Tweet, tweet, tweeting! I'm now on Twitter...
TOM HIGGINS / Anonymous
Feb 25, 2009|1:0 Min
Tweet, tweet, tweeting! I'm now on Twitter...

I remember a long time ago when I first heard of this odd new (at that time) site called Orkut, I readily signed up and started my own person social networking experience. Before long it seemed that Orkut was passe and it was replaced with Friendster. Again I signed up and joined the fray, but I soon grew weary of the experience and dropped off the radar for a bit. Instead of using social networking sites I focused on my own personal website and interest-specific forums for meeting up and interacting with others online. Due to not fully enjoying those early experiences I was slow to get back into things with the advent of LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook and of course one of the newest entrants into the fray, Twitter.

Slowly but surely I succumbed, ultimately signing up for both LinkedIn (here) and Facebook (here) skipping over and avoiding the whole MySpace experience. As of late I've come across lots of folks jumping on the Twitter bandwagon and so I figured that it was finally time to give it a go. So today I finally signed up for a Twitter account, feel free to stalk me... err, "follow" me, if you'd like:

I'm now following a number of folks, many of whome are coworkers at Unity Technologies or members of the Unity Community. Are you on Twitter? Will I follow you next? <insert evil music here>