7DFPS 2014
JOE ROBINS / Anonymous
Nov 18, 2014|1:0 Min
7DFPS 2014

Last week saw game developers across the globe coming together to take part in the 3rd annual 7DFPS (7 Day First Person Shooter) game jam. It's always been a favorite jam of mine, since the 7 day constraint allows for enough development time to really polish an idea beyond the standard 48 hour limitation. The resulting games can serve as excellent prototypes or proofs of concept to develop further.

The other cool thing about the jam is that developers have gone on to build upon 7DFPS prototype successes, like the French team 5 bit games behind DeadCore or the folks behind SUPERHOT.

This year there have been yet more amazing entries and I've picked out a few here that I really enjoyed. As always, I would highly recommend that you visit the 7DFPS site to check out the full listings. It's also worth noting that not all the Unity projects are tagged as such, so a little exploring is required.

The first game that really caught my eye was Frail Shells by @fromsmiling which creates a fantastic intense atmosphere and goes on to deliver much more than that(be sure to complete that first mission).

Frail Shells755

The next game that impressed me was Shift by @shawnbecktp. I really dug the clean art style, use of motion blur and tight controls.


Last, but not least, I really liked Ocean Highway Patrol. Although it's unfinished, I really liked the core concept and wild art style.


Naturally this is only a small glimpse of some of the amazing concepts put together over the course of the jam, so I'd highly recommend you go and check out all the awesome things that have been created. Congratulations to all who took part!