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SpeedTree 9.5: Unleash creative control and realism with procedural detailing
ALICE GARDNER / UNITYContent Marketing Manager
Jul 20, 2023|3 Min
SpeedTree 9.5: Unleash creative control and realism with procedural detailing

The latest version of SpeedTree is here to help you elevate your projects to new levels of realism.

SpeedTree is the industry-standard vegetation asset creation tool, and can be used across projects from blockbuster films to Indie games to bring environments to life with procedural modeling, flexible art tools, a living asset library, and cutting-edge photogrammetry workflows.

SpeedTree 9.5 helps you to bring your environments to life with enhancements in several areas.

More creative control: With the new frond manipulation feature, you can now randomize and manipulate the fronds of a leaf. By leveraging gravity, wind, and curling features, the fronds come to life, adding a natural touch to your scenes. We have also eliminated the need to jump in and out of other modeling softwares for editing to further streamline the workflow.

Example of frond manipulation in action in SpeedTree 9.5

Greater levels of realism: SpeedTree 9.5 introduces Projector, a groundbreaking technique for placing procedural details such as moss, snow, and twigs, on model surfaces. Using ray casting technology, these details are efficiently and realistically distributed across large-scale environments. By simulating how these elements would naturally accumulate on surfaces, this feature helps you add a new level of authenticity to scenes and landscapes.

Capture of SpeedTree 9.5’s Projector in action

New techniques for procedural details: The new height map support allows you to identify subsections on a mesh via the paint tool in the cutout editor, eliminating the need for external modeling software. This streamlined workflow centralizes creative control so you can stay focused on your artistic vision.

Example of new height map support in SpeedTree 9.5

Request a free trial, or get SpeedTree 9.5 now. For more insights on SpeedTree and other Unity tools for artists, join us at SIGGRAPH 2023.