creative vision.

Best Development Tool

These Asset Store tools extend Unity’s capabilities to boost your productivity and push performance to the next level.


FPS Engine 

by Cowsins 


Runners Up

Best Artistic Tool

Artists of all backgrounds can get help achieving their creative visions with great tools that do some of the heavy lifting to produce incredible content.

Best Artistic Content

Whether you’re creating massive modular environments, cool visual effects, or fun and exciting characters, these asset packs help you bring your ideas to life.

Best Devlog Series

Devlogs are deep dives into the development of a single project with behind-the-scenes profiles that educate and inspire.

dinky guardians

Dinky Guardians

by Code Monkey


Runners Up

Most Entertaining

A good tutorial challenges you to do and see things differently. These creators strive to help you learn and laugh at the same time.

Best Tutorial Series

Hundreds of extraordinary Unity content creators produce valuable videos for hobbyists and professionals to sharpen their skills. These are some of the best.

Best Livestreamer

By livestreaming their development in Unity, these creators share deep insights that empower others to achieve more in their own work.

Best Newcomer

Every year, incredible new creators start building and sharing with Unity. This category celebrates the newest content creators on the scene.

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