Five Unity tutorials for new game developers

Here are some of the best video tutorials from some of our favorite content creators to help you learn game development in Unity.

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In the wide world of game development, information abounds. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself in a sea of information so deep that you’ll struggle to keep your head above water. Tutorial videos are a great way of learning new information without feeling overwhelmed. We’ve assembled five of the best Unity tutorials from YouTube creators to help you become familiar with the tools and mindset of game development. Watch, listen, and learn from Unity pros.

1. Brackeys: Introduction to Microgames

Beginners and advanced users alike have benefitted from Brackeys’ entertaining and educational Unity tutorials. Brackeys began releasing video tutorials on YouTube in 2012. The small team has been creating games in Unity since they were kids. 

This video, “Making your first FPS in Unity with FPS Microgame!” will take you through one of Unity’s Microgames, which are designed to get new users working on real projects as quickly as possible. You’ll see Brackeys loading and interacting with the FPS Microgame and see how to customize it and make it your own.

2. Sykoo: The developer mindset and work ethic

Sam Dogantimur, better known as Sykoo, has been sharing his game dev expertise with YouTube viewers for the past 5 years. He’s such an effective teacher of Unity, we decided to hire him

Not only does he create fantastic videos about game development, but now, as a Unity online evangelist, he also helps others build their skills and grow their brands.

In “How to become a game dev in 2020!” he explains the mindset and practical work it takes to start transforming yourself into a game developer.

3. Thomas Brush: 2D game creation


Thomas Brush is a celebrated indie developer. His game Pinstripe, released in 2017, has earned numerous accolades and scored 5 out of 5 from Time magazine. His new game, Neversong, is set to launch in May 2020.

Thomas creates and designs his games in Unity, and he has a great 2D visual style. In “How to make a 2D game” he makes some recommendations for structuring your game and organizing the Unity Editor and offers some clever camera techniques, storage advice and asset creation tips.

4. Jonas Tyroller: 3D game creation

Jonas Tyroller’s Youtube channel documents his journey into game development. Jonas dabbled in programming and game design in university, but he is essentially self-taught and proficient with Unity. You can watch his progress – from creating a simple game prototype with a few fun mechanics to contributing to a full city sim, among other solo projects.

In “How to make your first game today!” Jonas introduces you to the Editor and helps you build your first 3D game. That’s right: if you follow the instructions (which still apply to current builds of Unity), at the end you will have a playable game.

5. Unity: All things Unity

Newcomers will find a lot of valuable content in our own Unity tutorials on YouTube.

Watch the featured video to start modifying one of our Microgames. Try this beginner scripting series to familiarize yourself with some coding fundamentals that will help you program your first game. Or be inspired by the incredible possibilities of Unity.

These Unity tutorials can, and will, help you start creating in Unity. There’s only one last step: open the Editor, and start building. Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be teaching other aspiring game developers how to create amazing games.



Start building, keep learning

Download the Unity Editor, keep checking out our beginner resources, and continue your journey into game development.

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