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Road to the Metaverse, Executive Series, Episode 4: Metaverse avatars and the importance of an interoperable identity
Nov 4, 2022

Watch on-demand, special guest: Timmu Tõke, CEO of Ready Player Me.

In this fireside chat, Ryan and Timmu will discuss:

  • What an open metaverse means and why an interoperable identity matters
  • What’s missing from interoperability
  • Different use cases for avatars in the metaverse
  • How avatars will change monetization strategies in the metaverse

For more information on Ready Player Me and Unity, or to find out how Unity’s Accelerate Solutions can help you build your metaverse project, please contact us.

Meet your hosts

RYAN PETERSON / UNITYVP of Accelerate Solutions

Ryan leads Unity’s professional services group, Accelerate Solutions. The Accelerate Solutions team offers bespoke consulting and development services to a broad range of industries from game and film studios to energy, retail, and manufacturing companies. Ryan has over 25 years of experience in consulting and business development. He was the CEO of Finger Foods Advanced Technology Group, a digital transformation company acquired by Unity in 2020.


Timmu Tõke is the cofounder and CEO of Ready Player Me, the cross-app avatar platform for the metaverse, used by 3,500+ developers. In 2019, Timmu and his cofounders were named to Forbes 30 Under 30. Prior to Ready Player Me, Timmu cofounded Wolf3D, a company that built hardware-based 3D scanners along with custom avatar tech for customers like Tencent, Huawei, HTC, and Verizon.

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