Pixyz Review

Instantly review, collaborate, and interact with complex assemblies on desktop and in virtual reality (VR).

Enhance and speed up design workflows

Pixyz Review enables teams to visualize, interact, and customize scenes from 3D and CAD data for desktop review or VR real-scale experiences. Remotely connect multiple sites to conduct collaborative design reviews from anywhere.

Pixyz Review feature graphic

Import different formats

Pixyz Review works with most native CAD, mesh, and point clouds. Simply drag and drop your files – no conversion needed.

No more lag

Navigate through dense product hierarchy. Inspect and analyze large or complex assemblies with Pixyz Review’s powerful viewer.

Review fast graphic

Plug and Play graphic

Plug and play

Connect a headset, grab a controller, and switch to VR to analyze and interact with models in a fully immersive and focused environment.


Daily engineering checks

Visualize heavy and rich 3D files from any source without performance limitations.

VR design review

Anticipate future design errors with fast and fluid collaborative reviews.

VR industrialization review

Validate concepts faster, reduce physical testing, and perform quick ergonomic studies.

Maintainability studies

Anticipate mountability and maintenance issues before they happen.

Technical documentation

Highlight what matters inside complex assemblies.

Production line layout

Reduce iteration time and investment on new production line implementation.

Customer product presentation

Strengthen relationships with customers with immersive real-time 3D presentations.

Get Pixyz Review

Data should be accessible to everyone. Start enabling instant reviews and seamless collaboration today.

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