Unity Guidelines for Vendors

Last updated: August 1, 2016

If Unity Technologies and/or its affiliates (“Unity”) is considering engaging you to provide services, these guidelines explain how to send in your proposal and, if an agreement is signed, invoices.

Step 1

Send to your Unity contact a proposal with all details listed below. If you have questions about your proposal’s content, reach out to your Unity contact. Do not send your agreement form, only send your proposal.

Step 2

Unity receives your proposal and, if approved by Unity, will include relevant information from it in Unity’s form services agreement and statement of work (SOW).

PLEASE NOTE: Unity has no obligation to award any contract for work, goods and/or services as a result of these guidelines, and neither these guidelines nor any proposal or response to any proposal creates any legal obligations between you and Unity.

Your Company’s General Information

  • Full legal name and address of company to be paid (or yourself, if Unity is engaging you directly)
  • Primary contact: name, phone number, email address
  • Authorized signatory: name, title, email address

Project Description

Scope of Work. Tell us what you will be doing for Unity. Be concise and limit your scope of work to only an essential description of the services. Explain the purpose, goals and objectives of the services you will be providing, and include key expected outcomes.

Timeline and Key Deliverables. Include a clear project timeline, indicating when finished products (deliverables) will be completed and submitted to Unity. Include start and end dates for the project.

Project Team. Briefly describe your project team and key personnel providing the services.

Budget. All projects should include a complete budget with the following information:

  • Detailed table of compensation rates and total cost. Be sure to break this down into materials and labor.
  • Expenses, if applicable (note: all expense payments will be reimbursed at cost without markup)


Unity billing email. Once you have a signed contract with Unity, you can send in your invoices by email to one of the following regional addresses with a cc to your Unity contact for approval:

Americas: AP_SF@unity3d.com

Asia/Pacific: AP_UTS@unity3d.com

Europe/Middle East/Africa:

What to include. Include wiring instructions for payment (see below), a unique invoice number, the Unity services agreement name and date, your Unity contact’s name, and the name of the project.

Don’t forget the details. Invoices for fees must include details like dates, hours, and services provided.

Wiring instructions. Include the payee’s name (you or your company), your bank’s name and address, your bank account number, IBAN number (if applicable) and SWIFT code (if applicable).

Expenses. Unity will reimburse you at cost for actual third party expenses, where agreed to in the SOW. For reimbursable expenses, include with your invoice a detailed itemization of expenses and copies of all receipts.

Are you performing services for Unity’s US entity? We need a signed tax form to set you up as a vendor:

  • U.S.-based vendors: W-9
  • Non-U.S. vendors (individuals or entities): W-8BEN-E