Unity Cloud Additional Terms

Last updated March 26, 2024

What’s changed:

We have posted an update to our Unity Gaming Services additional terms to reflect the expanded Cloud Offerings made available as part of our continuing Unity Cloud launch, including the launch of the ability to add more storage, transformations, etc. above existing tier limits.

The previous version of these Terms is accessible here.

Your use of Unity Cloud products and/or services, and any component services thereof (collectively, “Unity Cloud Offering(s)”) is subject to these Unity Cloud Additional Terms, which supplement and are incorporated into the Unity Terms of Service (collectively, the “Terms”).

By downloading, installing or using a Unity Cloud Offering in any manner, you represent and affirm that you have read, understand, and agree to be legally bound by and comply with the applicable Terms. If you do not agree to the applicable Terms, you are not authorized to use any Unity Cloud Offerings, or component service, in any manner.

1. Unity Gaming Services

1.1. Rights Necessary for ServicesIn connection with your use of the remote config feature of Unity Gaming Services, you agree to allow and provide all rights necessary to configure and adjust settings in corresponding Projects in accordance with the remote settings and configurations you apply or as Unity optimizes on your behalf. In connection with your use of Engage Services, you grant Unity the necessary rights and sole control to (i) personalize individual player experiences; and (ii) decide which of the Unity Offerings will be used to dynamically deliver content.

1.2 IAP Service

You grant to Unity a worldwide, non-exclusive, sublicensable, royalty-free and fully paid-up license to: (i) configure and communicate the in-app store settings and configurations you implement through the IAP Service with the applicable application and/or application marketplaces; (ii) help facilitate purchase initialization and processing, purchase receipts and receipt validation for your Projects or between your Projects and the applicable application marketplaces; and (iii) retrieve any related data from the applicable marketplaces.

2. Applicable Rates and Bundling

The rate of the Unity Plan, Cloud Plan and any bundling applicable to Unity Cloud Offering(s) is subject to change at Unity’s sole discretion. Unless explicitly agreed to by Unity, any additional Cloud Plan you purchase will not be bundled with a Unity Plan, or any associated Offerings.

3. Unity Cloud Offerings Storage and Capacity

3.1. Unity Cloud Offerings Storage Limitations and Billing

Certain Unity Cloud Offerings (including, without limitation, Cloud Storage, Unity DevOps storage and computing) are subject to their own usage rates, capacities, and storage limits, as set forth herein and in their respective Offering Identification. Information on the capacity, storage limits, and associated usage rates of Unity Cloud Offerings may be available within the Unity Cloud dashboard on a unified or individual basis. In the event that you exceed applicable usage rates, capacities, and/or storage limits, or if you agree to be charged on a consumption basis, you agree that Unity may charge you for your use of such Offering(s) on a consumption basis.

3.2. Fair Usage of Offerings and Data in Excess of Capacity

You agree to comply with the fair usage limits set forth in the Offering Identification applicable to Unity Cloud Offerings. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Terms, Unity may charge additional fees or disable your access to the relevant Unity Cloud Offering in the event that you exceed fair usage limits. Unity may provide you or your organization with notification at certain usage thresholds, however Unity disclaims any liability for, and Unity shall not be responsible for any data loss or service unavailability resulting from your use of the Unity Cloud Offerings once the applicable capacity or storage limit has been reached.

4. Definitions

“Analytics Service(s)” means the Unity Cloud data collection, analysis, export visualization, and dashboard reporting platform for application, device, player, and performance data and the live services and configuration management tools provided by Unity, but excluding any service that is an Engage Service.

“Cloud Plan” means a subscription that includes any Unity Cloud Offerings (e.g., Unity Asset Manager) and any plan benefits, as further detailed within the Offering Identification, Documentation and the Terms. The fee owed to Unity for a Cloud Plan excludes any additional fees or payment for metered usage of individual Unity Cloud Offerings included within your Cloud Plan.

“Engage Service(s)” means: (i) Analytics Service(s) when used in conjunction with any other Offering identified by the Unity Data Processing Addendum as a “Controller Service”, and/or (ii) features or services that make automatic, data driven decisions to personalize End User experience or content and or enable End User engagement.

“IAP Service” means the Unity Cloud service provided by Unity that allows developers to manage and monitor in-app purchases and related data across a number of different platforms.

“Unity Cloud Offerings” means, collectively, the Unity Cloud products and services, including but not limited to Unity Asset Manager, DevOps, Unity Build Automation, Unity Gaming Services, Pixyz, as well as any product or service designated or referred to as a “Unity Gaming Service” by Unity in an Offering Identification.

“Unity Gaming Services” means the Unity Cloud services which provide tools for creating, growing, and operating multiplayer games, including Multiplay, live operations, communication and safety solutions, game services (i.e., Cloud Content Delivery and Remote Config), multiplayer solutions, as well as any product or service designated or referred to as a “Unity Gaming Service” by Unity in an Offering Identification.