Player Accounts

Part of Authentication, Player Accounts is a Unity-branded, browser-based player account and sign-in solution. It provides a secure, consistent, and seamless account experience for your players.

Player Accounts is the foundation of your live game

Successful live games engage players with features like friends lists, leaderboards, achievements, and more. Players need a persistent game identity to get the most value from these features. Player Accounts offers a player sign-in and identity solution that enables this personalized experience.

Unlock cross-play friendly communication

Keep up with players across multiple devices

Seamless integration with other Unity products

Being part of Unity’s Authentication service means that using Player Accounts for your player-identity solution makes it easier to build your game features with the Unity Gaming Services portfolio. Leverage these integrations to save feature-development time.

Persistent experience across platforms and devices

If your audience plays your game across multiple devices, they will expect a smooth transition between platforms. Player Accounts ensures this on any device, from mobile to desktop, reducing friction and increasing player engagement.

Persistent experience across platforms and devices

Key benefits

Integrated with UGS and the Unity Editor

Player Accounts is the out-of-the-box sign-in and identity solution for Unity Gaming Services (UGS) and Unity’s ecosystem. It is seamlessly integrated with Authentication and offers additional features such as organization-level player identifiers.

Cross-platform and cross-device

Your players can sign up and sign in to your games across a range of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS.


By leveraging organization-level player identifiers, you can maintain persistent player profiles across all your games.

Streamlined user sign-up and sign-in journey

Your players have the flexibility to sign up or sign in to their accounts using their preferred method, such as email and password or social accounts like Google or Apple.

Frictionless sign-in experience

Players can start playing anonymously and sign up later without losing any progress, which eliminates a common barrier to play. And single sign-on (SSO) enables players to log in once and access all their Player Accounts-enabled games without re-entering credentials.

Integrate once and forget it

Once integrated, Player Accounts automatically updates to help your players stay in sync with new features and security improvements – no game changes required.



Learn more about Player Accounts and find out what’s new.


Learn more about Authentication to understand how it unlocks more functionality with other Unity Gaming Services.


Visit the forum to ask questions and find solutions from the community and the Unity team.

Build the foundation for a great player experience

Start using Player Accounts and Authentication to create a seamless and secure sign-in experience for your players, including tracking their progress and purchases across devices.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Player Accounts for?

Player Accounts is for Unity developers who require a cross-platform, cross-device and/or cross-game identity provider for their players. If you already have an identity solution, you can continue using it.

What are the supported platforms and languages?

Player Accounts currently supports Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. Language support includes Arabic, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

How much does it cost?

Player Accounts is a free Unity product.

How do Player Accounts and Authentication fit together?

Authentication is an authentication solution for you to create new users within games, and it supports platform-specific logins such as Google Play, Apple, Facebook, Steam, and in-house sign-in solutions. Player Accounts is Unity’s sign-in solution that ensures persistence across platforms, devices, and games.

Is Player Accounts a requirement/dependency for Authentication or UGS?

Player Accounts is just one identity provider that Authentication supports in addition to Anonymous, Apple, Google, Facebook, Steam, etc.

Where can I learn more about Player Accounts and Authentication?

You can view the Player Accounts documentation, the Authentication documentation, and/or visit the Player Accounts forum to speak with the Unity team directly.

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